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  1. Nobody should be opting for a FCC - cash in your pocket is far more powerful than a piece of paper that is tied to one cruise brand. However don't expect a refund anytime soon - people have already had to wait 35 days or so. Hopefully you paid by credit card and can do a charge back on that. But note you must've requested a refund first. If you accept a FCC and it becomes worthless, don't expect any credit card company to bail you out. Vouchers are worthless when a company goes under and I can't see the FCC being worth any more then nothing. Of course if everyone were to opt fo
  2. Your old credit card number is still valid and linked to your current card. This is in case any legitimate company charges against it - perhaps on an annual renewal or indeed like this a refund.
  3. That might be so - but the message that is being sent isn't one that we ought to encourage. I assume food and other supplies are taken on and therefore anyone one person could infect a member of crew very easily. There is no guarantee...... Fingers crossed they will al be okay and nothing will affect them.
  4. Poor message to send out from Celebrity / Apex Captain Dimitrios Kafetzis should be ashamed of himself. Not a good example to set.
  5. NCL fans and investors are saying the opposite. NCL have cash reserves but RCL does not.
  6. Rumour coming out of the City of London saying that RCL are in trouble and could fold. Personally I do not think so. And I think it is false. We will see when the markets open.
  7. With all these cancelled cruises a lot of people have the option of a refund or a credit at 125% In reality the credit is a bit limited, with prices higher the 25% is not really a bonus. Cash allows you to rebook with another line if you want. Cash is always king. Therefore why is Celebrity not offering big incentives to rebook and use the voucher. Here in the UK, there is a small offer for lower cabins of $300 obc, but no offers for suites. They only get $150 obc Celebrity like any other company would rather keep hold of your mon
  8. How can it take 3 weeks? Just run a script and it is done. Not rocket science!
  9. How does the credit work? Do you just book a cruise in the normal way and then get the credit to put against the cruise? What happens if the next cruise is cancelled? Do you get 125% of the 125% you originally got? So if the cruise was $4000 and you got $5000 credit - would you get $6250 (plus 125% of the deposit) next time? Bit concerned this might go on far longer than April 11th.
  10. I certainly would not take it- cash is king any day. Of course people will moan and then rebook on another cruise and so life goes on...... Only if you complain and lots of others do on say Twitter which is very public will the offer change. But even then I doubt it will.
  11. It will probably get extended anyway, so I wouldn't worry.
  12. Celebrity Apex is still scheduled to sail end of March, beginning of April from Southampton.
  13. cash refund if they cancel - probably at more than 100%
  14. on your own. You will need to go via your insurance or hope the airline will refund or credit.
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