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  1. To me, it depends on how soon you are traveling. Science can say the vaccine is 95% effective, what if I or my husband is in the 5% where it was not effective. If we get vaccinated in February or March, and plan on cruising in the late Spring, I would still wear a mask and social distance as much as possible. Although I am not a fan of the mask, at this point it is second nature to wear one as soon as I leave the house, even at the gym. I guess it depends on your own comfort level.
  2. We were able to get multiple reservations at all of the specialty restaurants once we were on the ship. Having a butler is a great help Tell them what you want and "magically" most of them will happen. Just be a little flexible on time. If all else fails, historically you can agree to share a table, which we have done a number of times. We have met some wonderful people that way. With Covid, I suspect this option will be off the table for the time being.
  3. We have stayed at the Couples Resorts in Jamaica a couple of times. As the name suggests there are no children. The food is very good, although not quite up to Regent standards. What we liked about them is that everything is included down to the shore and water activities and the transfers to and from the airport. Jamaica is a little dicey but the resorts are very secure and when you go on an excursion to golf, Margaritaville, or Dunns Falls, they serve as your transportation and guide. It makes for as restful or active vacation as you want.
  4. I guess none of the big ships will be leaving port for a while. Boo hoo!!!
  5. I sure hope so. We paid our FP on the January 14 Miami to Miami. Expecting Regent may reduce cruise to seven days, we will find out over the next month.
  6. It is very strange that yours is the only cruise with the extra hotel days tacked on the end. We are booked on the Splendor TA from Miami to Barcelona and then the RT Barcelona. On neither of those sailings was an additional night in a hotel added to the end of the cruise. The TA is waitlisted" that could mean it is "full" or it is being cancelled. The RT Barcelona is not. We need to pay our final payment in January in which case we well hopefully know what the final resolution is.
  7. This is no different than what several law firms have been doing for months against RCL because they dropped from 120+ to 30+ after the RCL executives said that virus would not affect the bottom line.
  8. I agree. New Cruise ship rules will make them safer than malls and schools. Doing ships's tours also should mitigate risk. Let's go Regent!!
  9. I should have said the 12 day on Splendor that only goes to Caribbean.
  10. We are on the Jan. 14 Miami to Miami cruise, if that clarifies.
  11. We also are booked on the Jan. 14th cruise. When I spoke to a TA yesterday, they thought there was a good chance it would sail. Waitlist = reduced capacity, at least on that cruise.
  12. My March 25 Miami to Barcelona is now fully waitlisted too. Maybe they are greatly reducing the number of passengers OR Regent is ready to pull the plug on the cruise. I am highly suspicious of a cruise to Barcelona in March 2021, but Miami to Miami should be ok if it doesn’t go to South America.
  13. You can waitlist even if you are confirmed in another category
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