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  1. We experienced the same type of charges while on Holland America for shuttles so it is not unique to Celebrity.
  2. After seeing some of the prices and newer ships, we asked our travel agent, who books all cruise lines, of her experiences of booking customers on MSC. She had never had any customers come back satisfied with MSC so she no longer even suggests the line. So, a little concerned to try one when we are happy with X and a couple of other lines.
  3. We did a tour but it was on HAL...and the Alhambra was fantastic and beautiful views
  4. We were in a regular balcony cabin with an extended balcony on the sister ship Koningsdam and they had the exact type of small table now found on X. So don’t think this is standard furniture...at least it wasn’t on the KDam
  5. Thanks. Seems like there was no real pattern as to which ones got completely refreshed and which ones did not.
  6. I know that some cabins got "refreshed" with new carpet, drapes, mattress, etc...but it seems from what I have read it was mainly cabins in a higher category such as Concierge or Aqua. For those cabins that were not refreshed, are they still slowly doing them or just waiting for the next drydock? We are in a hump cabin in February 2020 on deck 7.
  7. We were on the first cruise after a TA on Silhouette in November 2017 and no delay in boarding. I will say that something was just off with that cruise though...think they had a huge change in staff and there were a lot of things that were not up to service standards we have experienced on all of our other Celebrity cruises. Not bad...just a little off.
  8. I know that some who of have been on the Equinox post-revolution have indicated they were still bringing items/furniture onboard and unloading old items. I am curious if they are continuing to upgrade cabins that they did not have time to "refresh" during drydock?
  9. Don't care what is used...just be efficient and get me off the ship the quickest and safest way possible.
  10. Have there been any updates as to which decks the cabins received the "refresh"? I have seen several photo's in standard verandah where it appears nothing was done. I will be disappointed if the cabin for our February 2020 cruise has not been refreshed.
  11. A "win-win" with Quasar and full size Sky Lounge!!
  12. Wondering if they could not set up some type of moveable bar on that deck...similar to what they have sometimes on the open deck of the Oceanview. Mainly just beer and soft drinks IIRC.
  13. We have found that, for the most part, the guest entertainers on X have been very good to excellent. Acts like Savannah Jack, A Hard Day's Night, Billy McGuian and others are GREAT. On the other hand, productions shows have been equally unappealing on every line we have sailed.
  14. I would take your own shampoo if it is like what we had on Silhouette in February. You had to use the entire tube to even get any lather...it was worthless. They obviously changed the shampoo from previous cruises as we have never had this problem...and I can use bath soap to wash my hair so I am not particular.
  15. But staterooms will be updated/refreshed...many already are apparently. I know everything is personal preference, but I don't have a problem with the bedside shelves...like that I can be laying down and get what I need rather than having to sit up and open a drawer. The verandah furniture, other than the table, looks very similar to what was there before and still has reclining chairs. Unfortunately, seems all new ships and refurb ones are going to a small balcony table...not a deal killer for me. Some question as to if Concierge has foot stool. To my knowledge, there were never major changes planned for bathrooms, Main Dining room, or the Solarium. The casino redesign was not done. I know they did say the Oceanview Cafe was going to an open concept with different stations but that is what the S-class ships have now. And, from what I have seen of the Edge, glad they did not go in that direction. If I want to sail Edge, I can. But I like that there are choices with differences.
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