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  1. We absolutely love Celebrity for many, many reasons. In fact we only cruise Celebrity. One of the things we love about Celebrity is there are virtually no kids on the cruises. We have never seen more than 10 kids on any of our cruises.
  2. Wow. First world problems.First world complaints.
  3. Personally, IMHO, 7 day cruises are a waste of money. 10 is our minimum and we prefer 13 days and up. More bang for your buck per day on the cruise price, as well as spreading the flight costs over more days. I agree with your reply regarding summer. Celebrity avoids the Caribbean in summer, as it should for a number of reason, some of which you described.
  4. Why did you cancel Eclipse and Solstice? You may not like Lisa, but the ships are gorgeous and the cruises are fantastic. What changed in quality that made you cancel, aside from despising Lisa?
  5. My wife and I only cruise on Celebrity and although we love both S Class and M Class ships, we prefer the layout and flow of the M Class best. In addition, the old school styling of M Class we favor. However, the photos of the changes on Millennium I have seen look pretty amazing. The MDR color pallet looks beautiful, with touches of brown, grey and champagne. The MDR looks elegant , classic and contemporary combined. The lounges still have the classic feel, but are more light in color and are very classy. The cabins have wonderful new color schemes and added storage. The pools are updated with vibrant colors. Personally I can't wait for our cruises on the "Edgified" M Class ships.
  6. We have never had a problem on any island. We have been to pretty much every island except 1 or 2. There is crime everywhere in the world and the Caribbean I have never felt unsafe. Never.
  7. Plus M and S Class have Cellar Master lounge. Better on M Class, but we enjoy the lounge on both ships.
  8. I must preface my comment that my wife and I thoroughly love Celebrity and only cruise on Celebrity. We like M Class ships over S Class for the flow through the public areas, the pools and the lounges and restaurants. The M Cabins do have less storage than S class. However, although we over pack for cruises, we always find the storage sufficient. The complaints about the loss of storage and people choosing cancelation of cruises I believe are premature. We just returned from 13 days on the Summit and from what we learned on board, the cabins will have improved storage as well as decor changes. The Cabins and hallways will be much more bright and airy. We like the classic look of the MDR, but we are still looking forward to the Edgification. Celebrity never disappoints.
  9. The OBC is a great Perk for excursion purchase, specialty restaurants or in the shops. It's also available to upgrade a classic beverage package to premium. And although the shops do have their $10 deals, they also have very high end jewelry, watches, accessories and clothing. The OBC is nice to use. Beverage Package is definitely worth the $55 or $69. Not just the alcoholic drinks, but premium waters (Pellegrino and Evian) as well as premium coffee drinks. Add in wine and cocktails at dinner and the cost is easily met. Addional afternoon "top shelf" cold adult drink or after dinner cocktail not having to count the cost is wonderful. Internet is a Perk I'd never pay for or choose over any other Perk. Ports have internet as well as texting and data, so on ship internet isn't needed. Prepaid Gratuity is definitely a valuable Perk, as noted above (18% and $14.50/day).
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