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  1. For our September 21 sailing, shore excursions aren't posted. In checking yesterday, I was shocked to see I hadn't been notified about an itinerary change. Instead of being in Nice the day before disembarkation, we will be in Cannes. Of course, I already had the itinerary planned and privately booked.
  2. In 2018, we spent a full day on a private tour with Spanish Trails. They picked us up in Barcelona and drove us to Montserrat and Penedes. The travel planner worked with me to plan the perfect itinerary including customized wine tasting and a fabulous lunch. Our guide was excellent. I would travel with them again.
  3. We were very happy with Spanish Trails. https://spanish-trails.com/
  4. I recommend requesting this in advance of your departure. You or your travel agent would submit the appropriate form. If approved, you would pay a fee. Since our cruise was canceled due to the pandemic, we never actually took the cruise where we were approved to disembark early.
  5. Several years ago booked a private tour with Spain Day Tours from Granada to Alhambra. Wasn't happy with the guide. Had great tour with Spanish Trails from Barcelona to Montserrat and Penedes. You might want to ask if they service Granada.
  6. You can find recommended vaccines on the CDC's website. A local travel clinic can advise you and administer the vaccines and write any necessary prescriptions.
  7. Several years ago we used Spanish Trails for a private tour from Barcelona to Montserrat and Penedes. I highly recommend them.
  8. We're not going on a cruise, but booked two days of private wine tours with Explore Sideways for January 2023. They were recommended by our South African travel agent/safari operator. I worked with them to customize the tastings by selecting the vineyards and wines.
  9. Stayed in suite under the pool twice on Journey. Was awoken early each morning to chairs being moved as pool deck was cleaned. Spoke to Guest Relations without results. Will not stay in that location again.
  10. We typically dine at the specialty restaurants each night and leave a tip. We also give our direct servers a cash tip at the end of the cruise.
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