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  1. True, I just had this happen. I decided to wait with them. I will never do this again. I had them get their arrival time right when it was available and they still got 12:30 to 1. I didn't like getting on the ship that late.
  2. Hi Tom and Cheryl, believe we met on the Breeze when it was the newest Carnival ship. Welcome back and looking forward to hearing about your cruises to the 75th milestone.
  3. Use a watch with ship time because phone will adjust to local time if you use it and won't go back to ship time when you return to ship.
  4. Sorry this has happened to so many cruisers during the summer holiday. I hope some had insurance that will cover the items Carnival is not. I guess a land vacation is another option for those that have to use a weeks vacation from work. I had a job where we bid on our vacation so I feel the pain, but a week off from work and a free cruise would get me through.
  5. My experience was that you need to get there early. We arrived at check in time 12:30 and had to park in an uncovered outside lot.
  6. Maybe it is also to check your status with the line and give you better tables/wait staff.
  7. Blue Iguana opened at 7 or 7:30 and stopped breakfast at 10:30. I am not sure why some days it was 7 and others it was 7:30.
  8. Sodas are also included in cheers if you will be drinking any of them.
  9. My thoughts on the cruise. I love the Havana area. It didn't even seem like we were on a large cruise ship. The proximity to everything was fantastic. I agree with some people who say you really just need to book the inside Havana rooms. Having the ocean plaza right outside the area for breakfast, entertainment and the coffee shop. The dining room was down 2 flights of stairs the casino not far away, the lobby bar, some specialty restaurants and the shops were all very accessible. The Havana pool and hot "warm" tubs and the wait staff were fantastic. The CD Mike Pack, Cee -Jay the comedian, the Ocean Plaza entertainment, Piano bar entertainment by Keith and the strings show and lobby music were awesome. As far as the dining room is concerned the food was okay but the wait for things was way too long, same for us at the specialty restaurants. Guys burger, BlueIquana Cantina and the Deli were all good. The worst was the lines after the buffet closed at lunch. I like the idea of the specialty dining package and it worked well for us. I do not care if I ever go to the port of Ocho Rios again. Wish our weather had been better in Grand Cayman but we had a great time doing the Dolphin Swim in Cozumel. Did enjoy the Carnival Hub app but think I missed a few things not reading the fun times. Embarkation and disembarkation were painless.
  10. Thank you! Yes, if you don't try to eat after 2:30/3:30 you should be fine.
  11. Some odds and ends I scanned. We also received a letter about smoking when we returned from Cozumel. I never smelled any smoke but our neighbor said it was late at night and very strong. I have never received 1 of these before. I was able to zoom in and cut out the debarkation letter, hope you can see it.
  12. I am not sure what happened to my disembarkation letter but I did self assist. I was told to meet in the forward dining room at 6:30. I was told to line my luggage up and take a seat. They had to coffee, danish, water and juice. I did not attend the disembarkation presentation and could not get my TV to work on the final day to view it. Evidently at the presentation people were given orange stickers. Once we were cleared to leave diamond went first, platinum and the FTTF. There were 3 lines when leaving the dining room. If you had an orange sticker, you went 1 way, passports another way and people with birth certificates another. They were also doing a first ever new customs. If the camera recognized you, you were on your way. If it didn't you went to another line and presented your passport. This was all done way before the normal custom booths. It seemed to go pretty well but we were the first group to leave so not sure if there was a back up later. Once off the ship I called SAS and we waited about 5-10 minutes and he pulled up with a family from another cruise line. We then proceeded to pick up another family that was getting off a different ship. We then proceeded to FLL and I was sitting in the new Margaritaville bar before 9am having breakfast. My flight was at 11:50.
