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  1. You were so fortunate to have such great weather. I join you tomorrow and it looks like things will be much more variable fir the next sailing. Oh well.
  2. Thank you so much for the live posts. I got “moved up” to Aqua Class in the next cruise. Did you previously post that you can order from the MDR dinner menu in Blu? Also, could you please tell me the dress code?
  3. I purchased it onboard the first day of my cruise.
  4. When buying the UDP, Is a standard tip amount for each meal included? Or do I still need to tip my server separately?
  5. It’s awesome. Upper Dewey and Devils Punchbowl are amazing on a good weather day.
  6. I just ran through town; nothing special or hard. Check out the Dewey Lakes trail system for hiking.
  7. Look for the Northern Lights tonight if it’s clear
  8. I’m currently on ovation and would keep the package as a contingency. The staff is great and very accommodating, but a lot of tables are unavailable due to social distancing.
  9. We totally lucked out. No rain in any port last week or this. I hiked and ran in Skagway, so I’m not sure what was available. White pass RR is running. I saw lots of passengers returning with packages, so I’m assuming some stores were open. Town is just very quiet.
  10. Correct -WJ is not open for dinner.
  11. No bother. There was no announcement that I heard. It just had no impact on the cruise.
  12. Increasing by about 500 each week. I’m hearing 3000 next week but that’s unofficial. WJ is packed. Fortunately, I’m not impacted; I only go to 2 places - suite lounge and coastal kitchen. 🤣
  13. No idea. The captain didn’t consult me. 🤣
  14. I’m currently on Ovation for 3 weeks
  15. Thanks. I did see this in the app; I just didn’t trust it and was looking for independent confirmation. 🤣 looks like I’ll be all set.
  16. Because it’s been closed for dinner on the 7 cruises I’ve been on since June
  17. Thanks so much for this thread. I booked the 10/19 cruise today (while on RC Ovation for 3 weeks). I already had the 10:27 canal sailing booked, so now I’m on for 23 nights. Millennium and Summit are my favorite ships. anyone know if the buffet is open for dinner? I’m guessing it’s not.
  18. I’ve done Radiance several times in the past and if hands down has the better itinerary. However, I’m currently on Ovation for 3 weeks and this ship is amazing, especially the solarium. I’d still lean towards Radiance, but I don’t think there’s a wrong choice. Ovation does not disappoint. Just depends on your priorities.
  19. I read the thread and don't appreciate your unnecessary hostility.
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