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  1. I had $150 from the X card I redeemed for our 9/17 Equinox cruise. It never showed up on my planner, also did not show up on my account after boarding. On the 2nd day of the cruise, I went down and showed them my email indicating I had redeemed, they had to call, and then it was added. BE SURE to take some proof showing you redeemed the points.
  2. Hard to believe there are that few. We were on the 9/17 sailing and slightly over 1,000.
  3. We were told on our September Equinox cruise that Bingo would be coming back in the near future.
  4. We were on the 9/17 Equinox sailing and never felt uncomfortable. Of course, we did not do any ship sponsored excursions as we find making independent arrangements the better option. At this point, it seems those who want socially distance can always find places to do just that and if wearing a mask makes you feel better you should do it. But I personally felt safer on this cruise ship than most any place I go in public.
  5. What was interesting was that, even though our cabins went down over $800 yesterday, another family couple booked yesterday (the same day ours went down) and they are paying $800 more than we are for the identical cabin next to ours.
  6. We are booked on the March 7th Constellation from Tampa and our TA informed us yesterday she was able to get a reduction of $825 per cabin off the price we reserved and paid the deposit on. That is almost 20% less than booked it for. Obviously we are happy and hope the Connie sails.
  7. If they want to social distance, they would be able to. On the 9/17 Equinox you could almost have certain areas to yourself if you desired. Much better than your local grocery or big box store.
  8. Well, we did it a couple times with no issue. As mentioned, charged $20 on slot and charged it to the cabin. Played about 3-4 times and then cashed out. Not sure you can do it at table since you get chips.
  9. Crew was masked other than entertainers / speakers / cruise director and other entertainment staff. Pax were not thankfully.
  10. We had $250 OBC...went to casino / slots and put room card in machine...put $20 on room charge. Played a couple of times and cashed out.
  11. Only crew wore masks last week on Equinox. Staff, when on stage or doing talks, did not wear masks and we did see some waiters outside by the pool occasionally without a mask. But NO masks required for passengers anywhere other than when required by a port...YEAH...and we felt very safe.
  12. You can use OBC on slots, charge it to your room, and then cash out.
  13. Odd, several at our table in MDR had Moscato every night...even the last evening. Maybe it was just certain bars. Also same with Diet Coke as we got it last sea day in Oceanview.
  14. We went to the guest services and they would not punch hole due to the chip in the card. So we had a plastic sleeve we had our vaccination card in and just transferred the card to that since we brought lanyards. They do sell and sleeve and X lanyard in the shop but it is about $10-$12 IIRC.
  15. We just returned from the same cruise...party of 8. We were on the same return flight as you bluebird to Nashville. This was a great cruise and I am spoiled with only 1/3 ship capacity. Everyone, crew and passengers, seemed so happy to be back and was able to forget about Covid for a few days. We had 12:30-1:00 check-in, arrived at about 12:10 and were immediately allowed to proceed to check-in. Keep your vaccination card out until you get onboard...you will be asked to show it numerous times. Once on board, masks came off and time to enjoy being back at sea. Food and service were excellent. Of all the times we have eaten at Murano, this was the best. We even had the special private dining room. Ate at Tuscan the first evening and, honestly, by that time we were so tired I don't remember much about it although it was good. I was shocked upon departure we never had to show our passport to customs...a photo was taken and we were out waiting for transport. By the way, mentioned Constellation was in port but it was not sailing. I believe they had just completed the transatlantic. We are on her in March hopefully. Not sure I can go back to full ships😉
  16. We are flying out of BNA very early Thursday morning. We are vaccinated also with no symptoms but still stressful not knowing. If you see 8 loud people say hi.
  17. We are a party of 8 (6 from TN and 2 from KY) and will be on the cruise...provided we get negative test results.
  18. We are a party of 8 on the 9/17 sailing...unless they change test requirement to one day😀
  19. What a crock. This may not be worth it as it makes it extremely difficult to get another test appointment as it was hard to get it 3 days before.
  20. Man, I hope they don't change to 2 days prior. I had trouble making finding an appointment but got one 3 days prior. We are on the 9/17 Equinox so hopefully they would give more notice if they do change...although they gave 24 hour notice when they implemented it the first time.
  21. I thought the same thing. It has been years and years since they had a midnight buffet...probably since they opened the Oceanview and have food most anytime of the day or late night. And have not seen a food parade maybe since Baked Alaska which again has been many years. We have found the selection in the buffet more than adequate but maybe it has less now. It is hard to change each station on a daily basis. But thanks for sharing your thoughts since we are on in 3 weeks and can see if/how things have changed.
  22. I also wanted to thank you for all of your posts. We are onboard 9/17 and it was great to see and be reminded of all of the great drinks and menu items. The time you spent is greatly appreciated.
  23. Appeared it was due to the fact a very large freighter/tanker had to come out by #25. Once it came out after 6:00am, the EQ moved.
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