  13. We woke up and had breakfast in the Ocean Plaza. We wanted to get back to the Havana area and get loungers in the sun. We were able to secure 4 in a row and proceeded to soak up some sun and drinks. The weather was beautiful. We all spend some time in the pool. I have to say this was the most crowded of any day but nothing like the Lido pool. We took breaks to start packing and also had some shopping to do. I went to the pig and anchor seaside buffet for lunch and brought it back to the Havana area. Everything I ate was very good. After lunch and some more pool time, I finished up my packing and got ready for the Platinum party which was at 4:45. The party was very nice. The drinks and appetizers were flowing. After the party I stopped at the comedy club to see Cee-Jays family show. I was able to get in and get a seat. He was hilarious. I was hoping we would all be able to see him later that evening. We were supposed to eat at the Hibachi grill but we had cancelled this the day before when we realized we would not be able to see Cee-Jay the comedian if we kept our reservations. We all headed to the buffet for dinner, stopped at the Alchemy bar and got in line to see Cee-Jay's show. This show didn't disappoint. After the show we headed to the Lobby bar and then to the Piano Bar. We wanted to see Keith play some more. The crowd was smaller than the first show, but people were probably packing since it was our last night. I left the Piano bar and made my way to the Casino for a final donation. This greeted me in my cabin when I returned. This is a very sad sight.
  14. Yes, we didn't think about room service but that may have solved our problem. Once the buffet closes for lunch the lines get long. I just wasn't prepared for long lines either, never experienced it either.
  15. So after eating I headed to pool with a swim up bar to wait while my 2 friends went to get the photos they had purchased. I think they ended up paying more money because they got a CD of the pictures to take with them. We never made it to the beach area since the park closes at 4. There was also a sea lion show that we missed. We easily found transportation back to the ship. We were hungry so we headed up to the Lido, again long lines for any of the venues that were open. We went to our rooms to shower and get ready for dinner at the Italian restaurant. I had to change our time on the hub app to later since we had grabbed a snack at the Lido. We didn't arrive until 9 pm. We all ordered different entrees and no one gave it a great review. I know someone had the pork chop and I had the chicken parm. I am not sure if it wasn't that great because we ate so late or if that is the norm now. On the Breeze it was one of the best meals I had. Everyone called it a night except me. I still hadn't made it to the Casino this cruise. I found a slot machine and lost my money.
  16. Since we were not arriving in Cozumel until 10:30 and our time slot for the Dolphins was 12:30 we decided to have breakfast in the dining room. We stopped at the coffee shop on our way down to the dining room and got some coffee drinks. We were seated immediately but waited and waited for service. We placed our order and then waited for coffee. Breakfast finally arrived. The whole process was way to long and we should have just eaten in the ocean cafe but we were not in a hurry. We gathered our belongings and headed off the ship and to the Taxi stand. We didn't have to wait and were place in a taxi to Chankanaab Park. I brought my confirmation with me because entrance to the park is included. We arrived and were sent to check in. The place is very pretty. In hindsight we should have gotten off the ship and arrived earlier. We made our way to the VIP area and had a snack and a drink and watched others in the dolphin area. It was finally our turn. We found the lockers put our belongings in them and proceeded to get our life jackets. We headed down the pier to our briefing which was not a VIP experience. Everyone was packed in like sardines. My one friend is deaf in 1 ear and could not hear a thing. We told a staff member who pulled us aside and gave us our own briefing. We then went into the water on a platform. I had brought water shoes but didn't' wear them. Water shoes are a must on this metal platform. We were grouped with a family of 5. Each took a turn kissing a dolphin, touching and doing a handshake in between people swimming out into the water for the dorsal tow and foootpush. There were 2 dolphins doing these activities. It was a lot of fun! We were then taken to another area that had a manatee. We walked into the water and feed her lettuce and got to touch this gentle giant. She had lots of growth on her, so touching her was much different than the dolphin. We showered off and went back to eat some lunch. I was not impressed with the buffet. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and some mexican style meat. At one point it looked like chicken and another it looked like pork so I am not sure if they switched the meats. There was no "american type salsa", just tomatoes, onions and cilantro no real sauce, no guacamole, but they did have a green sauce. There also was only 1 type of draft beer. They said the water was filtered but I didn't want to get a drink with ice just in case the ice wasn't filtered.
