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  1. Day by day the entire area is getting more unstable. We are scheduled to stop in Istanbul and Israel on our World Cruise. Having toured the Golan Heights several years ago and hearing the gunfire on the Syrian side during a time when the area was considered "peaceful", we plan to be even more vigilant to world events now that the area is unstable again.
  2. You are correct. I was trying to figure out how we got two whole fifths out of three 1/2 fifths. Now I remember. Thanks.
  3. If you are in a club continent suite, you can get what ever alcohol is included for no charge put in your suite and/or your refrigerator. Your butler will not deliver a mixed drink, but he or she will deliver the makings of a mixed drink, e.g. orange or tomato juice and your alcohol of choice. Initially you will received 1/2 fifths of three different included alcohols, but these can be switched out. If you get the highest alcohol package, then you can get any included alcohol and a mixed drink delivered to your suite. It is confusing on paper, but your butler will explain it when you get to your cabin.
  4. They will switch out two of the smaller bottles for one larger bottle or one bottle of included wine
  5. Suite 8044 Azamara journey Sailed 8/17/2019 Was the cabin quiet -- generally yes, see below Would you sail in this cabin again -- yes We just returned from our cruise. We loved our suite and our butler, Ronald, was the best. However, the night of the White Night the scraping of the tables and chairs being placed and removed on the pool deck above our cabin was quite noisy. Other than that, our cabin was always quiet with minimal vibration even when the ship was in choppy water.
  6. If you can get a van-sized taxi at the airport, this should give you enough room for five with luggage. In our experience, when Lisbon airport staff see a large group with luggage, they will flag down or call for the appropriate sized vehicle.
  7. On our May Explorer cruise from Barcelona to Southampton we did not have a flight until late in the afternoon. Several days before the end of the cruise we received a letter from Regent inviting us to participate in a complementary excursion to Stonehenge. Since my husband had never been there, we were very excited about the offer. The tour ended by dropping us off, with our luggage, at our Heathrow terminal. It was a great ending to a wonderful cruise.
  8. We have done two cruises on Azamara, but not for a number of years. We are taking our third next week on the Journey. We have taken two Oceania cruises on the Marina and Riviera (both O ships) and found them wonderful. We decided to go with Regent when Oceania started to increase their fares and nickel and dine us with gratuities, beverage package, and shore excursions. My husband did an apples to apples comparison, and with the business class airfare, Regent was a better deal for us. That being said, one of the best cruises we have ever taken was on Oceania from Capetown to Rio. They bumped us up to a penthouse suite that made it even more enjoyable. We found that if we booked specialty dinners at the beginning of the cruise we could always get a table by ourselves. It was only if we wanted to return to a particular restaurant later in the cruise did we get offered a shared table. Some of the most fun evenings were spent at one of the shared tables. As far as the entertainment we found that Oceania won hands down. On the O class ships they have a dedicated theater that allows them the ability to put on more elaborate shows. Our biggest complaint with AZ were the bathroom in the balcony cabins. That is why we would never cruise the Oceania R ships. This time we have booked a CC suite to alleviate the problem. We are looking forward to trying AZ again.
  9. I totally agree (although some cruisers do not). We first experienced Sette Mari on a Navigator cruise where they experimented with the concept, in part to make up for having only one specialty restaurant. It was very well received and there was often a line to get in,. That was when we found out the maitre d' would encourage us to visit one of the lounges, while we waited, and he called the lounge when our table was ready. The appetizer tray and the breads are so good you can make a meal out of them, but don't. The menu selections are quite wonderful. We continued to visit Sette Mari on our last Explorer cruise and found it equally tasty, but not quite as busy.
  10. Everything looks so tempting. Do they do this on every Navigator sailing or just certain ones? Or does one have to be at a certain SSS level to be invited?
  11. It is definitely included on Explorer and Splendor at least. Regent has a tradition of an over the top Sunday champagne and caviar brunch on all sea days that occur on Sunday. That being said, on our last Explorer cruise the started the caviar brunch early (breakfast) because we had no sea day Sundays. They made sure that we had our fill of caviar before we went off for our shore excursion. I believe they also serve it in the specialty restaurants for an additional charge.
  12. Although the bottles in the suites are not great they are better than I expected. Will are butler give us the mixers that go with them? Do the butlers still provide afternoon tea? This is our first time in an AZ suite as well.
  13. For many of us, though we want to think of cruising as a necessity in retirement, it is really a discretionary purchase. If the stock market continues to decline, I would expect a number of cruisers, even on Regent, would reevaluate their priorities and choose to travel less, if at all.
  14. We are booked on the August 13th cruise on the Journey. Since we booked the cruise six weeks ago we have kept receiving invitations to bid on an upgrade. Last time I checked the ship was entirely booked. Today I received another invitation to upgrade. This is my first experience with this system. Is it automated? All I know is that the amount they required of a minimum bid to upgrade our suite was not worth it.
  15. But. on the other hand, it is a great way to meet new people and have another specialty restaurant experience even if the restaurant is otherwise full
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