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  1. This may not be the exact setup. It looks like your door will be on the left, so this stateroom appears to have a door on the right. I will assume this is an S2, but won't swear to it.
  2. Ain't it the truth. We got caught up in that gig on one of our first cruises. The good thing is we do have some framed Kincades that we really like, so it's all good. But, we haven't partaken of the 'free' champagne (sparkling wine) since then.
  3. We feel the same about casinos, but we realize they are a source of entertainment for some people. Thank goodness they are smoke-free since most ships are designed to force passengers to walk through the casino when the outside path is closed due to bad weather or strong winds. We have played Bingo in years past but I find it an annoyance now and don't really care for it.
  4. I don't miss hearing children 'playing' the grand piano in the Penthouse stateroom directly above us. Early morning, late night, afternoon, or whenever the darlings aren't sleeping or eating. I also don't miss those 'special' children who are allowed in the adults only pool, when all the pools are open. They are only 'special' because of who the parents are, of course, if you get my drift. (Not meaning special needs kids. Brats. Damn brats who are the offspring of adult brat parents. I don't miss those. But, I sure miss talking with and watching the crew members working their
  5. Is that the one about magnetic pineapples on stateroom doors? 😎
  6. No need to apologize. Information is changing in a heartbeat these days. Interesting post, by the way. Tommy
  7. Yes. Those were the photos I was hoping might pop up. I saw so many undated photos there was no way to tell what was most recent. It would be nice if Celebrity would post an actual recent photo on the home page for each ship. They probably have better things to do, however. As of now I would think any of the hump suites would be good! We will be on Solstice on 30 July 21 sailing out of Seattle. Maybe we will run into you then!
  8. Here is a photo from 2015 and it's not likely the ship has been repainted since then as it was on the list to be revolutionized. It appears the following staterooms on 7 might not have the paint or frosting on the balcony glass: Port side: 7221, 7223, 7229, 7237, or 7239 Starboard side: 7266, 7268, 7274, 7282, or 7284
  9. Mostly speculation since I honestly don't recall from 2017 when we last were aboard Solstice. I've searched for recent photos and am not finding much that really shows the sides clearly, but all I see has the X shadow painted on each side. If you use Face Book at all I belong to a group page there called Celebrity Solstice Fan Club, if you care to join. Some of the folks there probably can definitely answer your question. We are booked on Solstice to Alaska on 30 July 21. If I find something more recent I will post it for you.
  10. I won't swear to it but if the TA isn't working for the customer I think the account can be released back to the customer and they can handle it from there. I agree, based on what I've read, I think the TA isn't being assertive enough.
  11. I am Madam Cleo and I thought I asked you to not share this information! Sheesh. You DON'T want to know what I see in YOUR future! 😎💥
  12. Well, is doesn't seem so. At least as of the date of this update from the Seabourn page:
  13. Yes, it seems to. Solstice is next to last to be revolutionized in years to come. So, you might want to change your stateroom if the paint bothers you.
  14. I took it that geezer meant that as a joke. The point, of course, is that the Lift and Shift is worth the value of the 'free' cruise and not 125% that can be applied to a more costly cruise, right? Tommy
  15. Absolutely. It doesn't hurt me one bit to read and laugh at something. In fairness, however, it might be that Kwokpot is truly the 'critic' in Cruise Critic. Or maybe (s)he is having a grumpy day. 😎
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