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  1. Have you all decided which tours you will do. I think I have narrowed down what we will do. golden Circle southern coas during our two days in Reykjavik then Myatyn in Akureyri
  2. Usually Dora is way cheaper then the ship tour. It's a great tour, but do the cheaper one. You will be fine.
  3. As I recall we did walk quite a bit around the town and in the square. Why don't you email Dora and ask her if there is a way to do everything with less walking. Or maybe push with a wheelchair.
  4. I won't write any more about this cruise line as I was joked on my last post, the people on cruise critic love to poke fun at others opinions which is very sad but true....... The food will be more European. The shows will be Italian operas. The ship will be gorgeous. There won't be tons and tons of fun activities like trivia, comedy shows, etc like you would find on Carnival, which we happen to enjoy. The cabins are very nice with lots of storage. It just was not a cruise line for us. But if you want to experience something different on your cruise then try out MSC. I am sure the price will be lower then other cruise lines. I would check utube to see if someone posted a picture of the ship and your cabin type. That would be a start anyways. Enjoy your cruise. I hope you have a nice time.
  5. You can laugh if you like. But we don't like the liquid soap they present in the cabins. Sensitive skin. We also didn't like that no one on the ship spoke English. Sorry my opinion.
  6. I think you are absolutely correct. Never did yacht club.
  7. You asked me MY OPINION and I gave you MY opinion. You are entitled to your own opinions obviously.
  8. We sailed the Divina March 2016. What drew us to the cruise was a low price for the booking. $1400 total for a week long cruise. We thought the beds were hard as a rock, all the pillows were lumpy, you could actually feel lumps of something inside the pillows, no bar soap whatsoever on the ship, even when we asked for some. No candy on the pillows at turn down, no towel animals, purser desk workers were rude and unknowledgeable. The casino does give free drinks when you are gambling. Pools were always overcrowded and salt water. No public bathrooms at the spa, must walk to the indoor pool if you had to go, only 10 treadmills for 3000 passengers, never was able to get one to work out all week, no order to lines in the buffets, everyone scrambling every which way to get different kinds of food, people were pushy and budged too, no seats to sit once you had your food, horrible food in dining room and buffet area. Hard to find public bathrooms all over the ship. If you wanted to cash out at the casino and you had $12.50 coming back, the casino kept the 50 cents and gave you $12 back. This happened every time I had change coming back to me. Hardly any English speaking people on the ship. When we were in the elevators, everyone was speaking different languages. At dinner we were placed at a table for the whole week with others who did not speak english. These are all things I wrote down after the cruise was over to remember my reasons for not sailing MSC again. I do remember their ships were beautifully decorated, but that is the only positive I have about the cruise line. Hope this helps. If you don't believe me try and find others who have gone on MSC and see what they said after they got home from the cruise. Obviously food is subjective, and bed hardness, and pillows is subjective. But I have been on 52 cruises, so this was not my first rodeo and I have had lots and lots of cruises to compare this one to. I loved being on vacation for a week, I loved the warm weather and the ports we visited, just saying next time it won't be on MSC spending my precious week of vacation time. Forgot to mention.... MSC will match your highest level you have reached on other cruiselines. So if you have reached Platinum on another cruise line, they will match, and make you Platinum on your cruise for the Voyagers Club. But it really didn't give us any perks to be Platinum on their cruise line. And we were Fantastica cabin level on this cruise.
  9. I have 3 hotels on hold in June 2020, totally different ones then you have on hold. Anyone have advice about: Skuggi Hotel by Keahotels Centerhotel Laugavegur Centerhotel Midgardur are they a good location for bus stops, to get from the airport to hotel, to start tours, to restaurants, and walkable from the town? We plan to do the Golden Circle Tour and South shore tour, then off to our cruise ship at the end of the two days.
  10. Went on Divina and did not like MSC. Would not sail on the line ever again.
  11. Want to read all this going June 2020. Don’t want to lose this thread!
  12. Loved your review. We are going in June. Can I ask you what type of coats you brought? I know sweaters, windbreaker, hoody sweatshirt, but what other cold weather clothes did you pack. And did you just wear sneakers for shoes?
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