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  1. I remember when we first sailed into St. Thomas in the 80’s, we had to tender as our ship was ‘too big’ to dock. It was the old SS Norway at a capacity of 1,944. Interesting how cruising has changed over the years.
  2. On most ships, but not all, the elevator doors face forward. Coral and Sapphire are two exceptions that come to mind, there are likely others, though. There is a new carpet design where the obvious pink or blue background has been changed to a subtle three dots of muted teal and rose. I know a much earlier thread had pictures.
  3. Oddly enough, we also have an Oct. 19 cruise....but our due date is still listed as Aug. 5. Perhaps it was also based on booking dates vs. announcement of the changes?? 🤔
  4. Thanks for bringing this up again. It was discussed ‘a while’ ago when it was first announced, but it certainly bears repeating now that the deadline approaches and people may be unaware of the extra 15 days. For us, personally, it makes very little difference as we often paid well in advance of the 75 day mark. But we also book very far in advance most times, and the 15 days is relatively minor. The bigger impact will come to people who book last minute, people who book multiple options for a single week or two, and people who are more accustomed to paying at the very last minute.
  5. Heather, the increased caution is for the border areas of Syria and Iraq. If you go to the tourist areas (Petra and/or Wadi Rum) you will be much safer. As always, heed your surroundings, but we found it to be very enjoyable on our Princess tours this past March. The same warnings were in effect then.
  6. Success, I think. Here is a picture of E730 on Emerald Princess from cruisedeckplans. Connecting door in the wall by that little half-round entry hall shelf. Not in sofa section: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/category-detail.php?c=468
  7. Ah, got it now, you are seeing red triangles...😁 And and I got my Dolphins and Emeralds confused (now edited) to boot. Hopefully someone with actual memory comes along, but as I think I remember, the door is in the wall near the foot of the bed. Cannot remember exactly where.
  8. I think you might be reading the deck plans wrong. The black triangle means third berth. The red triangle means an interconnecting room. There are only 8 such pairs on Dolphin deck minis, not the entire deck of minis.
  9. You will be fine then.
  10. IF is the designation of the cabin grade. I=inside, F=location within the grade. On the Ruby, the IF cabins are forward on the Emerald and Plaza decks. In general, the A cabins are better located than B, B is better than C, etc. Princess chooses these location designations and not everyone agrees with what is ‘better’. Princess does not use a unique identifier to designate a Guarantee cabin as some lines do.
  11. It’s not so much the individual ship as the latitude of the destination. This thread should help you decide:
  12. It’s not so much the ending cities as it is what you see and do on the four days after the cruise. Look at the full itinerary and decide what suits you best. Northern Lights are unlikely in August; the darkest it gets is Nautical twilight and they would be very difficult to see.
  13. It probably has to do with capacity. When bookings first open, you have the option of selecting your own room as well as having princess select the room for you. As specific rooms are taken by passengers, the first option goes away and all you see is the option to have princess assign the room for you. While February 2021 may seem like a long ways off, I’ve seen categories go to the guarantee only status that early before, especially on a new ship. Or, it could just be the princess IT techs monkeying with their systems.
  14. In case something changes medically between now and the start of the insurance. Yes, you could cancel instead of making final payment, but many major illnesses are first recognized at a routine appointment or blood test that requires follow up. If that happens within (before) 60 days of your final payment, it is an excluded pre existing condition, and you would not be covered for cancelation or anything subsequent during the trip. The best option is to have ZERO interaction with a physician and ZERO symptoms that should have been checked out in the 60 days before purchasing the insurance. If that’s final payment date, fine. But if not, you may want to look back and find a 60 day clear period and purchase your insurance then.
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