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  1. Hi all, I am a seasoned cruiser, but new to Celebrity, and am trying to plan dinner reservations. 1. I know it varies, but typically how long does it take for dinner with select dining? 2. How long do the shows typically run on Celebrity? For instance, if we make 7:45 dinner reservations, would we be able to make the 9 p.m. show? Or should we be safe and move it to 7:30? On the flip side, if we made a 7 p.m. show, would we be able to make 8 p.m. dinner reservations? This is assuming show times are 7 and 9 p.m., which I've seen on the dailies, but not recent ones. 🙂 Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Can anyone share the cost of martinis at the Martini bar on Infinity? Trying to decide if an upgrade is worth it, or if I should just pay the difference. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I've searched and can't find an answer to the simple question: How much does a Jack and Coke cost? We will be on Infinity in January (first time sailing Celebrity) with the Classic Bev package included. I'm trying to determine if it's worth the upgrade to the premium package to have Jack Daniels included, or, should we just pay the price difference on individual drinks? Thanks so much.
  4. I've been having problems the past few days on Safari on my Mac, but it's working okay in Firefox.
  5. We've historically had dinner in the dining room only, but lately we've begun eating in the buffet once or twice a cruise for dinner - typically if it's a late port day. But, the nights we don't mind missing in the main dining room are Italian night and American night. Nothing on those menus really thrill us.
  6. We've rented from Advance before and everything was great. That was one of my favorite days in all of cruising. We'll be going back to Curacao in a few weeks, but only there from 7-2. Trying to figure out what to do with such limited time.
  7. Following as we are on the 11/17 sailing; will be our first time on the Crown and any in that class. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Bumping this as we are wondering about the East Tour as well. Looks like it really may only stop at the distillery and then the beach?
  9. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! This has been very helpful. Looks like Crown it is. Thanks so much - this is very helpful to have a direct comparison. Actually, we've only sailed Royal and Regal on Princess, so this will be a new class of ship for us.
  10. Hi all, I am trying to decide between two cruises: one on Crown Princess and one on Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam. Both are the same week and about the same price. I've cruised on Princess many times, but never HA. Crown Princess 10-day Would be an obstructed view room with a window. I've been to three of these ports before. I've never sailed in anything less than a balcony. Princess Cays St. Thomas Curacao Dominica Bonaire Grenada Holland America 7-day Guarantee veranda, never been to any of these ports Key West Half Moon Cay Amber Cove Grand Turk Grand Turk has been on my list for a while. I think overall I would prefer the Princess 10-day, but the obstructed window has me questioning. A balcony room on Princess would be about $1,000 more, which I am not doing. And, NA and Holland America would be something new. We are in our mid-40s. Which would you choose? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. I'm reading some folks saying it takes two hours+ to get through the Vancouver airport. We're flying back to the U.S. so will need to go through customs. Our flight isn't until 7:30 p.m., but I don't want to spend unneccesary time at the airport. How long did it take for those of you who have done it? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, we are headed to the public beach by Calico Jacks in a few weeks and our ship will probably start tendering about 7:30. What is the earliest anyone has seen chair vendors out at 7 Mile Beach? Calico Jacks doesn't open until a little later in the morning it looks like, but we want to get there ASAP. Thanks in advance!
  13. I am beyond frustrated with the Ocean Ready app; I've deleted and downloaded an updated app over the last couple of weeks, but nothing is working. I can't hit the "add reservation" button after I enter my information. (Well, I tap it, and other ever happens.) And, when I try to bypass that, and enter my personal information instead, the keyboard pops up on my phone and won't go away, event when I hit enter. This blocks other fields to complete and I can't continue. Has anyone else had this same issue? Is it an apple issue? Thanks in advance. We are sailing in March. Really frustrated that I'm getting notifications from Princess to complete Ocean Ready when it's clearly still not ready for prime time.
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