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  1. My husband and I will also be on that sailing. Got our medallions yesterday! We are also interested in PandaBear's postings and will be following along.
  2. I agree with CruiserBruce, I would also book the first trip over in the morning. Less crowded unitl the next ferry arrives. You can stay as long as you want; the ferries go back and forth all day.
  3. We also saw Orcas when returning to Vancouver and also twice on whale watching tours in Juneau.
  4. I second the recommendation for the CowHollow group. My favorite is the Columbus Inn, close enough to walk to Fishermans Wharf and on the bus line. Always clean and safe.
  5. How far in advance did you get the email? I see on our travel summary for 8/8/22 that one is included but we've not recieved anything else. Thanks
  6. We're also on the March cruise - haven't heard anything about a change in ships.
  7. Hi Yeehootu - thanks for your comments. We're on the 3/17/23 28 day South Pacific - also hope all the Crown's problems are solved by then. We've looked at the HAL cruise but their full suites are much more expensive. We booked a full suite for this cruise as it is for our 50th anniversary so we splurged. (Can't take it with you). If that is the cruise you're on, maybe we'll see you on board.
  8. Hi Cruzin - thank you so much for the great review - we are doing b2b Alaska on the Ruby starting on 7/29. Can't wait! We are in E722 and E726; I like the fully covered balconies on those mini suites, It looks like your balcony had a little more room. I'll keep that in mind for next time.
  9. Thank you Cruise Raider and Blubberwon for you positive reviews. We are on the Ruby in August for B2B Alaska from SanFran and I kept reading all the negative reviews of the different ships and was starting to worry. Glad you both had a great time.
  10. Cinegraphic - Happy Anniversary!. My husband and I are booked on the Crown in March for the 28 day South Pacific cruise; it's been on our list for a long time. It's our 50th anniversary present to ourselves and we are splurging on a full aft facing suite and it will be our first cruise as Elite. We don't have any credits to use so it's all out of pocket for us. I'll be so bummed if it doesn't go well. I can't imagine they would let the Crown do that long of a cruise if the problems are not all fixed. (at least I hope they wouldn't) I guess we'll see. At least we'll have the drink package🍾🍷
  11. Us too, really concerned because it is our 50th anniversary cruise and we booked a suite.
  12. My DH is rather on the large size and the twin beds are just too small, even for me. I move around alot and would end up on the floor🙂.
  13. We had CC dining once when we sprang for a full suite and liked it very much. However, we can't always do a full suite and the CC mini suites on the ships we booked were all midship with uncovered balconies; which is a deal breaker for me. I want some privacy on my balcony. We need at least a mini suite because my DH is on oxygen so I give him the bed and I use the pullout sofa. Works for us.
  14. Ok, that makes sense. Thanks. Ok, that makes sense - Thanks
  15. I know - it doesn't seem to make sense - you still go to the same ports except the 10 day stops in Prince Rupert for Canada.
  16. I see in the updates the mask requirement for Whittier to Vancouver and reverse but don't see anything for the 10 day round trips from San Francisco. I don't understand the reasoning. Thoughts?
  17. For our next cruise in July, booked thru the casino dept.,the travel summary says Premier Drinks with service charge. That summary was printed in the beginning of December 2021. Our cruise for March of 2023 also says premier and that one was booked thru our travel agent in April 2021. So I don't think we are getting the new package.😕
  18. Hi - My husband is also on supplemental oxygen. He has a personal concentrator (Inogen) for when he leaves the house. At home he has the larger concentrator. We rent a room concentrator for the ship from Special Needs at Sea. The concentrator is in the room with all the accesories when we board and he uses that in the room and at night to give the Inogen a rest. They will come pick it up after you disembark. We rented for 20 days for our cruise in August to Alaska from San Francisco and the cost will be $381.00 We did use them on our last cruise (pre-covid) and every thing went smoothly. She will need to get a letter from her doctor showing what levels of oxygen she uses. (My husband is 3 during the day and 5 at night). Does she have more than one battery for her portable? Might be needed for longer excursions. I do hope everything goes well for her. Our experience was pretty much the same as before he started on the oxygen.
  19. We love the Hawaiian cruises but we usually go from San Francisco since we can just take Amtrak.. We have B2B Alaska in August.
  20. Thanks phoebe2m - where in Nevada are you? We're in Spanish Springs (Sparks).
  21. Will the various venues still have a printed menu of their drinks or do you need to have your phone with you for the QR code? We like to try different drinks but really don't want to carry a phone around. Thanks.🍸
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