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  1. Ah yes. Too many abbreviations for me. It's so much easier if folks just type out the words, at least once. I hadn't thought of it being a beverage package.
  2. Absolutely. Been there, done that!
  3. Thank you, so much, for catching that. There are a lot of miles between Adelaide and Melbourne as you know! Now I have to go back to photos to see what we enjoyed out of Melbourne. My addled memory has jogged yet this morning.
  4. Well now. Another Australia/Tazmania/New Zealand fan, huh? (All three included for those who haven't been to them). It will be about 15.5 hours from Los Angeles (LAX) to either Sydney or Melbourne. I highly suggest (1) that you book International Business and (2) book on Virgin Australia (VA) if possible. I've flown Delta, Qantas, American, and VA on segments between LAX and Australia and VA is 'hands down' the winner for me. If you really want to see the edge of the Outback (not the U.S. restaurant) fly to Adelaide, rent (hire) a car and drive through the countryside to Melrose, about 2 1/2 hours north of Adelaide. Spend half a day there, unless you mountain bike, and enjoy the town and either the 'upper' or 'lower' pub. If you mountain bike be sure to visit my friends, Kerri and Rich, at their bike shop, Over the Edge, and tell them I sent you. Rent a bike and ride Mount Remarkable. You will love it. Be prepared to share the trail with an occasional kangaroo, they have right-of-way. If you sail out of Melbourne, take a couple extra days and visit the Barossa valley to the north. Book a room at the Barossa House B&B, just down the road 3K or so from Tanunda. Take half a day and drive north to Kapunda. Visit that quaint city and enjoy the surroundings. Stop by and tell Dr. Lecons and his lovely bride, Julie, that we sent you that way. I read "Girl with the dragon tattoo". A bit of drama and trauma, at the very least.
  5. Ut oh. So YOU must be Maria Andretti. So sorry for the mixup. Glad you enjoyed my prose. Keeps my wife happy since I'm not talking to her whilst typing away. That way she doesn't have to pretend to be listening and care. (Joking, of course).
  6. Dear Mr. Andretti, This is serious. Have you sought counseling? Perhaps a soothing filet mignon with a glass of Caymus cabernet, finished with 7 layer double death chocolate cake? 😎 Breathe slowly. Long, deep breaths. Hands on the table. Tap fingers if need be. Tap toes to assist with fingers. Think about that one place in the world you would want to be on a CELEBRITY ship. Probably Hubbard glacier, right? Ok, maybe not, but it's pretty spectacular. Now, lift your head, look into the loving eyes of someone. Yes, she's your hound and she loves you. Yes, she knows you can't take her to see Hubbard. Don't suggest to her that you might take her on Carnival. EVER. She will run away to Arkansas. Or maybe West Virginia (both great states, by the way). Anything is better than Carnival, right? disclaimer: I've never been on a Carnival ship. I don't think they want me, honestly. So, if my joking is offending anyone, please sail Carnival. I won't be there to annoy you. I promise. Now, Mr. Andretti, please book another Celebrity cruise. Very soon!
  7. Wash once. Then wax. Wash again. Wax again. Life is good with a clean car with there is no ship on the horizon. T. Roosevelt. Ok, not T. Roosevelt. T. Collins. How's that?
  8. Thanks, so much. I wasn't aware of such an offer. We've been lucky with our stateroom bookings and haven't had to look for the specialty packages. Chemmo, our next booking is once again on Summit. The only drawback will be the lack of Murano. Our only real choice for a specialty might be Tuscan, but we've tried it three times on two ships, with one good meal, so we're not really excited about it. We might book it every 3rd night or so and see how it goes. If not, our Luminae crew will certainly take excellent care of us.
  9. I'm just curious if you are going on the cruise with your sister?
  10. How many nights was your cruise? Which ship?
  11. Make it easy on yourself. Book a Royal Suite or Penthouse Suite and specialty restaurants are included in your booking. And, I've heard that you get preferential reservations, as well. You can thank me after the cruise!😎
  12. Yep. Not really fair with the way I quoted that. Sorry!
  13. Didja now. Sailed into the Future, didja? 😎
  14. I really wish the OP or an admin would take this post down. The title page is simply NOT correct and Celebrity doesn't deserve to be referred in that light.
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