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  1. We were in a forward facing Haven cabin on the Getaway. Except for the small balcony, loved the cabin. Lots of room, separate bedroom. Would definately do it again.
  2. This isn't just NCL. I would think (I haven't ck'd other cruise lines) they all do it. Years ago I worked retail. I remember we were having a 50% off "sale" on womens winter coats. Well, they marked them up 100% and them slashed the price 50% and said "sale" It's all about getting the shoppers attention whether for clothing, food or vacations.
  3. Annie, Loved reading about your birthday holiday. What a wonderful holiday it was. Happy belated bday. Glad you caught the cruise bug 😉 Lorie
  4. I have 1 cruise booked with Royal Carib 11/29/2020 and another 1/31/2021 on NCL Joy. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Well I'm still working. Work for an HVAC company. We're considered "essential." Most of our guys are laid off. My hours have been cut, boss works mornings and I work afternoons so I'm able to play golf with my friends 1-2 mornings per week and we walk. Our course is open and we all abide by the social distancing. No one touches the flag. No ball washers on the course, can't sit on the benches, etc. I looked around the course today & was glad to see (all that I saw) were keeping their distance from one another. The other mornings, if weather permits, DH and I have actually been taking a walk through the park across the street from us. We watch the birds more. I think its helping to change some of our bad habits to good ones. Of course there are still the fun habits with the girls like wine/beer at 11 am after golf (ok, not before work on the weekdays, but on the weekends).
  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our 11/29/2020 cruise on Freedom. We'll see what happens.
  7. I must say on this cruise my brother learned he could order more than 1 plate. I had to laugh at him because I knew but the other 3 at our table did not. We were in Blu and they also didn't know you could order something from the main menu that that wasn't on the Blu menu. It was fun to watch. The 1st night I ordered a ceasar salad (not on Blu's menu). The 2nd night, our waiter asked my brother if he wanted a shrimp cocktail (not on Blu's menu). The lobster night, I suggest to my brother (after he wished for another lobster tail) he order another lobster tail. He gave me a strange look, then asked...His wish came true. The last night we all ordered something different, then our waiter brought us a plate of prime rib to share. It was just so fun to watch the good reaction of my brother, his wife & my husband. It was just a great experience all week. Wish we were still there.
  8. Hope you have a great dinner.
  9. There was a second menu, but the show is only for 1. Example, bouillabaisse was on the menu of the show, but the other menu had french onion soup. My sil got the french onion soup and the other 3 of us the bouillabaisse. I can't remember the rest of the other menu.
  10. We had the lobster and filet menu. It was so fun to watch the show and the reactions of my brother, his wife, and my husband. The don't follow cruisecritic like I do.
  11. OK!!! So I had been reading so much about Le Pettit Chef on the Celebrity board that I was a little hesitant to be optimistic to eat there. I do understand the "1 & done" tho there is a 2nd menu for later in the cruise. We've just disembarked from the Summit (2/8 - 2/15). The day we (Hubby, brother, sil and myself) embarked on the Summit, we strolled around the ship, taking in the revolutionized ship. We stopped by Blu (we were in Aqua Class) and were asked if we wanted to book dinner at Le Pettit Chef on the 1st night (10% off). We kind of hedged a bit. Then he said if all 4 of us go to dinner, $40 each. So we said yes. It was 1 of the best dinners we've had. I had seen the "show" on line & read comments before we embarked so I knew (kind of what to expect). But I had also, read the food was something other than great. Well.... the filet mignon we perfect (to my liking as I had ordered it). the lobster was excellent, not overcooked or under cooked. I tend to be "fussy" about lobster since I live in Ct. The food was soooo good we would have booked the other show, but we were not thrilled with the menu for the last 3 days. They had 1 menu for the 1st 4 days and 1 menu for the last 3 days. I realize food is subjective, but I had to add my opinion of our recent experience.
  12. We've just returned from a week on the Summit. I had to laugh at our arrival times on the app. Mine was 4:30, hubby 4:00, my brother 3:00, his wife 4:30. We took a taxi from our hotel in San Juan at approx 12:10 and we were on the pool deck after stopping at our cabins to drop our carryons by 12:50. So fast!!! It was amazing.
  13. SHIP: Summit CABIN #: 9074 DECK #: 9 CLASS: Aqua Class AREA: Under pool area BED NEAR: Bathroom QUIET?: Most times BALCONY VIEW: Fairly clear BALCONY SIZE: Normal WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Quiet most of the time. Heard chairs moving only 1 night (not really late). The only time I heard a lot of noise was the night before disembarkation and it was from below. The balcony has a lot of shade due to the extension of the pool deck which worked well for us. We like to read on our balcony during the day, coffee in the early am.
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