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  1. Honestly? The answer is easy. SILVER SNEAKERS. Sheesh. White tennis shoes? You have no clue.
  2. Interesting thoughts. Not sure about the herring, however. I just may give it a try on our August Hubbard Glacier cruise. However if fresh halibut is offered the herring will indeed be, 'red'. Your point about the seawater and salty air is very salient. I think it may all add to how food tastes, but again, we are not foodies and I don't oohhhh and ahhhhh when the food shows up. I think about the process of how to eat it so everything complements the next bite. Presentation is important, yes, but I don't see food as being beautiful as some might. Exception may be some desserts. They can look really nice.
  3. Agreed. We are all over your attitude, as well. I would MUCH rather kill time waiting at the airport, or arriving home later, than go through the stress of wondering 'what ifs'. Maybe one more vacation libation or a decent meal before returning to 'real life'.
  4. Food is so incredibly subjective and each person has their own tastes for each variable of food products. That said, I am NOT a foodie (whatever that really means). Thus I eat to live. Don't live to eat. The question seems to be if the food products on Celebrity would be really good. My answer is simply, yes, most of the time at most locations on the ship. I've often thought it was a good idea to get off ship, wander into the city or town where we are docked, and have some kind of meal there. In most cases I've been really glad to get back to the ship and looking forward to dinner at Luminae. We haven't eaten any meals in the Main Dining Room on our Celebrity cruises, so I can't offer an opinion there. We got stuck having to go to the cattle station in OceanView for lunch one day (I think it might have been on Equinox). The food was fine, once I got to it. The people, however, make cattle look like top social diners. Honestly, I could not believe how often people cut in front of me to get the last bit of whatever from the serving dish or bowl. As if they may never get another small chunk of white fish. Let's not even talk about bacon. Then there is the issue of finding a table for one or two and a server who might be able to get a drink of some kind. Wow. I am so blessed we get to be spoiled by the Luminae crew. Looking forward to Alaska fairly soon. And I don't really care if the food is mediocre. But, my loving wife will. 🙂
  5. Have you been assigned an Infinite Veranda stateroom on the Edge? If so, what was your experience?
  6. Several years ago we booked an S1 and then decided to move up to a Celebrity Suite (CS). We were assigned a guarantee and soon afterward were assigned a stateroom. Then we got on the waiting list for a Royal Suite (RS). Two weeks or so before sailing we got an offer we couldn't refuse and then enjoyed our first Royal treatment. It's been really hard going back to S1 even with the Suite perks. Once you've been Royalty it's hard to trek the deck as a commoner. 🙂 It's my understanding that once your stateroom is assigned you're not moved without your request, or in the event of a rehab of the ship that makes you change. In the latter case I think the change is always equal or better level stateroom.
  7. In a heartbeat. No interest in the Edge class ships, at all. I just hope the S class changes are not severe.
  8. GeoBlue is our medical insurance of choice. Fortunately we've not had to use it, but when doing price comparisons we found that the best bang for the buck (Higher levels of coverage) were achieved by purchasing 'per trip' coverage as opposed to an annual policy. So, for two trips this year it will be $312. The annual cost would have been $268 with lower coverages, which might result in some out of pocket. We paid the extra $44 for the much higher levels of coverage. Now, GeoBlue may not be available, depending on where you live. For example GeoBlue is not available in Maryland, but they will direct you to a company that can provide coverage. Why that is, I don't know. In any case give GeoBlue a close look.
  9. This is such a STRONG testament for the Celebrity team. I had no idea that they would assign someone to stay behind and tend to the family of the sick or injured passenger. That is such a financial burden for the company and says tons about how they feel about their revenue base. We can all smile with this one. Now, about the dry limes I was once served with my martini..... 🙂
  10. I can't count the times people have stopped me on a cruise and asked if I have been in movies or television. At one time in my life I looked like Steve McQueen, I guess. Most times I tell them I starred in Lassie, many years ago. "Oh my gosh, so you were Timmy"?. "No maam, I was Lassie" (No feelings were injured in the creation of this story. Just for fun)
  11. Well, it's nothing I would want to experience. I remember the television commercials of many years ago with a guy running through an airport jumping luggage and such, arriving just as the passenger door was about to close. Seriously, in my less than humble opinion, there is just WAY too much stress involved in making a flight like this happen. Too many variables involved in the equation and if we DON'T make it to the airport in time the stress level is multiplied many times over, waiting in line or on the phone, hoping to be booked on the next available flight, then finding out that because Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year, there are no seats available, "until next Wednesday, sir. But that will give you time to work on your tan". Not so much. Life is too short to create stress for one's self. Others will do it for you without request.
  12. We had this same experience a couple years ago on an S class, not sure which one right now. My bride likes to sleep in and I am an early riser, so I go for a walk to get coffee and enjoy the morning. Cafe al Bacio was just opening (6 or so) and the lady there apparently hadn't had her coffee and was a bit grumpy. With the hours they all work I couldn't blame her, of course. I had my coffee and then ordered two to go so I could take a cup to the stateroom for my bride. Wups, I had just one sea pass and I was told that under no circumstances could I get two cups of coffee at the same time on just one card. Thank you, Ms. Grumpy. So, I ordered two cups of coffee to go, five minutes apart. Ms. Grumpy won that round. I later shared the story with our butler and he was upset that I hadn't just called for a butler to fetch the coffee. I told him I appreciated the offer but I like to get my own (sound like your hubby here?). Oddly enough, because all I got was coffee and not a special coffee drink, I could have fetched two cups of coffee from the buffet without using my sea pass with the beverage package (included as part of the Suite pricing). The following morning Ms. Grumpy was there, but smiled when she saw me. I had both sea pass cards, just in case. We really need to follow the rules, even when they don't appear to make much sense. Yes, I understand it's all about inventory control and sales data. Got that. Smooth sailing to all of you out there and remember, you're on a cruise and allowed to be pampered.
  13. Reading the comments I think the common opinion seems to be that the Original Poster (OP) could and perhaps should, have done things differently from booking flights to catching up with the cruise. I find it odd that anyone would think that just because I, or anyone else, thinks the OP might have made choices that Celebrity was exempt from any liability. All things told now, I think the 57% Future Cruise Credit was a good offer and I will assume the amount lost may have been covered by trip insurance. Perhaps not. In any case I don't think this is a case of cheer leading in any way, shape, or form. Simply offering written opinion. If someone doesn't like our opinion that's not a bad thing. Nor is it bad that some of us might not like his.
  14. I was just curious if the stateroom had a wall switch that allowed the passenger to minimize the volume of the announcement. In days past I cruised in 'entry level' staterooms and they had such a control. In the past twenty or so years I've cruised in suite level and there is no such control, but such announcements are never heard in the stateroom either. I guess I should have addressed the question to the OP and didn't. I'm still curious what the level of stateroom was.
  15. Along those lines... I have a sister who loves to take the red-eye the night before a cruise with her husband, because it's the cheapest fare for the cheapest seats. She says they just sleep during the flight and then wake refreshed, ready to board. Of course I don't believe it for a second. Even with lie flat beds on international flights there is no way the sleep is the same value as at home or in a hotel. And, like you, we arrive at least a day before and may leave a day or so after the cruise. Life is too short to worry about tight connections, right? Unless one is repairing a garden hose, of course.
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