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  1. They have done in the recent offers - the suites had all these four items included - so it is a straight increase on the price from last week.
  2. I suspect we will see the various extra perks included in come cruises as special offers. Everything is included as standard in a suite booking. However the price has increased overnight to reflect this.
  3. Wow! No wonder you and probably half the ship is annoyed. Very poor by NCL. Running a cruise with no ports to arrive the day before a holiday is poor judgement.
  4. I just watch the feed that they use and have it updating every 30 minutes. Although currently it is showing cost per cabin for 2 rather than cost per person. Celebrity altered something a week ago. Managed to save £2,000+ off our suite on the Silhouette plus increased benefits.
  5. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Enjoy!
  6. With one IP and and a private wireless network, not sure how it can be. Certainly aware that it worked on other cruise lines. But maybe they can 🙂
  7. Or just share your network. Simples!
  8. I appreciate that power blocks with leads are banned now. Shame as we always used to use ours to get power closer to our chairs, balcony etc. But what about smaller ones without leads? Are these banned? What are they looking for at either security (hand luggage) or the regular scanners? I assumed it was the power surge, but you can now get this on cordless blocks, so not sure. Being three pin sockets in the UK ours are a bit bigger than US ones but similar no doubt. What is general experience of late?
  9. They are as it is a contact number for customers to contact the company. Only sales lines are exempt. Celebrity has the same for calling about your cruise. At 55p per minute plus from a mobile phone it is wrong. Might be slightly cheaper from a land line, but still way above what the law allows.
  10. UK & EU law states that you must offer an 01x 02x 03x or 0800 number to any customer who wishes to contact the firm. Sales numbers can be at a premium rate if required. If a premium rate number is advertised to customers then a complaint number must be shown alongside it. That law came in around 3 years ago.
  11. Thanks not going to call a premium rate number which has been illegal for around 3 years. Unsure how Celebrity get away with it.
  12. Hi, Is there a captain club email address? If there is a difference in the UK, but I guess the US one is fine. Only showing a US phone number on the site
  13. I noticed this on the terms of our benefits that if we changed cabin we would lose them. As there is no exclusion for the move up scheme I assume that you also lose the benefits if you partake in this. It does not say in the terms that you do not.
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