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  1. As pointed out above, a COVID test is only as valuable as it is accurate. If a cruise line could guarantee with a 99% degree of certainty that everyone on the ship was COVID-free, then all of these mitigation actions would not have to be taken. But since such a test does not exist, then the cruise line and its passengers need to do everything they can to eliminate or avoid the virus. I for one would rather be safe than sorry and do everything I can while still cruising.
  2. The noisiest cabin we ever had was below the pool deck. Every time they moved the chaises in the evening we would hear the scraping on the floor. It was so annoying. Since then, we never take a cabin just below the pool deck, no matter how luxurious it may be.
  3. Unless you and the people in the connecting room are together, the room will be set up like any other room and the door will be obstructed and locked.
  4. A possible upside now the RCL has bought all of Silversea is that there may be some reciprocity between the Azamara and Silversea affinity programs. A possible downside for Azamara is that RCL will pour even fewer resources into the line.
  5. I think a daily class of wine is a prophylactic in preventing the evil coronavirus.
  6. Susie, the issue with gloves is that everything you touch gets on the gloves. If you take off the gloves the wrong way, whatever was on the glove gets on your hand. You must remove the glove from the inside out and wrist to finger tip. Any other method makes things worse. As you and Pappy said it is better not to wear gloves and wash your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer in-between.
  7. It is all well and good to talk about taking a trip in the US instead of traveling to Europe, but at the moment residents of Alabama (and California for that matter) are not welcome in many states because cases of the coronavirus have spiked in these states in recent weeks. It is critical that the US, as a whole, realize that what affects one state affects every state, and what affects one person can affect many other persons. Wearing a mask and social distancing is not a political statement, it is a statement of medical fact. We are booked to go to SA in December. Don't know if that will happen. We are booked to take a TA to Spain in March. That may or may not happen. We are booked on an Eastern European river cruise in August of 2021. We sure hope that happens. Finally, we are booked on a WC in January, 2022. I think by then things will be back to the "new normal". If not, I don't know how many of us will be left to cruise. Just MHO. ..
  8. That's really interesting since we did not get a letter like that and we are on the same cruise only in December. I wonder what made the difference between December and January cruises.
  9. You are right. I meant 2021. We originally were booked on a Uniworld cruise through India for Sept. 2020. Then we postponed it to Sept. 2021. It was a wonderful itinerary, but this is not the time I feel comfortable being in India even more than a year from now. Most likely we will cancel and try Uniworld another time.
  10. We booked a trip from Budapest to Vilshofen in August, 1921. This will be our first Crystal cruise. We are very excited about it. It is an itinerary we had planned to do and the sale made it too appealing to pass up. Although we have done a large number of ocean cruises, mostly on Regent, we had only done one river cruise on Viking. We really did not enjoy it and were reluctant to take another river cruise. We have heard wonderful things about Crystal river cruises so we decided to give it a chance.
  11. The CDC’s coding system is finally out. Interesting read. Scroll down to find NCLH ships: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html?fbclid=IwAR2COVAusN5gRwSCh67yTeIC0NqcN7quoEMqXgbi6dCnBYi-sUtngsR_KeI#response
  12. The EU is considering banning US travelers because the percentage of new cases is going up not down. You, who live in Oklahoma, must know that the number of new cases and hospitalizations has gone up exponentially in recent days. No-one is deriding one country or another, it is just a matter of fact. Until the US can reduce the number of new Covid-19 cases and especially hospitalizations and deaths, through at least the use of masks and social distancing, than other countries will be reluctant to admit us by land or by sea.
  13. As you can tell, I had the same experience you did. I was so sorry when I lost my long time agent at the big online agency. We were like family. It has not been the same since. I think I found someone I like at a small agency who I can call and talk to directly. I wanted to move my other reservations to her, but it was too long since I booked so she doesn't get any of the commission when I pay the FP. So be it, she will get my future business.
  14. It used to be that my agent would always call me before they charge my account. Since COVID-19 they have assigned me to three different agents so I have difficulty reaching them for any reason. Everything has been automated. I am looking around for a smaller agency where I have a chance of talking to a real person when I have an issue.
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