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  1. OP, I see three cancelled July 2021 cruises on the Sky, but two do not have any replacement cruise listed and the third shows the replacement cruise is on the Crown. Can you please clarify which itinerary you were on and what your transferred itinerary is? I agree the L and M forward DW cabins are far different than the other DWs. If they are already booked I would ask Princess for a refund instead of taking the transfer over. And then find another cruise where those cabins are open.
  2. Good to know they do that upon starting a new booking. I was under the impression the above complaints were bookings already made which at some later point had FCCs applied. I could be wrong. As to my particular situation...it appears so far that nobody else has found their FCC to have been reduced (or at least nobody has reported it here). I’m going to take that as a good sign that there is something unique about our cancelled cruise or FCC or TA discount that can be explained. I hope. I’ll come back to report what that is when I get that explanation from Princess.
  3. Princess would not talk with us when this all transpired and made us go through the TA. Perhaps that has changed now. I will find out when my TA has had a chance to fix this.
  4. All of our FCC was labeled Goodwill credit. Our deposit was $2. Princess refunded ~80% of our fare in cash and their computer system decided to charge the remaining ~20% which was $912, as a penalty (even though their written policy states the only amount they should have kept is the $2 deposit). Sometime later, Princess retroactively granted FCC to cancellation penalties and called this Goodwill credit. They gave us $912 FCC. At that point, we figured it was ‘close enough’. They still really owed us $910 in cash with $2 as a penalty. But we were willing to just take the FCC inste
  5. I would be bothered as well if the FCC was applied randomly to a booking without my knowledge. Even worse is taking it without applying it anywhere. I am really upset that Princess arbitrarily took it away without any notification or explanation. By any other name that’s theft.
  6. I have all that, too. Fat lot of good that’s doing.
  7. The credit was for the penalty Princess applied when we cancelled 64 days before the cruise. Princess incorrectly calculated and applied a higher penalty of 20% of the full fare. After much drama, back and forth, getting mis-handled as a Princess cancellation and waiting months for a refund, we decided to give up trying to get through to Princess and take the FCC ($912) instead of fighting them further. We figured we would be able to use the FCC, and the FCC + refund = Total paid. Now they have reduced the FCC by $500, which is a $500 loss to us. This is doubly frustrating
  8. I wish it were just a matter of Princess applying them to a future booking; but nope, there is no future booking. They were just plain reduced. My TA said she thinks it may be somehow related to her discount pricing. But then I am still out about $500 from what we paid.
  9. We had booked a 2020 Alaska cruisetour. After all the drama of cancellations and refunds and FCCs subsided we were left with about $500 in FCC each and refunds which together totaled our payments to Princess. Went to look for a replacement cruise to use the FCCs by the May ‘22 deadline only to discover that $250 has mysteriously disappeared from each of our FCC accounts. No explanation, no email or notice from Princess, just gone. I’ve asked our TA to seek an explanation from Princess. Has this happened to anyone else?
  10. I’m sure one of your compatriots will be able to chime in shortly on the UK specifics, but as I recall, when this sort of thing had happened in the past, a check gets mailed from the US...which can be problematic itself with overseas mail delivery, etc. The envelope comes from a company called Bottomline, not Princess. Your best option is to contact Princess in the US via email with the details and ask them when your check was mailed. You can explain it was not received, and ask them to issue you another.
  11. In the past, FCC ‘lost in a cancellation’ was specifically not covered by the insurance carrier, as it was not cash. This has always been defined in the fine print of the policy. As of the Covid-19 cancellations, Princess was covering some of the lost FCC with yet more FCC. Whether you can count on that continuing to happen, for how long, and for what amounts is unknown, and unless you can get it in writing from Princess, do not count on it.
  12. I’m returning to update my status from Princess website. In the main account page it still shows an expiry of 12-31-21.....BUT I took another look at the OBC for a future cruise after that date and Military OBC has now been added. So I guess it worked?
  13. I’ll have to let you know...it says it takes about 7 days to update in the Captains Circle account. Which is still listing 12/31/2021.
  14. Thanks for this thread. A while back, amidst all the cancellations, we noticed the expiration changed from 2099 to 2021. Assumed it was due to cash flow and Covid. Had no idea it was just a renewal issue. Just updated the authorization and will look forward to continuing with this benefit. Thanks to all.
  15. Many third-party insurance companies will allow you to cancel the existing policy and transfer it to a future trip. Especially if the trip cancellation is due to Covid.
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