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  1. Can you get a glass of just one kind of juice or do you have to get one of the combinations listed? None of them appeal to me. Thanks.
  2. They had that on our last cruise (March/April) on the Crown as well. I agree that they were not very tasty.
  3. My hubby and I take Amtrak from Reno, NV to San Francisco when we cruise from there, which most of ours are. He has some mobility problems and flying is just a pain in the butt. The roomette is nice for one person but way too small for two (won't do that again). As @sparks1093 mentioned, the coach seats are great. Sure it takes a little longer to get to the port but way less stressful. I wish you well in your travels.
  4. We've also gotten bottles of wine and dining in specialty restaurants.
  5. Us as well, got a great deal on B2B Mexico/Hawaii in December.
  6. So sorry to hear about your sister, but what a lovely thing to do. Best wishes.
  7. Hi Pam, we also had a great time and thought the ship was fine, I sat next to you at the Meet and Greet. Do you have any cruises coming up? We'll be doing B2B Mexico/Hawaii in December.
  8. Well, I'd have to go back to 1970's. Now - no way! Or maybe yes because at this age I really don't care.🙂
  9. As Astro Flyer said - no extra charge, which is a good thing. I love the scallop appetizer and always get 2.
  10. @20165Just beware - once you've been in a suite it is hard to go back.🙂
  11. I did a resort excursion booked thru Princess earlier this year. It was at the Marival Resort. Very nice, it had 3 pools and also a nice beach area. Lounge chairs and umbrella included. It also included drinks and a large and very nice lunch buffet. I don't know if they sell individual day passes.
  12. Are you doing the 12/22/23 cruise? We'll be on that one as well.
  13. @rbtan Taylor Ham always makes us happy. Did you live in New Jersey? We live in Nevada now and order ours through the mail.
  14. @kismetiqueI was excited when I read your post and went to their website. Unfortunately they are closed on Mondays, which is when our ship will be there.🙁
  15. Yes, it pertains to things like an open can, refillable bottler or cup of soda or water etc. Your bottles of wine or cases of soda or water are ok. That was our experience twice in San Pedro in the last 9 months.
  16. I think it depends.. We had a suite on the Emerald Dec/Jan and had tubes of Lotus Spa products including conditioner. In March/April on the Crown we had another brand but in the large pump bottles, no separate conditioner. Personally on our next cruise in December I'm bringing my own hand soap in addition to shampoo and conditioner as I did not like the fragrance of the products in the pump bottles.
  17. You might want to check out the Columbus St Inn and its related properties. Nice but not as expensive.
  18. For us, no. We've been in suites our last few cruises and love the club class dining. But the ships on which we sail the location is the problem. They are all on the dolphin deck and the balconies are not covered at all. That's a no go for me.
  19. We had several different brands on our last cruise (Crown March/April), one of which was Kirkland.
  20. Same for us except that it's me who doesn't want anything less. My hubby would be happy in an inside.
  21. Hi @prboylan, we cruise on the Emerald (Dec/Jan) and the Crown (March/April) and ate in the specialty restaurants several time. There really isn't much of a dress code. We wear nice clothes, nothing fancy but we've seen shorts and t-shirts and jeans and polo shirts as well. I think you'll be fine with just about anything. (Maybe skip the speedo)🙂
  22. We stayed at the Doubletree in San Pedro in December and then again in March of this year. It is a few miles to the port and they did have a shuttle. The shuttle will also take you to other places. I used it to go to CVS and the we used it to go to a restaurant (22nd St Landing). There isn't really anything around the hotel but if you are only staying for one night it is fine.
  23. It might have been that long ago. We also like the sea days (and casino). We've done several roundtrips from West Coast to Hawaii and have another on booked for December on Princess.
  24. I believe it used to be called the Pride of Aloha. We did it years ago and never again. As @BermudaBound2014 mentioned, the crew is mostly Americans and it seemed as thou they had no work ethic. Poor service and attitudes. Never met our room steward and several days our room was not serviced.
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