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  1. If the transatlantic you are looking at is in June, I don't really think that it is going to be that warm during the crossing. Don't get me wrong, you might get a good day here and there but not that many. We did a round trip crossing a few times in August; the first time we had 12 good days out of 15 and spend lots of time outdoors. The second time, also in August, we had 2 good days out of 14. Crossing the Atlantic, you never know what you are going to get.
  2. QG and PG are wonderful but it really isn't a ship within a ship concept like the Haven is on NCL, the rooms are larger and you do have the private lounge and restaurants. We've done the Caribbean and transatlantic on Cunard and totally love the experience. Would do it again. Seabourn is a luxury cruise experience with far less passengers and totally all inclusive. Definitely a different experience. I can't comment on P&O. I can't imagine that you would go wrong with any of those choices though.
  3. We have been on deck 8 a few times (aft) not in an obstructed view which is mid shift. I love that location; zero traffic noice and it is very convenient to the pool as well as to the aft and mid aft elevators. We did a transatlantic in one of those cabins (and a couple of other sailings) and I never felt any movement. I would book a cabin there in a heartbeat. I've never been on deck 11 so I can't comment on that but those cabins go quick so if there is one available, I would grab it.
  4. Our cruise isn't until October of 2021 (21 nights - NY to San Juan). I am happy to see what they are doing to make things safe. I'm not really concerned about the dining because we normally eat on the later side and I don't expect it to be that crowded. I plan to spend much of the time at the beach(es) so none of this is a big problem (for me).
  5. I loved the Canyon Ranch Spa on all of our cruises, but we haven't been on Queen Mary for several years now. I recall that Canyon Ranch was out and it was going to be refurbished but maybe that changed? I would do it again in a heartbeat once we can get back to cruising again.
  6. We booked our first Windstar cruise for October 2021, New York to San Juan; 21 nights. I hope we get to go. We live on the east coast we'd only have to fly back from San Juan. I hope it goes.
  7. This place is fabulous! https://www.cathysresortwear.com
  8. I only priced Cunard air once and it was more expensive than what I could book on my own so I didn't use it.
  9. We hav sailed in Brittania, Brittania Club and QG and have found the food to be quite good in all venue's. (We've sailed almost every cruise line). I always go with either a seafood, fish, or the vegetarian option, I never order meat. We also like to go to the alternative dining ($15 pp) in the Kings Court (Italian, Asian, Indian etc.). We will also try Verandah since it has changed since the last time we've been on Queen Mary. There will always be another meal and when we're on a ship I'm thrilled that I don't have to cook.
  10. We did the same thing. BC was sold out but PG was $16,000 more. We can enjoy alternative dining for way less than that (and will some nights). One one Caribbean sailing we were upgraded to QG for less than $1000 for both of us because the sailing wasn't that popular I guess. I loved the experience but not so much that I would pay an insane amount of money for it.
  11. We have no problem with a dress code, I actually like dressing up when we cruise because we certainly don't do that at home. We are doing a 21 night transatlantic sailing on QM2 this summer and I am surprised to see that there are only 7 gala nights. We've done 14 nights before and there were more than that. That said, I'm likely to wear a cocktail dress most nights and at a minimum my husband will wear a jacket on smart nights and his tux on gala nights. I would love to see them move the late seating dining time to 8:00 - early is definitely too early but 8:30 is a little bit too late. Brittania Club is sold out on our cruise but for the difference in price we can eat at the Verandah and the alternative specialities and the MDR only a couple of times in each of the 7 days. Interestingly, when I booked this we were automatically put on the wait list for early seating (maybe because of our ages) so I had to call and change that to late. We don't eat at 6:00 at home so definitely don't want to do that on holiday.
  12. They will probably add $100 to the $229 price but honestly, I wouldn't bother with Vibe on a transatlantic cruise in April that is taking the northern route across the Atlantic. It will probably be too cold for Vibe or any outdoor space at all. I would put that money toward a spa pass instead but that's just me.
  13. If the ship doesn't have the haven restaurant and bar, I wouldn't upgrade, I'd definitely stay with the PH. The additional cost really doesn't give you anymore perks, except perhaps a larger room.
  14. I actually wasn't sure if they were going to show it or not. I actually would have been more unhappy about it if the Yankees had made it to the World Series, but just in case, I brought my laptop so I could stream it, if necessary. #alwaysprepared
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