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  1. This used to be allowed-retroactively applying an FCD to an existing booking. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, or rather, you can apply the FCD but you won’t get the OBC that comes with it.
  2. Yes....but why? Meaning what is your goal with regard to keeping one FCD in reserve? Is it for the OBC, the lower deposit, something else? You can book yourself with your FCD and your spouse with a standard deposit, being very careful to explain that to the booking agent before anything is done. However, only you will get the associated OBC. But it would achieve the goal of keeping one FCD open for a future booking. Not sure if you can make a TBD booking on Princess or not (I think not), but someone else will know for sure. If you book as a single and then add someone later the price will change to the going rate at that time. You can also easily put in a name change to a double booking prior to final payment, and that will keep the original pricing, but it would be a convoluted way to book without any obvious benefit.
  3. I always save a copy on my phone, it’s a .pdf document, so it’s easy. Never have used it but it’s there as a back up.
  4. Princess drops passengers at Ostiense because the big tour busses cannot go into the city center. If you book your own hotel, it is an easy €10 cab ride to the middle of city.
  5. For booking and pricing purposes a cruisetour is a single trip booking; it is not a cruise booking plus a land booking, even if the cruise portion is the same ship/date. They are also priced as unique bookings, so it is unreliable to do the math and figure the land portion based on the current price of the cruise only rate. It’s a combo price. Unfortunately, that makes your idea difficult, as you would have to cancel the cruise booking and rebook as a cruisetour. That comes with penalties, which may or may not be offset by any price savings. However, a DIY land tour as you describe would be perfectly fine to add to an existing cruise booking.
  6. FWIW, on Sapphire for last 24 days had NO wait, ever, at Anytime dining. At any time, including around 6-6:30. YMMV.
  7. It can vary by ship, but on current sailing with late port days (Sapphire) the traditional dining room becomes Open Seating. It works like Anytime, but it is still only for Traditional diners. You just show up when you want, and are seated. Since many folks are out late, the room is not full.
  8. Steve-my advice is to wait and see. If the actual times for late dining don’t work for you it’s very easy to change to Anytime onboard. Not so easy to go the other direction, though, so keep your place there until you know it won’t fit.
  9. On Sapphire now. Club Class is only a portion of the Santa Fe dining room; the rest is anytime. Different linens and flowers for Club class. Savoy and Pacific Moon are always anytime. Vivaldi is early traditional at 5:30, opens to Anytime around 7:15 or 7:30, depending on how fast the first diners finish. International is always traditional, at 5:30 and 8 pm. It is also used for open seating breakfast and lunch on sea days.
  10. Also realize that different states have different insurance regulations, so what can or cannot be done in one state may differ from another state, even for the ‘same’ policy...the fine print can be slightly different.
  11. There is no ‘24 hour break’ rule in the regulation. It’s a common misunderstanding. What they look at (to determine if there was a break in travel ) is when the ship next leaves the port and whether you were on it or not. Thus, all the folks who leave in Victoria but rejoin in Vancouver are legal, as they broke their journey by being off the ship from Victoria to Vancouver. Two separate trips, regardless of how long between the two ports. Alternatively, if your ship stayed in port for 3 days, you disembarked the first day, spent two nights on land and rejoined the ship the third day, it is still the same trip—you are on the ship when it next leaves port.
  12. We are onboard the Sapphire now with Captain Laakkonen. He is not one of the very ‘chatty announcement’ captains, but he does have a marvelous dry sense of humor if you should happen to catch him for a conversation or attend one of his public functions. He is quite interesting. During one one of those public sessions this week he was asked about the captain’s work schedule/year; he replied that he generally sails for about 185 days a year, plus about 20 more days spent on the simulators in the Netherlands. The remaining time is spent at home with his family.
  13. And from March 10 to today, it has been 5:30 early and 8 pm late on the Sapphire. (Zero wait at any of the Anytime rooms, though). To the OP, it will be whatever the maitre d’ decides on that ship and that sailing. Yes, it does vary, even on the same ship. And if you don’t like the traditional timing, you can CHANGE onboard to Anytime, but you should not use both.
  14. And...the Sapphire OV pictures are not indicative of what really exists. Our OV has 2 nightstands (midship Emerald deck), and according to our steward, so do all in her section. Also apropos of nothing, dinner times on this ship are 5:30/8:00, showtimes 7:45/9:45. Despite the hoo-haw about the new times on the website. But who knows what will happen in October, either.
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