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  1. That is the same verbiage that was in our Reflections last week. It got me really confused because I thought Penthouse and above were allowed unlimited specialty restaurant reservations, subject to availability. I checked with our butler(ette) Kate, who is the greatest butler ever!!! She said I was right. Also your butler can bring you any dish or meal fro any specialty. We had two meals in Umi Uma and two meals in Prego.
  2. it says the same thing on our Nov. 11 Splendor cruise. As far as I know it means everything is booked and if someone wants to try waitlist they can
  3. Terri, we will be with you on the Splendor crossing. Are you boarding in Athens or Barcelona?
  4. When we came back to our suite tonight they were there on the coffee table. Guess we will have to put them on tomorrow.
  5. Regent opened up the 2024 World Cruise for booking yesterday, July 14, 2021. It was completely sold out by noon east coast time.
  6. So glad both of you will be joining us on yet another cruise. We have lots of time to plan for this one. Now I need to begin to get serious about the 2022. Norma and Mitch
  7. Keith: Thank you for being so patient with us and thoughtfully answering so many of our questions. I have one more. If we are in a PH cabin, will they press a number of our garments or is there a limit. I'm not saying that I am going to have the person press my entire closet, but something like a dress and a few blouses. Thanks, Norma
  8. Wendy, you know we will miss you guys so much. We know how much you wanted to do a WC. Norma
  9. We got a penthouse which is what we wanted. But we did not get the level nor the suite we wanted. Apparently my TA and her Regent person were not fast enough. Everything but Concierge and Deluxe Veranda sold out by 8:00 a.m. Eastern time. This may be a record. We are happy that we got a penthouse. Can't wait to chat with everyone over the next 2 1/2 years.
  10. Beef Wellington is not that hard to do if you are willing to compromise, a little. There are several great recipes on the NY Times website. I used to make it a lot when my kids were at home, but recently I made it for my husband's birthday since it is his favorite. First, use good quality frozen puff pastry, no need to make it from scratch. Two, no need to add liver pate, most people don't like it anyway. Get a good quality beef tenderloin at Costco and cut it into individual Wellingtons one big one. Finally, the mushroom duxelles are just mushrooms, wine, and butter cooked together unti
  11. Keith, we are booked on the tour and lobster lunch the week of 7/19. Do you think they are cooking us frozen lobster? Also can our butler bring us latte in the morning?
  12. It took eight weeks from the time I sent it Fedex overnight until I got it back. That was March to May, 2021.
  13. We have shipped home a number of paintings and cases of wine. All have arrived intact. The only time we carried anything home that was large were two four foot tall giraffes from Africa. The shipping from the store was ridiculously expensive so we did it ourselves. Our tour guide found a vendor at the airport who wrapped each of them in bubble wrap and paper. Then we hand carried them to the person who loaded them on the plane. They came home without a scratch, much to the delight of my grandchildren.
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