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  1. I have done 3 also and never had an issue. I use Chrome and clear my cookies every time I sign out.
  2. There is way more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street. You gotta get out of the French Quarter to see the real city. Have a great time on the ship (just off this cruise 2 weeks ago...Getaway is in great condition).
  3. I was on the week after you and my experience was similar, except I saw my room steward constantly. Even the last night when I was setting out my luggage, I opened my door and he was about two doors away. He took my bag and immediately moved it to the storage area for pick up. Did not eat in Ocean Blue but had great meals in Le Bistro, Cagney's, La Cucina and Moderno (my first time there though it was my 4th trip on the Getaway). Something others overlook is breakfast in Margaritaville...very similar food to the Garden Cafe but much smaller and quieter crowd. I know others don't have this luxury but I will never sail when school is out, whether it is holidays or summer. Nothing against kids but just don't want to be around too many on a ship. I only had two disappointments...embarkation seemed to be a mess (even being Platinum) and Shanghai noodle bar is not what it used to be in the past. It was one of my favorites before but this time the wait was long and food had no flavor. While not every cruise is an awesome amazing experience, I have never had a bad cruise (my one Carnival cruise came close though). I make my own good times and don't sweat the small stuff. It sure beats working!
  4. Great review as always. If you get a chance and see Jovo again (maybe in the Haven bar?) can you ask him how long he will be on the Encore? I have sailed with him twice on the Bliss and would love to see him again. Thanks so much...safe travels.
  5. Yes, you can use a Starbucks gift card on the Bliss.
  6. I was on the 11/17th sailing of the Getaway and they still had some available on Monday. Not sure if it is the price or what but was surprised to see the sign still up. Was tempted but never had a hard time finding a lounger in Spice H2O that week either.
  7. I used a Starbucks gift card on the Sky in May...no problem.
  8. Spice H2O is always open to adults during the cruise. You must be thinking of the Vibe, which requires a pass.
  9. Two twins make a king size bed. Twin beds are 39" wide, a standard king bed is 78" wide. 2 x 39 = 78. Can you tell I worked in a bedding department many years ago?? And I am not sure why the cruise lines always say 2 twins equal a queen...a queen bed is only 60" wide.
  10. I called tonight since I have a cruise in 9 days. Was on hold about a minute, had it all taken care of in less than 5 minutes and my e-docs were updated by the time I logged in. Couldn't be easier and now I don't have to worry about having an issue at the port. Since this is apparently very recent, I am sure the profile fields will be updated soon.
  11. Typically in an inside room when only one passenger is on the manifest, it will be one larger bed. If you would like the two twins, just ask your cabin steward and they will be able to change the configuration.
  12. I am a solo traveler often and always eat in the MDR at a private table. Never been asked if I wanted to share and if I was, I would say no.
  13. Where are you seeing that? I thought only NCL/Oceania used Harvest Caye (but I could be wrong). Are you sure the MSC ships aren't in Belize City port?
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