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  1. Thanks so much. Thats what I remember doing now but thought I used the card. I appreciate your help.
  2. Just want to clarify your statement...I will be coming back from Italy next month thru JFK. I can't find my GE card (I put it in a 'safe' place but that was almost 2 years ago) but I can still use the GE kiosk with just my passport? That would be great.
  3. Since the Escape hasn't sailed yet, it's hard to find things specific to that ship. The closest you will probably come is if someone from the recent Breakaway cruises has the O'Sheehans menus. But I am sure it is probably similar to the Local, which is basically the same restaurant with a different name.
  4. Thanks for this information. We board in 16 days and cannot wait. How was the weather in the ports?
  5. Thank you so much for all of this information. Enjoyed it very much. We board in a few weeks. Not sure if I missed this but do you know how many passengers were onboard? Just trying to gauge waits for dining on such a port intensive cruise. And appreciate the disembarkation information. We have a flight at noon to Milan so want to get to the airport as soon as we can. Safe travels home.
  6. Thank you for this information. We board in 35 days so any updates you can provide are appreciated. Have a wonderful cruise.
  7. Do you know if these sites will test you if you are not a NY resident? I have an 11 hour layover on my way to Athens for the NCL Jade next month. I arrive Thursday morning but won't be on the Jade until Sunday so any test I take at home will be longer than 72 hours. Also sailing out of Bayonne 3 weeks later on RCL and will need a test 48 hours in advance (staying in Manhattan 2 days prior). I would rather do the tests at one of these sites than the airport. Thanks for your response and have a great time in Bermuda.
  8. Who did you book your private transportation with?
  9. @graphicguyjust wanted to check back in after my Encore 9/4 sailing and tell you that you MUST try Onda. It was amazing. All four of us had a different appetizer and they were all wonderful. 2 of the group had the filet that must have been 4 inches thick and cooked perfectly, while 2 of us had the tagliatelle with lobster, which was also very tasty. 3 different desserts (pistachio cheesecake, which was proclaimed better than expected), tiramisu and I had the Butterscotch Budino, which was even better than the last time. But to top it all off, the waitstaff brought us a pizza, which we didn't order, and it was by far the best thing we ate on the ship. We talked about this pizza for the rest of the cruise and were trying to figure out when we would have time to get another one (we didn't...I even asked the F&B manager if we could get one for lunch but of course the answer was no). I don't know the name of it but it starts with an M and has prosciutto on it. If you only go to one specialty restaurant, make it Onda and get this pizza!
  10. Check out the Bliss 5-day Mexican Riviera cruise in January...$2029 p/p for the Haven.
  11. The VIP party on the 9/4 Encore sailing was on our first sea day (Sunday) from 7pm to 7:45pm. I had to miss it because I had dinner reservations for Onda.
  12. Unfortunately, Clarense "Chocolate Cowboy" is not currently on the Encore. But get a pic of the red plastic solo cups in Q.
  13. I got off the Encore last Saturday and my points were updated by Sunday morning. I didn't change levels so it didn't really matter but as others mentioned, I would stop by the Latitudes desk and inquire to get the perks added for your 2nd cruise.
  14. Yes, you can go into Q and order a spicy peach margarita (had one last week...one of my favorites).
  15. I am currently on the Encore and the game was on tonight, both in your stateroom and the District Brew House.
  16. I did! What a nice relaxing sail away. Having such a wonderful time with everyone.
  17. I took it in April 2019 on the Bliss Pacific Coastal sailing. I arrived at LAX around 7am in the morning with no shuttle reservation. There were NCL personnel just outside baggage claim and I asked if I could take the shuttle and they said yes. Charged it to my shipboard account. As more people arrived they had us together in a waiting area and once the bus showed up (around 9:30, I think) we boarded. They did wait for those on a 9:15 flight to arrive and get on. So they were pretty knowledgeable on flight times and who had reservations. I might do the same thing tomorrow in Seattle...haven't decided on my mode of transportation yet to the port but may just Uber it...I am flying in tonight and don't know if I want to go back to the airport in the morning or not.
  18. I have those anchor straws too but did not pack them. Love the idea of the fanny pack on the plane...why didn't I think of that?! See you tomorrow. Safe travels.
  19. For one of your specialty dinners, make sure you book Onda. It is fabulous. And if you haven''t been on the Bliss or Encore, stop by Q and get a spicy peach margarita and maybe an app or two (wouldn't use a specialty meal to eat there). 48 hours from now I will be on board and cannot wait!
  20. I have read various reports that it could apply to vaccinated ones as well and also that some countries will not abide by the ban. That's why I am waiting for the official report in the next 2 days to see what it really means. But my final payment is due on September 4th and I will be on the Encore that day so would like to make a decision before then.
  21. Because the US is a red zone, with not enough vaccinated citizens and too many cases. It has been reported by Reuters and the NYTimes that the decision will be coming tomorrow and enforced immediately. And then I will cancel my 3rd Mediterranean Cruise this year. Canadians are fine.
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