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  1. cherylandtk

    Princess Insurance

    Found this in another thread: Princess Vacation Protection is available for 8% of cruise fare subject to a minimum plan cost of $39.00* for fares up to $2,999.99. Cruise fares of $2,500 - $4,999.99 will have a plan cost of 7%. Cruise fares of $5,000 or greater will have a plan cost of 6%. Princess Platinum Vacation Protection is available for 12% of cruise fare subject to a minimum of $59.99* for fares up to $2,999.99. Cruise fares of $2,500 - $4,999.99 will have a plan cost of 11%. Cruise fares of $5,000 or greater will have a plan cost of 10%. *Plan rates will apply to children 18 and under traveling in third and fourth berths with no minimum plan cost if all adults in the cabin purchase the plan.
  2. cherylandtk

    Upsell Inside to Balcony and OBC

    Our experience has been that you keep the promo you were booked under, but it does not upgrade to anything higher as a result of the upsell to a higher category.
  3. cherylandtk

    Prepaying Tours on Princess

    You are probably overthinking this issue. Technically, the excursions by Princess are refundable. The insurance requirement that you insure all non-refundable costs means from the point that they are non-refundable. In the event of a claim, you will have to provide proof that the expense was non-refundable. That usually comes in the form of a policy statement and Princess won’t give you one because the excursions are refundable up to the closing time. If your worry is you may have a sudden illness onboard and must cancel, you likely will be credited the cost of the excursion if you have sought medical care onboard. Even if you do not cancel, and incur the cost of the excursion anyway, simply do not claim it on the insurance and your claim will be processed without it. You won’t be violating the full cost rule for PEC exclusions waivers.
  4. cherylandtk

    Back to Back Questions

    Is this for the Sky in December of 2019? In looking just now, there is no current price difference between booking as two 7 day vs. one 14 day. If you have already booked the 14 day, it is possible the pricing changed under the current promotion as compared to what you originally booked. in order to switch passengers at the halfway point, I think you will need to have it booked as two seven day cruises.
  5. cherylandtk

    Missed paid upgrade, another opportunity?

    We received a second offer after passing on the first. We declined a suite upsell, but took a mini upsell about a week later. Also, if using a TA, you do not have to go through the TA to take advantage of upsell offers. It is more efficient to call the number yourself and eliminate the back and forth with the TA.
  6. cherylandtk

    Credit Card hold on princess

    Also, onboard you can set the grandchildren’s key cards to no spending, if desired. That way they cannot rack up any charges onboard beyond the normal gratuities. If you plan to pay all expenses onboard for your daughter/grandkids then you can set your card to do that. Otherwise, advise her to put her own credit card on file when checking in and you will pay only your own expenses and she will pay hers.
  7. That Infinite Veranda has been used successfully on river cruise ships for a few years. Looks exactly like what Celebrity is going with.
  8. cherylandtk

    No Show vs cancellation

    It is better to have him be a no show. Just tell them at check in that he was delayed, and a few days in you can change that to ‘not showing up after all’. This way you avoid the slight chance that Princess would assess you the single supplement. (Which is very slight, since he is in 100% penalty phase, but still.)
  9. That right there is the key point. Many cruises with day visits are not fully entering the country, and cruisers do not have to meet the same immigration requirements as someone who enters for several days. As noted above, depends on the country. Europe it’s pretty easy. USA, generally not for a couple of legal reasons.
  10. cherylandtk

    Upsell Question

    We have received calls as late as a day after we left the message.
  11. cherylandtk

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    I’m not a big fan of the suggestion I am about to make—but in the past Princess has been quite responsive to complaints posted on their FB or other social media. It is possible they might change their position and allow a grace period if they receive enough feedback suggesting that.
  12. cherylandtk

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    Dickinson, given the status of your agent, she might be able to get the transfer accomplished anyway, using your ‘timing of the change and date of booking’ argument, mine was able to do that for another client. But do it soon while Princess is allowing such exceptions.
  13. cherylandtk

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    Spoke with my TA and she just heard about this yesterday; she’s planning a big emailing to all her Princess clients. She also told me that Princess now requires a specific form that must be used when doing the transfer. No more writing emails, or calling with the information. I usually book direct, often on a late night whim or great price discovery and then transfer for the TA discount. I’ll just have to do that sooner now. Although I do wish Princess would stop trying to be same as every other cruise line out there. If they become just like everyone else there is no reason to pick one brand over the other.
  14. Well, yes and no...and we could spend hours going over the various scenarios and what if’s. When only one person cancels, there is no timing benefit to the cruiseline, they cannot re sell the room no matter the timing. So they can and do rebook the remaining one person with a single supplement if advance notice received. If one person no-shows, the remaining pax is not usually charged the supplement...but it can happen. Early cancel notification is to both the passengers and cruiseline benefit when it is a full cancellation of a room, especially if for Covered Insurance reasons. Timing impacts cancellation penalty costs to pax and whether the cruiseline can resell the room. If early enough, the full fare is refundable...but if left late it can be 100% of the fare as a penalty.
  15. Because it is in a written contract that both sides agree to in advance and no lawyer will touch it. So it pays to read and understand the terms of the contract should one need to modify (cancel/change number of passengers/refare) after final payment date when the contractual penalty costs start. It’s technically not a double (or triple) charge; it’s a penalty amount plus a fare plus a single supplement.