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  1. Just a note, Pier 27 has a wheelchair assist program if any in your party need a little help boarding.
  2. My hubby uses the wheelchair assist at SF terminal and I always go with him. I don't think it would be a problem for 2 or 3 others to join.
  3. Hi, regarding the wheelchairs - we've sailed out of SF several times. My hubby has problems standing and walking for a long distance, the gangway is especially challenging. We have never asked in advance. When we get to the port by taxi and are dropping off the luggage I go find one of the port wheelchair assistants. They are usually against the wall or up by the doors. They will take you thru security and check in and then hand you over to a Princess employee who will take you onto the ship. You may have to wait a short while for the Princess employee depending how many others are waiting for assistance. We always tip well since my hubby is a large guy. I hope you all enjoy your cruise.
  4. In 1989 we did a transatlantic (Canary Islands to St. Thomas) on the Windsurf. Probably our best cruise.
  5. Same for us. One small stem of orchid.
  6. I'm now 71 and I've often gone ashore by myself and walked all around the area. There will be many people around, especially if there is more than one ship in town. Lots of vendors but I always say 'no thank you' with a smile.
  7. My hubby needs wheelchair assistance getting on and off the ship; he can't stand for more than a few minutes and the gangway is too much. In both San Francisco and San Pedro we asked for a wheelchair as soon as we got out of the taxi. No problem. The port has wheelchair pushers to get you through security and check in and a Princess employee takes you the rest of the way onto the ship. A tip is always appreciated and we do so generously as my hubby is a big guy.
  8. I've never heard of a mermaid mimosa, just looked it up and it sounds yummy. Will definitely try it on our next cruise.
  9. In our experience we ask for a wheelchair when getting out of the cab at the airport (Reno and LAX) and they will take you all the way to your gate. The gate person then asks if you need wheelchair assist on the jetway to get on the plane. At the cruise terminal (SF and San Pedro) we asked for a wheelchair when dropping off our luggage. In both they took us all the way thru security and check in and then turned us over to the ship employees who take you up the gangway and onto the ship.
  10. We were on the Crown March/April for 28 days - there was a lot of pork, it was usually pretty dry.
  11. There was one a few years ago when we last cruised from there. It was at the far end closest to where you would go out onto the gangway. It had coffee, tea, juice and pastries. I believe the sign said elite and suites.
  12. I love the aft suites and those are the ones we have always booked. This time though we are going midship on the Riviera deck because of my husbands mobility issues. We'll be right next to the elevators which is much easier for him. The walk from the aft suites became too much. See you on board!
  13. Are you on the 12/12/23 Mexico or 12/22/23 Hawaii? We doing both (B2B) in suites and would love just a concierge.
  14. We'll be on the Crown for the 12/22/23 Hawaii sailing. Our Lahaina stop has been changed to an overnight in Honolulu. Personally I would prefer Kona but will enjoy wherever we are. Still grieving for the people of Lahaina and all they have lost.
  15. I also love the promenade deck around the ship, I don't mind going up and down the stairs at the bow especially when it's windy. It adds some excitement. Fortunately the ships we take still have that.
  16. Thanks, I'll check there. Isn't it weird that they come out with that nice listing of all the venues and ships but it's still incorrect?
  17. Thank you @PrincessBuffy, we did the balcony dinner in April on the Crown. Wanted to do it this winter on the Crown again but the Crown isn't listed on the available ships. Oh well, will see when we get on board.
  18. @jerseygirlinAZ I just noticed your screen name. I guess i'm jerseygirlinNV🙂
  19. Not sure if this was mentioned in any of the other posts but I always bring bubble bath to take advantage of the jetted tub.
  20. Jealous! Hope you enjoy your cruise.
  21. I did the whale shark snorkeling tour with La Paz VIP tours several years ago. I took the shuttle bus from the ship into town. I was on Princess. I met up with the guide in town and there was one other couple that had driven over from Cabo. So just them, me, the guide and a very nice young man driving the small boat (called a paloma). It was the best excursion I have ever taken. I'm not a strong swimmer but ok for snorkeling. We were right us close to the whale shark and then went to another area and snorkeled with sea lions. Absolutely wonderful. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
  22. They will assist to get on and off the ship but not around the ship
  23. We were in an aft facing suite on the Emerald deck of the Emerald Princess for a full transit and loved it. We've had those suites a few times but have switched to midship suites for our upcoming cruise because of my husband's mobility problems. It's a long walk from those suites to the elevators so midship is easier. Enjoy!
  24. We have never flown in SFO, we take Amtrak over from Reno. We usually stay at the Holiday Inn Express and just take a cab over to the port in the morning. Easiest way for us. In your situation I would not attempt Bart.
  25. On our cruise Mar/Apr of this year on the Crown, it was held in Club Fusion. I go by myself as my hubby is usually napping. I thought the nibbles were just fine and since we had the Plus package I could order whatever drink I wanted. Sometimes I just read my Kindle and other times chatted with other passengers.
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