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  1. Only accept a recommendation from somebody who has attempted to file a claim.
  2. I have also been called to jury duty in Nevada during a time when I had a pre-booked cruise. The summons provided instructions on how to defer service, which I did.
  3. Better read the policy. Twice. Question every paragraph that details coverage and exclusions. Understand if there is any wiggle room, they'll issue a denial. Read customer reviews and complaints on the BBB before buying. Never take recommendations from people who only know how fast they deposit the premiums. Listen to people who have attempted to make claims. See how many of them know what color the checks are, and how long it takes for them to arrive.
  4. How long did it take for them to pay your claim?
  5. I had my baggage delayed upon returning home a few years ago. I read my policy carefully and it was clear they won't pay. It was delivered about 30 hours afterwards.
  6. Medical, yes. For anything else, better read the policy first. You'll find you can only collect under a very limited set of circumstances. You should also look up cases with the BBB to get a feel about how claims go. Don't make the mistakes I made when buying travel insurance, and having my claim denied.
  7. I have never been paid on any of my claims. I've only gotten denial letters. I tell people not to use Travel Guard because of my experience. But I urge anybody to not just take my word for it. Look up reviews with the BBB. Never take recommendations from people who are very happy with how quickly they cashed the premium check but have never made a claim. Ask for a policy before buying. Try using their e-mail to make a query about it (on one policy I made ten requests; they couldn't be bothered to reply).
  8. I've stated before that the only surefire way I can see to collect on travel insurance is to die, at which point you won't need the money. After I got stung, I made it a point to read the policies and look at reviews. I sometimes try to warn people that insurance won't pay (under situations similar to my denial). The trouble is, people want to believe they are covered, so they ignore me. I figure I'll let them learn the hard way.
  9. Russia and the US are actually only 2.5 miles at their closest point.
  10. I don't know if the person who recommended against filing a claim was an insurance agent or just a busybody.
  11. Only take recommendations from people who have tried to collect on a policy. Do not take recommendations from people who are impressed as to how fast the company deposited the premium and have no other dealings with them. Read any policy in advance. Understand what you want to insure. Read complaint cases from the BBB. You'll also find out what sellers can't or won't become part of the BBB. Be careful of randos on the internet trying to push an agenda. I know of some people who have both urged people to get insurance and then urged people not to file legitimate claims.
  12. Only take recommendations from people who have tried to collect on policies, not people who only know how fast the companies deposit the premiums. Read the policy beforehand. Understand what you want to insure.
  13. AON is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. That should be a red flag to the careful consumer. I was offered a policy from a TA for an upcoming Disney Cruise. Needless to say, I did not use them. I continue to urge people to read the policy, only take recommendations from people who have attempted to collect on a policy (instead of people who are impressed with how fast the company deposited the premiums), and read how they treat their policyholders on consumer forums.
  14. I always urge people to only take recommendations for insurance from people who have attempted to make a claim. Lots of people seem to pooh-pooh that, insisting they have a good company because they deposited the premiums promptly. My guess is that they know it's a valid claim, so they are going through this dance to try to wear you out and abandon it. It's funny how valid claims go through that, where denials are issued without any delays at all.
  15. Only take recommendations from people who made claims. It's foolish to take them from people who only know how fast the company deposited the premiums.
  16. What are you trying to insure? Medical? Cruise fare? What events are you looking to insure against? Did you want cancel for any reason?
  17. Always read the policy. I was reviewing one from Travel Insured where they specifically exclude coverage if you're directly involved in a traffic accident en-route to your trip departure city or scheduled destination.
  18. I'm constantly telling people not to take insurance recommendations based on how quickly the company deposited the premiums. No matter how quickly they do that, or how cheap it is, it's worthless if it won't cover what you need covered. Ask for a policy in advance. If they won't send one (I've run into that; I required one ten times and never got one), don't buy. It never gets better than the marketing department. That's why I also urge people to look at consumer sites regarding insurance companies, such as the Better Business Bureau. You'll get a feel for what they want to do with legitimate claims. You'll find plenty of companies that spend months "processing", then "lose" the forms, and eventually issue checks that are short the full amount, knowing people will give up on pursuing the claims or the amounts they haven't paid.
  19. What are you trying to insure? Medical, or the costs of cruise / air tickets, hotels, and other pre-paid expenses? No matter what, don't take recommendations from people who only know how fast the company deposits the premiums. Look at people who know what color checks they use. Read the policies before buying, if they'll provide you with a copy. Understand the conditions on which you can collect. Read the BBB and consumer reviews of companies before buying a policy. Understand the difference between a vacation protection plan and actual insurance.
  20. I thought you blocked me. You lied.
  21. Funny how this person is big on insurance, and then seems to discount it being worth it when something does happen...
  22. The new menus are a conceptual mistake, and Mexican night was the worst of the bunch. I had it twice on my last cruise. Put it this way, if it was a land based Mexican restaurant, I wouldn't go back. I actually regret not abandoning the MDR and going to the buffet. I had noticed they had some fajitas that looked pretty good.
  23. Medical and related items would be the biggest insurable issue with (more or less) unlimited costs. It's what I look at. I prefer not to insure costs which are fixed. If something happened and I couldn't take my next trip, I'm out about a mere 10K between air and cruise tickets (as well as prepaid hotel and tours), but that's assuming it's a total loss. I've never canceled a cruise before, so I haven't looked into what I could recover (unlike Royal Caribbean, which has canceled at least five cruises on me).
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