  17. Today we are doing the Dolphin Royal Swim VIP at Chankanaab National Park. We purchased this excursion prior to our trip and 2 people also purchased the photo package. The only thing that was not included was the transportation to the Park. This swim with dolphins program includes the famous foot push, dorsal tow, a handshake, a kiss and a hug. Buffet lunch International open bar during lunch in our VIP area. Access to our VIP area Facilities: pool, lockers, showers and restrooms. 15 minute briefing and 40 minutes with the dolphins The use of life jacket is required in all water programs. The use of cameras in the water is not allowed
  18. We had dinner at Ji Ji's. The items are shareable. We had pot stickers and spring rolls for our appetizer, short ribs, sweet and sour shrimp and Kung Pao chicken with Chinese Broccoli and Jasmine rice. I found the Kung Pao chicken to be the best dish and the worst was the Chinese broccoli. We had the creme brulee and the crepes for dessert. The service here was okay and the restaurant was not crowded at all. Our original plan was for the main dining room for the second cruise elegant night but we wanted to see the Celestial Strings show and thought we had a better chance of making the show eating in Ji Ji's. We left the restaurant and went to see the show. We had heard the comedian Cee-Jay was awesome so our plan was leave the show a little early and head to the comedy club. We got pretty good seats for Celestial Strings and thought the show was very good. We hated to leave early and in retrospect should have stayed. We got to the comedy club entrance just as the sign was placed closing the show. It was packed, standing room only. We were told that Friday we could see the show but to make sure we got there at least a 1/2 hour before showtime. We headed back to the Alchemy bar, got a drink and decided to check out the piano bar. We closed the piano bar down. His show was fantastic. There was a really good crowd and we had a great time. PianoMan.mp4
  19. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the rooms you were able to see.
  20. We woke up, gathered our beach bags and went to the Ocean Plaza for breakfast. We also went to the coffee bar for some fresh coffee drinks. Everything is conveniently located to the Havana area. We went to the Pig & Anchor a little bit after 7:45 and no one was there. We started walking forward and ran into an officer and asked where the water shuttle was leaving from. We told him no one was at the Pig and Anchor. He was the person we needed. He had just escorted a group to the water shuttle and was on his way back. He called for an elevator and one arrived and we headed to the water shuttle. Once the shuttle was full we pulled away from the ship and the rain began. It was very cloudy and we could tell it probably wasn't going to clear up. We arrived in Grand Cayman and I called the excursion phone number. I talked to a gentleman who said that we could still go on the boat but it would probably be raining. As you can see from the picture, we would be out in the elements. We ask if we could have a refund and he said for me to email the company and ask them. We walked around the port and did a little shopping. We saw someone with a sign that said Royal Palms Beach Club. We asked if we could have a private ride there and they said yes. We crossed the street and got in a van and we drove to RPBC. When we arrived it was still raining and the place did not open for another 30 minutes. We sat at the bar and when it opened we got a drink and debated on getting a cabana. My friend went to check it out and we decided against it. It was pouring at this time so we sat and waited. Finally, we got 2 chairs and an umbrella for $30+ dollars on the front beach row and put our stuff under the umbrella and got into the water. The sun tried to come out a few times, but it was basically a cloudy rainy day. We finally left and went out to get a cab back to the boat. This was a long process as they waited to fill the cab with people before we left. The ride back to the boat was very slow. We tried to do a little shopping but it was still raining off and on. We headed back to the boat and to a really long line. I wish I had taken a picture. It did move pretty well but we observed many people were cutting into the line. Back on the ship we were hungry. We went to the Lido and there were lines everywhere. I decided to stand in the Guys line and get my first burger of the cruise. It was really good. I made us a reservation at Ji Ji's for later that night. I walked around and did a little shopping. I want to check out the fragrance sale. We showered and changed for dinner.
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