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  1. Loved your review. We are going in June. Can I ask you what type of coats you brought? I know sweaters, windbreaker, hoody sweatshirt, but what other cold weather clothes did you pack. And did you just wear sneakers for shoes?
  2. thats what i tried to do. not sure how it got to this section
  3. I have four for you. The other islands we just went with the flow. Costa Rica - Gio Tours 8 in 1 $69 pp. included lunch. Cartagena - with Dora - dora@cartagenatour.com $65 pp Nicaragua - Julio Tours - $60 pp included lunch Guatemala we did a ship tour, as the roads are very narrow, and traffic is terrible, and we didn't want to chance missing the ship, if traffic was horrible getting back to the ship.
  4. Which other islands are you visiting? Gio Tours is the 8 in 1 tour.
  5. There is a Best Western Plus right by Nyhaun which is priced nicely. We were on the HOHO bus and I saw the burger/gyros small fast food restaurants sign in front and the homemade waffles. We jumped off the HOHO bus and walked over. Burger, fries and soda combo for $8.00. Waffle with ice cream $4.50. If you went to a sit down restaurant in Nyhavn, burger and beer for two would run you $70.
  6. We did taxi hotel to airport and it was about $42. Very convenient. A little pricey but it was ok and the guy took a credit card too.
  7. Why dont you use the ships wifi to download your pass before you get off the ship. They shut off the wifi about 6 am in the morning. Then it will be loaded on your phone when you get off the ship. We used the ships transfers to city center. They charged $15 pp and it worked out great.
  8. If you have a chip credit card you will not need a pin for it to work.
  9. If you really want to do all the rides I would buy the unlimited ride package. There are tons of food options inside the park and outside the park as well. There is no way you will have time to see all those sites on the HOHO bus. We were there 2 days and did not see everything. If you want to do the boat ride at Nyhavn that takes time too. First day we did Stroget shopping and Nyhavn boat ride and Tivoli just to walk around, no rides. Second day we rode the HOHO bus but it takes time to get off at all the sites, look around, take pictures, and then wait for the next bus to arrive. It can't be done in just one day.
  10. I did not have any local currency for our trip. I used credit cards everywhere!
  11. There are tons of restaurants on Nyhavn at all price ranges. We grabbed a burger and then had a waffle with ice cream on top for dessert there.
  12. Wow wish I had known how you did that before we stayed. I paid $568 for 2 night stay at the Comfort Hotel.
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