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  1. Our final payment for this cruise was coming soon and the last thing we wanted to do was pay knowing it would be cancelled. So we cancelled on our own and lost $100 to the TA since we cancelled instead of X.
  2. And as of a few days ago you could still book the 10-day March 2021 Constellation
  3. We are booked on the March 19th 10-day on the Constellation out of Tampa. I am sure it will be cancelled but nothing...and final payment about 2 weeks out. Wonder if they want us to make the payment before announcing cancellation...although it seems some later in the year are already cancelled.
  4. We are on a 10-day March 2021 sailing on Constellation from Tampa and sites are still selling cabins...for about twice what we paid.
  5. I also remember the house band SIPRA...they could play ANYTHING and were great.
  6. Another vote for Billy McGuigan Band. They were so good they ended up having encore performances the rest of the week. Someone also mentioned the band Savannah Jack who was also one of the best.
  7. Six ships from Carnival Corporation (Carnival, HAL, Princess, P&O, AIDA, Costa, Cunard, Seabourn) not just Carnival Crulse Lines. So with only 6 six ships leaving from all of those companies not much of an impact.
  8. But in this environment who would even be able to buy the ships even if they went up for sale?
  9. If I remember correctly instead of "Coming Soon" I believe this timeline on the X website had actual dates
  10. We booked for next March based on the fact that the ship was to be totally refurbished and that it left from Tampa and did not have to pay the high air and hotel rates in FLL. If they do not go through with it, likely will look at other options as those who have recently been on the Connie have stated it was in need of a refurb.
  11. We were on the Equinox and in Costa Maya last Tuesday. The winds were so bad I was surprised we even docked. There were 2 NCL ships in port with us and one was listing noticeably due to the waves crashing into her.
  12. Being on the Equinox now, other than the revamped Passport Bar, Retreat, and blue hull I have yet to see anything that was done or changed noticeably. Our cabin, while good, did not get new carpet. The balcony rails on deck 7 near us are so scarred they have no stain in many places and were never touched. Our cabin and the one next door have had a bucket in the bathroom floor for garbage because the pull-out garbage drawer is broken. And some of the chairs in oceanview cafe are in bad shape and apparently were not replaced. If they did much more, it must have been on things you can't see.
  13. Luckily we got checked in before 10:45 am and sat in the lobby. They did have computer problems and stopped everyone after we checked in from going thru security...so I am sure the line was very long by the time we started boarding at around 11:45.
  14. We are on Equinox now and were pleasantly surprised when they turn away a man in shorts last night in front of us...and this was a smart casual night...not a chic night.
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