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  1. I like to study the dailies from other people who have done the same itinerary. Not sure why as most 7 day cruises are set up very similarly. Also before the cruise I like to Google Map the ports. Use street view to look around the port and explore any downloaded 360 camera views that may pop up in the area. The cameras are the blue dots as you dangle the Googleguy in the air over the map for anyone who didn't know. I have an Iceland/Greenland cruise in 2022, so I've been enjoying looking around over there.
  2. My August Alaska has been saying this since they canceled May's ships. Not officially canceled quite yet as they search of alternatives for the one Canadian stop. Time will tell, but it's not looking good. This was my replacement for my February cruise that was canceled.
  3. My August Alaska cruise is now showing the "Default Itinerary Name" now. To be expected. Still disappointing though. I haven't left the state of Maine for over a year now. I've had great fun exploring Maine over the last year, but I could really use something tropical.
  4. My Alaska Encore cruise this August and my July 2022 on the Star says it as well. Hope it's a glitch. I'm going to be completely bummed if my July one gets canceled.
  5. I've seen some do this same thing but use a shower curtain or two. They generally have holes in them to accommodate the magnetic hooks.
  6. I'm doing Iceland/Greenland July 2022 as well only on the 11 day. Wicked excited! Do hope I get to go on at least one cruise before that though. Right now Alaska in August on the books, but I'm feeling 50/50 on if it will sail or not.
  7. There is a Captain from the Celebrity Edge on TikTok who does videos on the ship. Honestly it's been kind of fun watching her videos about the ship, her job, her cat, and learning about life on the ship right now. If you TikTok look for captiankatemccue. She just went on vacation, so who knows what her new videos will be.
  8. That was great!! Thank you for sharing. I suddenly want to book a cruise leaving NY at night.
  9. Interesting. The Cirque show as entertainment has also been removed from my February Epic cruise. It was there not too long ago. That's a bummer. Understandable, but still a bummer. Hope they figure out an alternative way of doing it.
  10. Seems all the October cruises have all be "sold out" if you go through the booking. I'm guessing an announcement coming soon.
  11. I honestly don't know, but the news report said they had to quarantine on the ship for 14 days before they are allowed off. Wouldn't be the first time news has been wrong though. Then again, it's Eastport Maine pop. under 1300. There's no public transportation, no airport, not even sure there are taxis and chances are no Uber. There's no place for them to go. Unless they try to swim across the bay to Canada. If you wanted to let some crew off a ship where they can't escape, I can't think of a better place to do it.
  12. Riviera has come to Eastport Maine and seems to be drawing a crowd. After hanging out for 2 weeks, sounds like the crew will be allowed to come ashore. I'm going to guess they are all looking forward to that. https://www.wabi.tv/content/news/Cruise-ship-docks-in-Eastport-draws-on-lookers-to-town-571268721.html
  13. Neither have we. I work for a retail building supply company. A few weeks ago a couple from Mass. came into the store to pick up lumber, sheetrock, and misc stuff. Told us they were going to quarantine after getting supplies for their camp remodel project. This way they had something to do during those 14 days. Also, I've had a few friends who have come up for day trips to the beach from southern New England. It's really not an enforceable rule.
  14. Actually she has recently revised that order. If you have documentation of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hrs of coming into Maine, there is no need to quarantine for 14 days. Unless you live in NH or VT, then you're welcome to come without a quarantine or test. Not sure how any of that is getting enforced but that is the new rule. Think I heard NH and VT were following the same or similar guideline.
  15. I hear you. My work was deemed essential, and we have been surprisingly busy through it all. Not nearly like how you've been I'm sure, so I can only imagine how ready you are for a vacation. I do hope your November cruise doesn't get canceled. IDK about Florida, but some Maine resorts are doing special pricing for Mainers. Maybe there is a place somewhat nearby doing the same thing. I'd imagine just getting away for a weekend or better yet if you can take a Friday or Monday off to make it a long weekend would be so beneficial to your well being.
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