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  1. How neat! I was front and center on the viewing area above the bridge. I can't see myself because it's too far away from it's cool to know I was up there.
  2. My sister lives in the panhandle and she called and suggested I not come visit her in Florida next week. She said the sick are everywhere. She can hear them coughing in the stores, not masked (of course), and is so worried that I could get a breakthrough case. If a FL resident is warning me to stay away, I'm going to stay home. 🙂
  3. Unfortunately a packed cruise ship elevator full of unmasked people is not safe regardless of the capacity of the ship. On Mardi Gras, the elevator count was 10 people when I got off and waited for another one.
  4. Aren't they the one ply, hardly any protection masks? I'm sure they are comfortable.
  5. I agree. It's an unfortunate situation that this is a competition of resources. The cruise industry was not anticipating a fourth wave due to variants and unmasking and vaccine reluctance. We shouldn't have to take spots away from sick people at this point but here we are.
  6. Virtually NO guests wearing masks on Horizon in any situation, crowded or not. On the tenders (where we were told masks are required), it was about 60%. Nobody asks or enforces anything.
  7. Like Aqua Duck on Disney. My expectations versus reality were seriously different.
  8. Cherry pickers? Nah. The room stewards will create a towel animal safety harness and pulley system in about 2 minutes.
  9. I'm fighting this internal battle with myself right now except mine is basic balcony or Cloud Spa interior on Mardi Gras instead of balcony vs Havana interior. I booked the spa interior but it is a sideways layout. Did I make a mistake? I'm solo and right under the Serenity deck so I thought it would be nice to be able to run right up the stairs to use that for fresh air.
  10. I dumped my 100 shares this morning before it dips below what I paid for it last year. I'll consider picking it back up when the bottom drops out.
  11. Two positive tests reported so far. Info posted in the 'other' group and it was posted to Reddit. Definitely hasn't picked up by reporters yet or I'm sure it would have been bigger news.
  12. Currently on board also. Where are the designated sections for the unvaccinated passengers? I thought there were supposed to be areas where the kids and the unvaccinated folks had to sit (dining room, shows) but everyone is mingled together, all unmasked. Did I miss something?
  13. Or Castaway Cay. That place is the best I've visited.
  14. John Heald from Carnival mentioned it this morning in his coffee talk. He implied that some upcoming itineraries MIGHT need to change if Cozumel is included in a sailing. So, yes, there must definitely be something going on that we are not aware of in Cozumel.
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