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  1. I don't know how to add a photo but if you google 'cruise ship towel person' you will see some images. Have seen one in person on NCL and it was really clever (but would have scared me walking into my cabin, LOL).
  2. Thanks so much for this great review. I got off the Encore on March 1st and while it hasn't even been 4 months yet, it seems like a lifetime ago. The longest Post Cruise Depression I have ever had. Hope we all get to cruise again sooner rather than later.
  3. This has only happened to me on RCCL. Never have I been asked on NCL if I want the beverage package, even when buying my first drink at the bar upon boarding and paying OOP.
  4. I have never booked the MDR either before or after getting on the ship, unless I have been in a larger party (say 6 or more). If I am doing a dinner in the MDR, I show up when I am ready to eat and am usually seated within 5 minutes. The prebooking is for the specialty restaurants and only on my last cruise did I need to go make some changes once onboard. Now IF you want to prebook MDR, you can usually do so on the phone prior to boarding or on the first day on the ship.
  5. If the Bliss had Onda, it would be perfect (at least for me).
  6. I had a great cruise on the Encore in February. Crew was wonderful, food was very good (only ate in the specialty restaurants), entertainment was outstanding. But I have to agree that this ship shook and rattled more than any other I have been on. I had a forward facing ocean view and while I loved the layout of the cabin, the first two nights were almost impossible to sleep. We were in rough seas and once we docked in San Juan, the problem disappeared until the last evening. From the others I spoke with in our FB group, this shaking seemed to be limited to the forward part of the ship...those mid-ship and aft did not have this issue. I would sail this ship again in a heartbeat but would make sure I wasn't in the front of the ship.
  7. Onda by far. Had a fabulous meal in this restaurant. And on the Encore, we had a better meal in Cagney's than in LeBistro, which was a first.
  8. When I was on the Encore in February, they sold the day passes on 2 port days (St.Thomas and Tortola). They were $59 per person.
  9. What happens if your point of embarkation is a foreign port, such as Barcelona or Rome? Pretty sure most of the Med cruises are going to be cancelled in the coming months.
  10. These are my thoughts too, except for May 17th. My gut tells me we will not be going to Italy.
  11. If you go to the MSC forums, there is lots of current information (with copies of the letters passenger's received) on the just completed Meriviglia cruise. They were given full refunds for the cruise, as well as OBC and possibly FCC. Just home from the Encore and was able to follow this story from there.
  12. Taking a minute to tag on here, as I just got home (long 5 hour flight from FLL to PHX). Will probably write a small review in the next day or two but I had a fabulous time. I was told there were only 3000 on board, as a lot of the cabins that had 2-5 berths only had singles in there. Whatever the count, the ship never felt crowded to me at all (didn't use the pools, though). And I wanted to let those know who are getting onboard March 8th, I was told Silas will be back. Really, really missed him on this cruise. Lastly, not only can you use a Starbucks gift card, you can use the app also. Won't update your balance but the receipt will show it. Glad you had a great time, David...wish our paths would have crossed.
  13. I went about 45 minutes each time and was fine on the Bliss but as word gets out, it gets harder to find a good seat. The venue is small which makes it fun but you can still catch them in the theatre later in the week if the Club is full.
  14. Reservations set...all specialty dining, but am hoping to move my Q reservation on Sunday to earlier than 8:30 so that will be my first task onboard. Really looking forward to Choir of Man and Kinky Boots (a big reason that I booked this ship, LOL). Thanks. Saw the Beatles tribute on my 2 Bliss cruises, both in the Club and theatre. Tried to see the Eagles tribute on the Getaway in November and even with getting there an hour early, there were no seats. They never did a show in the theatre. How was this Beatles group? The first one we had was lacking but when I saw a different foursome in April, they were much better.
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