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  1. On the Silhouette in February, the shampoo was the worst I have ever used...and this coming from someone who can use regular soap to wash my hair. It was like it was some kind of watered down stuff that never lathered unless you used the entire bottle. My suggestion is to bring your own.
  2. I am still trying to figure out what "Oceanview will be redesigned in an open, marketplace style". Is that not what it is today?
  3. HA, that is what I was afraid of. Hate that stuff.
  4. Can you smell smoke two decks up on deck 7 port side cabins on the hump?
  5. I know there is a smoking section on the port side deck 5 forward. It there also smoking allowed on deck 5 below the hump cabins?
  6. What is the flooring on the balconies?
  7. I think the thing most likely to keep us from sailing on the Edge class is the infinite verandah. We travel with 4-6 couples and love the fact we can open up our balcony partitions and have one large area to get together and relax.
  8. Just curious what they are doing to the Oceanview Cafe on the Equinox. All S-class ships already seem to be set up in an "open, marketplace style".
  9. Saw this on an email and appears to be Blue hull
  10. We had a 10:20am flight 3 weeks ago from FLL and made it in plenty of time. We got concerned because the line to debark the ship was very long due to a woman falling on the escalator and shutting it down for a few minutes. We met at 7:45 to debark and even after long lines made it to airport before 9:00am. But much depends on how many customs agents are working and ship being cleared.
  11. Unfortunately on most all lines now, the "activities" are something to hawk products that cost extra...facials, spa, wine tasting, art auctions, weight loss, etc. Very few actual activities.
  12. SHIP: Silhouette CABIN #: 6114 / Moved to 6110 DECK #: 6 CLASS: 2B? AREA: Front of Ship BED NEAR: Bath in both QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: good straight down and ahead/back BALCONY SIZE: Standard WIND A PROBLEM?: Some from being on front of ship SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Originally in 6114. Had an odor that continued to grow and after 2+ days they moved us to 6110. Bathroom space in 6114 is reduced due to a pillar that comes right down thru the mirror. Some wear on cabinet drawers where hardware was loose in both cabins...curtains seemingly need replacement.
  13. I did not notice the portions being smaller in the MDR, and even though the food was very good IMO and served hot, it seemed there were some menus with not a lot of exciting choices. And it bugs me too that on the last chic night they load up the menu with all the favorites instead of spreading them out over the 9 days.
  14. We have 5 golf carts rented for next week while we are in Bonaire. Thru Bonaire Cruisers...it is $95 for the entire day (per cart...not per person) plus a $100 deposit.
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