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  1. Hi, I can help with some of your queries but not all unfortunately. The special sun deck has a hot tub and sun beds. It gets quite windy up there but is nice to get away from the masses. Children are allowed up there and in that hot tub. kids club is 1 hr for each child twice a day max. There are 3 sessions a day to choose from. You have to queue up to get in and the queues can get big quickly. You may have to go back in 30 mins once a child has left. the arcades are open some days 2pm-12pm, 6pm-12pm, 4pm-12pm. 1 of the bowling lanes is broken, 1 of the F1 cars is broken, some of the arcade machines are broken. The prize machine that you are meant to put tickets into doesn’t have any prizes so just be mindful before trying to earn tickets. Also be mindful that some of the arcade machines will take the money off the card but won’t work, the arcade isn’t manned out of the limited hours but if you tell customer services they will help. as soon as you get on the ship, book bowling because the way it’s set up is you queue for a long time to get a time slot and date for bowling, F1 and VR. Some times you will have a 2 day wait before you can play. Just keep it in mind and book as much as you can when you get there as you can’t prebook anything apart from some spa. If slots are booked you will have to queue again the next day on the off chance. The VR keeps breaking down and going blank so make sure you tell the man if it happens to you. The bowling is timed so if you don’t have all your goes in 30 mins nothing can be done. You don’t need bowling shoes. how old are your children ? The reports are true, daytime is all about swimming. They have some family quizzes and games round the main pool. But other than swimming there’s not much else in the day especially if you’re in port. Shops won’t open until late either in port. the shops are open limited hours and any medication is ridiculously expensive. Rennies for heart burn were £18. if anyone gets seasick, the crew are great. The shop sells wrist bands for £11 and the crew will hand out seasickness tablets if you ask. Get some from boots before you go if you have a preferred brand. take your own hand sanatiser as the ship has lots of machines but you may prefer your own brand. the ship had 3800 passengers when I was on board but it felt a lot more. We didnt have any unruly passengers but as daytime is limited on things to do, the indoor pool especially gets packed and it is a booze cruise in places. if you want to do the Himalayan bridge or water park, do it as soon as possible. It’s open times are limited in the day and will close again in bad weather also. The numbers allowed in are limited but you get a wristband and sign a waiver by the waterslides. The sportsplex isn’t open unless it’s for Covid testing or a kids club event then it closes straight after. They won’t allow anyone to go in there otherwise. the buffet is back to self service but is only half open. There are lots of places to sit though and if you walk round there will be whole sections empty. they have bingo twice a week and children can go. It’s £40 for 4 cards. children can also go to all shows and I saw children in the gym. The casino is open limited hours like everything else. As soon as you get on board, just make yourself aware of the timings of everything otherwise it’s hard to make sure you can do the things you want to do without missing out. Children have to wear masks in kids club from age 4 I believe and everyone not double vaccinated has 2 Covid lateral flow tests done, 1 before the cruise and 1 half way through.
  2. Hi, I’m in the royal suite right now and you have been very helpful prior to sailing. Is there a way I can contact you privately ? I’d just like to ask a couple of questions but I don’t want to add them on here. Many thanks.
  3. We’re on board now and unfortunately that’s not the case. The butler says we have to queue up as yc don’t have anything to do with the activities. There’s no yc treatment as soon as u walk out of yc. The staff are lovely everywhere but it’s very true that the bar staff are very slow and most don’t seem to know what they’re doing. I’m assuming their new.
  4. Can a butler reserve bowling and other activities to save you waiting an hour plus in a queue just to get a reservation ?
  5. At least they got the passengers off I suppose. 😢
  6. Unfortunately this is the behaviour I’ve found on every cruise from U.K. never had it from any other country.
  7. Hi all, just wondering whether they give a pcr test or a lateral flow test at the port ? Are both taken in exactly the same way ? My kids are scared the person may hurt them so I was thinking I may ask to do their tests myself. Has anyone else done their own test there ?
  8. We’ve used ab parking numerous times. Always been very helpful and safe
  9. I’ve bought 2 fun passes for 4 of us but now I’m wondering if we will get to use them both
  10. Hi all, I’ve heard one of the bowling lanes has broken and is closed. I’ve also heard there are ridiculous queues for every activity and you have to queue 20-30 mins before just to book a future time. is this the same in yc ? Can the concierge or butler book these? People are moaning online that there’s not much to do in the day. Just wondered if this is true ?
  11. Wonderful, thank u. Just worrying about the tests now 😳
  12. Aww thank u. I really appreciate that. There’s a fine line between being all for the kids and active and then mummy and daddy time 😂. Kids will be happy no matter what we do as long as they’re on a ship ! I hope all the tests come back neg !!! I’m paranoid !
  13. Do you know which terminal Msc is at ? I’ve got 2 different terminals ! One is city and the other is horizon.
  14. We’ve heard amazing things about Mary but unfortunately she’s not on our deck.
  15. We’ve tried different rci ships and must be honest, the service on oasis class and quantum class is miles above the other ships and we found the likes of Indy to be so jam packed full of people that you couldn’t move. It wasn’t a fun experience.
  16. Is it like a water bed flotation thing ?
  17. When we were on royal last, the staff were visibly upset at saying goodbye to my children. Every morning as we walked past each room, my children would say hello to every room attendant they saw and every room attendant would say hello using their names and asking them how their day was. On the last day, the staff were so busy but all took the time to say goodbye to the children personally and gave them little gifts. There were approx 20 staff members who came out of the rooms to say goodbye. It made me cry to be honest. my son told our room attendant that he wanted to sail the ship when he got older and the next thing we know we have a free meet and greet with the captain at the bridge. I just really appreciate everything the staff do. Behind the scenes there’s a lot of work all hours for little pay
  18. 😂😂 I liked the oasis of clam. Made me smile 😊. The other thing that makes the difference is how you are as a person. I go out my way to be polite and interested in anyone who helps me and very grateful. I’ve seen a lot of nit so nice passengers who treat the cruise staff awfully.
  19. We’re treating ourselves to yacht club. Not too sure what to expect as used to genie on royal which is amazing but I don’t think yc will be quite that. Genies literally make availability happen fir you where there is none. According to others on board, yc doesn’t go thst far unfortunately
  20. Thank you for this info. It doesn’t have the drop down boxes but says every slot is unavailable. It’s done that since the day the shows showed as an option. Have u been in yacht club ?
  21. I’ve tried to book this but the app won’t let me. Can I watch the show without the drink ? I’m livid I’ll have to pay extra onboard just because the apps not working again.
  22. Thank you so much for this, you’ve been so very helpful x
  23. Is the casino open every day/evening ? Do u know if cash can be used in the machines ?
  24. Thank you so much. Someone on Facebook said this wasn’t happening but they were on board in June/July so it may have changed. They also said kids club was very restricted
  25. Hi all, does anyone know if the after hours kids club (advertised as round the clock kids club until 2am) is happening on board ?
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