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  1. I don’t believe RC are consistent enough to say they “usually” show at a certain date 😂 saying that, my understanding is that they should show the first day of the month before you sail, so 1st March for you. It’s always been there or thereabouts for us.
  2. So we sailed on wonder from 3-10 December. No long waits for MTD, we had reserved times, usually turned up about 10 mins early and waited around 5 mins at most. Also saw no long lines for those without reservations, and the lines there were moved quite quickly.
  3. Last cruise was oasis in November 2022. Longest wait with reservations was 10mins on lobster night, other nights no more than 5 mins. The lines without reservations was moving steadily. Will report back after this weeks cruise on wonder whether it is any better/ worse.
  4. Not on my last cruise on oasis, no massive lines and what was there moved quickly. Will see what it’s like on my upcoming wonder cruise this Sunday. not that it matters to us - we have reserved MTD for 7/7.30 every night which is our preferred time to eat
  5. You don’t have to have a reservation, you can just get in the no reservation line around the time (or before) the time You prefer to eat
  6. Depends on the sailing - the Black Friday deal for my wonder sailing was £60
  7. So apparently it’s a myth that Raleigh brought the potato to Great Britain. however he did go to Oxford, so maybe could weigh in on the other discussion in this thread 😉
  8. Quoted from the full article: Mr. Schneider talked about this process, "We designed Wonder to have all of the technology that Icon will get. And so everything you see on Wonder is actually purposely being tested on Wonder because we won't do testing of new software on a new ship."
  9. Don’t know, but that’s what they said in the article. They said wonder was built with the tech, and icon is, but not previous ships
  10. That was our experience on oasis last November. Will see on wonder in a couple of weeks if it’s the same!
  11. Firstly, RC customer service often have no clue what they’re talking about. Secondly, my understanding of the article is that currently only Wonder has the technology to do it, new ships like Icon and Utopia will also have it when they launch. Older ships would have to be retrofitted, so unlikely to happen straight away, if at all. But I could be (am often) wrong!
  12. On some ships early dining is now 5pm or 5.30 at the latest
  13. The French Quarter is where most of the nightlife is. Which bit were you in that felt deserted??
  14. I haven’t experienced British night on RC but I can assure you that here in actual Britain those dishes are all very tasty!
  15. We’ve looked in the app and that’s where we saw it was reduced - just weren’t sure if it was reflective of what they actually have!
  16. Is there anyone who can post the current beer menu from playmakers right now please? Looking on the app it seems the choice has been greatly reduced. TIA
  17. I know. That’s why we booked a couple of weeks later.
  18. OP you also have the option of just paying the deposit onboard and booking the actual cruise later. we did that last year as we sailed just before Black Friday, so benefited from the reduced deposit, OBC and then got a cheaper price in the Black Friday sale than quoted onboard. I also used my vegas points for freeplay in the casino.
  19. Look at the older oasis class ships. They are cheaper now they’re not the new kids on the block, but have the amenities you had on wonder.
  20. It’s highly unlikely they will expect a tip in Italy
  21. In England we do cheese after sweet dessert, in France they have it before (which makes more sense to me!)
  22. It has to be within 30 days of booking the cruise I believe
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