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  1. Very much so. Nothing of course to do with the bottle of gin in the trolley 😂 (Missed our long cruise in April and tried to recreate a few cocktails a lá Seabourn!)
  2. Hooray! Pleased to hear that! 😃
  3. Totally agree TV24. (And do hope you have had luck with your refund now? I felt for you, such a long time to wait) Personally, I won't be booking until SB have had quite a few successful cruises under their belt and I feel reassured. I would say it won't be until a vaccine, but I read so much on this, I'm not sure there will ever be one. I just hope that we can cruise next year, but we will be doing a last minute booking if there is still availability. Interestingly, our TA has sent us details of World Cruise 2022, departing 11 January, and asking for a £500 deposit to secure. We would love to do that to make up for our 30 day cruise we've just missed but it's just too early to make a commitment yet.
  4. Just too long tv24. Really bad form from SB. Do hope you get it resolved and soon.
  5. As much as I would love love love to think about booking a cruise, we won't be. Not yet anyway. As PHE have advised against cruising, insurance won't cover anything. Hopefully that will change in time. Ideally we would like one next Spring and another one in the Autumn and like everyone I just want it to go back to how it was. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen...
  6. Ahhh right. When I type .co.uk it comes up .com/US but is in £ and contact details are for UK on top of the contact page with US beneath it.
  7. Seabourn.co.uk has always taken me to the US site, but it is in £ and not $.
  8. Yes, we had our yellow fever vaccinations complete with certificates ready for our April cruise to the Amazon. I hope I'll be able to use it another time on a cruise to the same area!
  9. If anyone has seen the film 'Contagion' people who had been vaccinated wore wristbands! The film really is too close for comfort at the moment, so many parallels, and weirdly I had just watched it before all this started.
  10. I watched a youtube vid on this. Whether we like it or not, I think it makes sense. But a lot of it applies to the huge capacity ships, not necessarily SB.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by air fare changes? Do you mean cancelled flights? Was it SB Air travel booked by them? If you mean that, I received mine back on my CC but I had applied for all refund as opposed to FCC. If you are filling out a form, I imagine you arranged and paid for them so yes I would've thought they should go back on to your CC, I can't imagine why SB would offer an expense of yours as a FCC? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Paulchilli.... delighted for you. Such a relief. And tv24, that is just TOO long. What are SB or your TA saying?
  13. At last! Very similar to Place7c. Cruise embarkation 5th April. 98 days since request to be credited. All funds received. Big relief. Fingers x'd for everyone else.
  14. I am UK too and awaiting refund of possibly same cruise (Manaus/Miami) 1. I was told that although I booked through a (well known) TA in UK, the payment actually went direct to SB via the TA. 2. Yes. I have had one later cruise refunded and it went direct on to my debit card, with the deposit paid by CC going onto there, and the CC credit arrived first although I was told that debit card is quicker. No notifications whatsoever. 🙂
  15. Hanging on in there, but seeing later cruises and later refunds happen does make me wonder what on earth is up with my refund! Pleased to hear they are filtering through, but think I'm top of the pile at 95 days and no idea why this is so.
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