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  1. Partial refund received 2 weeks ago...but still waiting on the rest at 119 days. 🤷‍♀️😴
  2. Well, we hit 120 days tomorrow. Still waiting on $538 in remaining refund due plus $374 in FCC.
  3. Ours is somewhat piecemeal too. I’m still waiting (117 days) on about $800 to be refunded or accounted for by Princess. Looks like I will be on the phone later this week trying to track it down. <sigh>
  4. My partial refund took about a week for the bank to fully credit. It appeared 3 days after Princess said they sent it, disappeared the next day, reappeared two days later.
  5. Coverage varies widely depending on policy. Be sure to read the full Description of Coverage document including the definitions to know if your policy includes Default/Bankruptcy and if you must be a third party (or not).
  6. Not me personally, but there are posts from people who received more than just a deposit amount; thousands worth, in fact, as Double Deposit FCC. Personally, I think they are still in a cash crunch and FCCs are cheaper for them to issue, even doubled, than returning cold hard cash. But I won’t discount your theory, especially if we start seeing an uptick in refunds when FCC’s were requested for the Pause 3 cruises.
  7. 😟. If it makes you feel better, the transactions which posted on my CC 7/2 have now disappeared. If we made this stuff up nobody would believe us.
  8. Ancient Mariner 48–You have my sympathy. It is an unconscionable delay for a high dollar refund. And I realize that the many posts by people who have received their money for later cruises only adds insult to the injury. I wish I had some sort of answer to give that would help speed things along. Maybe call two or three times a week? Or make friends with CJ who now has a direct line to Jan S and miraculously received her refunds after news media published her plight?
  9. Coral- I have no explanation for the mixed up cards, at all. And I think it is just coincidence but you, ceilidh1 and I seem to be the only ones with unexplained refund amounts that don’t seem to match anything, including the totals due. Many, many posts are ‘exact to the penny’. Ceilidh1 is a TA, so presumably can discount herself and we know our TA discounts. Not sure if that matters, but it is the only known commonality at this point. Still probably just coincidence.
  10. All of these quite understandable restrictions make cruising much less desirable for us in the next few years. Add to that our personal disappointment in Princess’ communications, clarity and overall handling of refunds and we do not see ourselves planning a new cruise soon. When we do, it will be on much smaller ships. Until then we have several big land based trips we have wanted to take, but we won’t be planning those until there is a vaccine in widespread use. (And the timeline for that is unknown...we might undertake the remodel project instead).
  11. Can you first dispute the $200 with Citibank? If Princess stated a refund/return date of June 2, create a new dispute for the amount using June 2 as the transaction date being disputed and link it back to whatever date the original deposit was made. You are not disputing the deposit, you are disputing the refund of that deposit, which was June 2.
  12. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but since we both book through the same discount TA, perhaps that??? Can’t see why it would matter...but then again why not? I have not used that particular card on Princess in years! Update of this morning: 89.3% Yes, 10.7% No May 19 cruisetour, March 16 cancel.
  13. Hoping that my timing works the same for you...and that you get the bulk of your refund in a day or two.
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