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  1. Maybe.. but having been in Rio at carnival time, I wonder if it's something we need to do. 🙂
  2. We are on this cruise and I looked at the Boi Bumba show. It is $99 per person. A lot of money for 1.5 hours. I had heard it was free at one point, but not now!
  3. We are flying from UK to Schipol, Amsterdam, change, then on to Pinto Martins Brazil, change and on to Manaus. Bit of a nightmare journey but it will be worth it when we board that ship!
  4. I shall watch this thread because we are booked on this cruise next April. Yes, it's a bit of a nightmare journey to Manaus... two changes and no easy way of doing it.
  5. We did this trip last year and the weather was glorious. And on the zodiac excursions we just had a light top on, we didn't get wet. Hope you enjoy it all ! We had a great time.
  6. I wouldn't mind a solution to this too, we start off with all our shoes (always too many, mostly me!) laid out neatly side by side in the walk-in wardrobe. By the end of the cruise it starts to look like a teenagers wardrobe (a bit messy) 😳
  7. We are in our place in Spain at the moment and we use these thermal bottles all the time, on the beach and travelling, I would be more than happy to use one on excursions as the water stays cold for up to 24 hours. I just need to keep topped up with water in my suite and I do like it cold!
  8. Dittol We were on that cruise also and I'm with you on your post. Captain Tim was very visible and agree with you about the double act! I had a lovely moment when I gave in and decided to have the Napa Burger round the pool for lunch (an indulgence!) There were no tables to eat it, but Antonio served it to me on my sunbed with a tray, a table cloth, linen serviette etc, and a flourish! We also ate with both the CD and his two assistants. The whole cruise staff wise was a delight.
  9. Going against the grain here, I'm all for re-useable as opposed to one use plastics(flooding our oceans etc) We've all got to start somewhere. I drink a lot of water in the suite and always ask our room attendant for 2 litre bottles as opposed to anything small. My only worry is, will I get enough to keep me going?!
  10. We've recently booked a cruise for December and I researched flights before speaking to SB about what they could offer. They were about £100 more but that included a 5* hotel the night before embarkation, and all 3 transfers (airport to hotel, hotel to ship and on disembark ship to airport). We've always been lucky with airfare through them. (UK based)
  11. Have you discounted SB for finding your flights? Often they get better deals than I can. I use skyscanner for searching for other non-cruise related flights.
  12. It wasn't quite like that, she was with her husband and actually ate very little. It's just that apparently she or they found all the other dining venues on SB 'sub-standard'.
  13. I think we might've all been on the same cruise! 😂
  14. Indeed! No idea if they were top suite or just a mere mortal (like us!), but they had the same table every night (that could seat 4+) apparently.
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