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  1. My family sailed a r/t Transatlantic on QM2 this last spring. My children are 12 and 15. We all had a lovely time! The children didn't spend much time in the kids club. However, they did learn to play bridge, took dance and acting classes, played paddle tennis and board games, swam, made use of the library, saw all of the planetarium shows, and danced nearly every night away. None of us were ever bored. If your young ones have open minds, there are plenty of activities for all ages.
  2. This is great to hear. I look forward to interacting with people of all ages from all over the world. Isn't that what world cruising is all about?
  3. Thanks for the input. Sounds like a wonderful experience. This is what I'm afraid of. I've never been very good at "one & done" when it comes to vacations.
  4. This past spring I sailed QM2 with our 12yo daughter and 15yo son. Prior that sailing, we had only ever sailed on Disney. While both of my children said that they did prefer Disney in some ways, they both had a great time aboard QM2 and would be interested in sailing on her again. In fact, we're probably going again next summer. Its true that there weren't many kids onboard, but those that were all seemed to be having a lovely time. Mine didn't spend much time in the kids clubs, but they were already spending less time in the kids clubs on Disney as well. Instead, they participated in the adult activities with us (other children participated as well). Specifically considering my 12 yo, she loved the acting classes, plays, choir, dance classes, paddle tennis, swimming, wacky bowling, movies, board games, planetarium, balls, afternoon teas (her favorite), and evening entertainment. My 15yo also did these things plus learned to play bridge. We took full advantage of the scheduled daily activities. None of us were ever bored. If your daughter is open to new activities, she could have a great time.
  5. Thank you for the reassurance. Ballroom dancing is one of my favorite activities at sea!
  6. Glad you had a great experience. I, too, enjoy interacting with individuals from all generations. I love speaking to those with far more life experience (and wisdom) than I. That's one of my favorite aspects of cruising - interacting with people from all walks of life.
  7. Not that the age of the passengers mean much to me, though I am somewhat on the younger side of Cunard's customary passengers, but what do you mean by this? I assume such a long cruise primarily attracts retirees.
  8. Wonderful! I love to dance onboard. I've had the dance hosts switch out on my 14 day cruises, so I'm used to that. Thanks for the clarification. I feel much better now. 🙂
  9. Thank you all for the information. It is very helpful.
  10. Your post is making me excited about the prospect of going. Glad you had a "glorious" experience.
  11. On my 1st QM2 sailing, I had the privilege of sailing with a woman who was writing a book about cruise dining. During her research, we learned that Cunard has a 28 day rotating menu in the main dining room. Yes, some dishes repeat, but there is a lot of variety. I, too, am a bit concerned about the repeating of daytime activities with each segment. However, the kind and informative folks here are helping to put my concerns at ease. I am sad about the lack of male dance hosts though.
  12. This is a bummer! Dancing is one of my favorite parts of sailing Cunard. As a lady who would likely travel the world cruise solo, I'd intended to take full advantage of the dance hosts. 😞
  13. "113 days of pure bliss" If that's not reason enough to book, I don't know what is. 😀
  14. Thank you, Safarigirl, for sharing your experience. Do the daily classes/lectures/evening entertainment vary with each segment? Just as an example, will the waltz be taught in the ballroom the 1st sea day of each segment or do they switch up the daily options a bit? I'm someone who loves to take advantage of the scheduled daily activities. I'd like to know that there would be a nice variety of fresh activities for 113 days. On another note, what is the gala dinner ashore like?
  15. I am considering taking a full world cruise aboard QM2. I am curious, besides the length and convenience, what sets a full world cruise apart from its standard 7-14 day cruises? Does Cunard do anything different/unique on its world voyages? Or is it basically like several of its standard cruises all linked together? Thank you in advance for answers.
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