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  1. Back in October 2018, I took my son on the Mariner for nights (his first cruise). We really enjoyed it. Every day was full for us and never felt crowded. Each night we found ourselves enjoying a game or two in Playmakers and shared a quick pizza snack from Sorrento's before calling it a night. As a bonus our sailing was over Halloween and they turned the ice rink into a small, but really amazing haunted maze. We found a great price for 4 night cruise in October 2021 and looking forward to being back on board.
  2. Very good to read the comparisons. We are being optimistic and have a December cruise booked on Allure (deal was too good to say no) with our 11 yo if things stabilize. It will be our first sailing on a 'mega-ship'. Looking forward we have two sailings on Brilliance in 2021 in April (4 night) and July (8 night). My wife and I were on the Brilliance a few years back for a Monsters of Rock theme cruise and we really enjoyed ourselves. Always forward.......
  3. We've been on a handful of RCCL cruises (Freedom, Majesty, Brilliance, and Mariner), but not on the mega-ships, and the Breakaway twice. Personally its a tough call and probably comes down to how you calculate 'value'. RCCL does have better pool and outdoor entertainment options. Leaps and bounds better and cheaper internet and cellular-at-sea connections if you need that. And generally speaking, attentive and more staff at the various bars. And if you are booking a balcony - Royal wins. The Breakaway was certainly a value for our family. We compared the Breakaway to some of the RCCL back in October and found that NCL was about $2k cheaper for our family of three. This was due to getting all the 'perks' with our mini-suite. We found the food and specialty dining to be on-par, probably giving NCL a bit of edge for the buffet and other free dining venues. We really did not have much of wait for beverages, 5 - 10 minutes tops. Best venue on the ship by far is Syd Norman's Pour House! Only place that ever felt crowded was the pool deck during the sea day. Haven't been on the Harmony, but happy to answer specific questions around the Breakaway.
  4. Really enjoying the review. We are heading out Oct 13th for my 2nd time on the Breakaway but the first for my wife and son. Disappointed to hear about O'Sheehan's (first thing my wife picked out of the review) as it was a very easy and enjoyable go to spot for me last November. We seem to working a similar track - we have reservations for Ocean Blue on Wednesday of our cruise as well!
  5. We are from Wisconsin; but this trip we are going to pre-cruise with a couple of days at Disney hoping to experience a couple of rounds at the new Star Wars land.
  6. Will do; I do think its a fair value. There seem to be enough games that the 'package' in O' Sheehan's so we can reasonably play a game or two together, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy a beverage or three. Last year I did a cruise on RCI Mariner of the Seas with our son - and we loved going to the sports bar venue on the ship each night a 'play' a round or two of pool before it became crowded and it was time to call it for evening. Looking forward to the cruise - about 4 weeks out.
  7. Agreed; after a price drop for an upcoming Breakaway sailing we opted to 'ask' for an upgrade to a mini-suite with a large balcony. Even though it was an increase in revenue for NCL, we did have to accept the reduction in OBC. Overall we thought the 'value' (very much in the eye of the beholder) in paying for the upgrade was better than the alternative of the 25% of the price reduction in OBC.
  8. One of my best cruising memories is being on the Breakaway last November and watching the Monday night game out on The Waterfront outside of Shakers. A bit of a chill in the air, football on the tv while in comfy chair, easy access to beverages - all while listening to the waves in the Gulf! It truly didn't suck!
  9. I was on the Breakaway last November and remember watching football Sunday, Monday, and Thursday during the week. The Thursday game was shown in the Bliss lounge. But truly one of the best experiences was Monday night watching the game on 'The Waterfront' outside Shakers. Hopefully that hasn't changed, we are back on Breakaway for the Oct 13th sailing.
  10. Same here - the fine print mentions something about 'limited availability'. We are taking our 10 y.o. son on the Breakaway Oct 13th sailing and he is looking forward to being able to enjoy the arcade. The option showed up under the 'gifts' portion of the cruise planner right around the 60 day mark, about when they shared the option to upgrade to the Premium Plus Beverage package.
  11. But keep in mind, it does not show up in the cruise planner until the 60 days or so before sailing.
  12. For our upcoming October 13th Breakaway cruise, we've opted to get the 3 night SDP for our 10 y.o. son. We were fortunate to pick it up before the recent price increases. Even with the 'lower price', we still thought it worth it. As pretty good and adventurous eater, he hasn't ordered off a kids menu in some time. We think we will get the value out of the SDP for him , as we planning for the three of us to enjoy Cagney's, Moderno, and Teppanyaki together.
  13. Sorry for the confusion; the bid was $200 / pp minimum - based on double occupancy. So as we are each traveling solo, the minimum bid I could put in was $400. In the end, under $800 for a 4 night JS seems like a good deal to me. Looking forward the cruise!
  14. We are going out on the Aug 24th Majesty sailing. We booked this during the initial chaos with the Cuba changes. The OV rooms started at $380 (with the taxes) for single occupancy. We didn't get them through the casino, I don't gamble enough for that. The bid I put in was $400 - the minimum and it worked!
  15. Too many pages..... but I've just got notice of royalup bid for JS on an upcoming Majesty of the Seas trip out of FLL. Never thought it would come through... but low and behold it did. All in single occupancy under $700 for the room! I'm thinking it's a good deal. My fourth RCI cruise - besides the space and the balcony what should I look forward too? We are a family of 3 (sister's bday celebration), that all had individual Deck 5 OV rooms; the balcony looks big enough for 3 chairs - can I ask for an additional chair and invite the siblings up? It was a lark and it worked on the minimum bid.
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