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  1. HAHA! I read "naturalist" and thought this was a completely different kind of thread. Along with isn't Alaska kind of chilly for that kind of activity? Glad other people have the correct information.
  2. I did Western Caribbean on the Getaway last year, but I imagine my ports were different. Hurricane Michael got in the way of the original itinerary. Never gone NY to Bermuda, but I have done Boston to Bermuda a few times. Basically the same itinerary just different days in Bermuda. Honestly, I'd pick going to Bermuda for the 6th time over doing W.C. again. Having multiple days on Bermuda and easy access to transportation to explore the island however I want is a bonus to me. Instead of only spending a few hours at a variety of ports where you are limited in time. Plus Bermuda is very safe to explore without excursions (NCL or third party). Both the Breakaway and Encore are large ships with lots of things to do, so I'm sure the boys will have a great time on either. One thing to keep in mind is that Bermuda is further north and May is early in the warming season. Some think the water is too cold for swimming at that time of year. Being from Maine I thought the water was perfect a few weeks ago, and still warmer than what it gets all year at home. Since I see you're from FL, you may not enjoy the cooler waters.
  3. I'm a night before person. This usually includes doing laundry. Since I tend to do last minute cruises, planning and packing ahead isn't always possible. Guess it is a benefit of being an empty nester. JoAnne
  4. I was on the Gem earlier this month. My friends and I just walked up and asked to be seated. We were seated right away and the place was pretty much empty the whole time we were there. This was the first night though, and I think it was a different story the rest of the week. Food was excellent!
  5. I was on the Gem 2 weeks ago. Still got a towel animal every day but the last one without asking for them. It was a pleasant surprise. Can't say I've ever seen a coffee maker in an inside cabin, but I don't drink coffee so really never looked for one. No ice bucket was a surprise, but I don't usually need ice so no big deal. Maybe as a company they found most people aren't using the ice buckets or coffee makers as much. Working in retail, if our customers aren't buying a specific product. We don't keep it in stock. I know a number of people who had coffee delivered to their rooms every morning. They said it was the best coffee on the ship. I'm sure if you had asked for either, you would have received them. Enjoy doing whatever you decide.
  6. That is seriously insulting to all the last minute cruise people. I happen to be one and know MANY others. Most of us going on a sailaway rate don't have the drink package, because those rates don't come with perks so must of us are all sober for the whole cruise. Imagine that, going on a cruise for other reasons than to drink 24/7. Many of us are solo cruisers and going last minute is the only way we don't have to pay for 2. Sorry you paid too much for your vacation, and hope you enjoyed your perks. You have no idea what the loud and obnoxious paid for their cruise. Unless they tell you. Even then they could be telling tall tails. OP. Next time hit up the Hotel Director. Let them know what's going on and see what options they have on the matter. They genuinely want everyone to have a good time.
  7. I just got off the Gem last Friday and do not recall hearing a lot of construction noise. That said, I spent most of the day ashore and did not have a balcony.
  8. Don't worry. You'll have so much fun!! Hit up the rollcall for that cruise and go to the solo meetings as a good way to meet new people and make some friends. I'm assuming you're going this Friday. That price is amazing and I'd be going too if I didn't have to work this Saturday. Chances are there will be a bunch of other solos hoping aboard for that price. If for some reason you're leaving on the 3rd, I know there are a number of solos going that week. They seem like a fun and friendly group so don't be shy. Other than that... Load up the tablet with some books or bring some real ones and enjoy some time alone with no responsibilities.
  9. All-ready2cruise. That is strange. I had Fiona on the Getaway last October and she arranged the whole week. Had a schedule for us to sign up in things we were interested, did shows, ropes course, and dinners. If we expressed an interest in the diner show or Ucanvas, she was always willing to help us set that up. She was great! Back a couple years ago I had a Ron for a solo coordinator on the Dawn. He had just switched from the Breakaway and said he felt as though he had less abilities on the Dawn than the Breakaway. On the Dawn he wasn't able to set up diners, but he kept trying. The hosts at the dinning rooms seemed so frustrated with him each time he showed up with our group of 8-12 for seating. Seems the experience will vary from ship to ship and coordinator to coordinator. Back to the OP. Even ships without studios will have a solo coordinator and solo meetings every night. Keep an eye on your dailies as the location can change from day to day.
  10. I didn't even bring my printed edocs last time I sailed from Miami. Completely forgot them, oops. Used the app to show I had a "ticket" and everything went fine.
  11. No, but the plastic holding it to the cardboard backer is.
  12. And the plastic each one of those items is encased with is better for the environment? Any one else see the irony here?
  13. Maybe they live someplace where fish is extremely fresh and cheap? Like along the coast. I'd never pay to eat lobster on a ship or most other places. That price is outrageous! Then again, I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to lobster prices. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the fish on board a ship and should be very safe to eat.
  14. Honestly, I've never had it grilled. Always either boiled or steamed. It's how we do it up here. Since I'll never spend $25 on a 1.25 lbs lobster, guess it will be a long time 'til I try it grilled. (ETA: I totally understand that is a typical price for lobster elsewhere and know I'm spoiled when it comes to lobster pricing due to where I live.) Thanks again for the pictures and the play by play of your cruise.
  15. I'm going to echo what's already been said. Join the roll call and see if anyone wants to go with out. That's what a group of us CC people did a few years ago. It was a good time, but a long day. Bermuda is a very safe island. I also travel alone and am female. Never felt unsafe venturing around the island alone. Have a great time!!
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