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  1. I would also recommend the Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 area. There are a lot of chain hotels around and not too far from the cruise terminals. I've not seen any of the city hotels that have shuttles so taxi/Uber to terminal.
  2. If you are on Princess, you'll probably be at the Pier 27 terminal. It's very nice but the only separate waiting section is for Elite and full suite passengers. (maybe also Platinum but I'm not sure). If you are on Carnival you may be using Pier 35 but since I've never boarded from there I can't speak to their waiting areas. Happy sailing!
  3. I think I know who you mean, I too enjoy his walk throughs.
  4. I just go to You Tube and put in the name of the ship. there are usually a lot of videos for that particular ship by everyday cruisers. I don't watch anything produced by the cruise line. You can put in the name of the port and get good videos that way as well. Happy cruising!
  5. Thank you for mentioning this, I was unaware. I just downloaded it as well.
  6. @RGEDad What time did you arrive? Perhaps that was the reason? We've cruised many times from Pier 27 and never had that problem. We usually arrive before 11AM. since we need to checkout of the hotel by then. Maybe it's less busy then. I wonder if the previous cruise was a little late getting in? We usually do the latest disembark since we don't need to get anywhere right away so it's usually pretty cleared out by then and easy to get a cab. I'm sorry you did not have a better start to your cruise. Sometimes something like that will put a damper on your whole day.
  7. Did the sea horse farm several years ago, definitely worth it. Very interesting.
  8. I love to watch your videos on cruise news, short and to the point. Maybe we'll see you on board some day.
  9. Just now received an email with an itinerary change. We are on the Ruby in December for the r/t S.F. to Hawaii. The Lahaina stop has been changed to Kona.
  10. It's nice to eat on your balcony but you can do it in your stateroom as well. They will provide the table and chairs.
  11. We did this for our 50th anniversary last year, had to move it inside because of the wind. We got all of the above plus a chocolate cake, which was larger than the ones in the dining room for special occasions. We had a delicious meal and will do it again.
  12. My husband needs wheelchair assistance for boarding. At Pier 27 in S.F., when you arrive look by the wall of the building for wheelchair assistance. They will take you up into the terminal, thru security and then thru check in. They will the leave you in an area with others needing assistance. A Princess employee will then push the wheelchair up the gangway and onto the ship. They will usually take you to wherever you choose to wait for the rooms to be ready (buffet, lounge etc). A tip is always appreciated. There is a separate check in line for those needing assistance, no need to worry about the blue/green lanes. I don't know if they will take your whole group of 15 so you may need to split up and set a place to meet on board. Happy cruising!
  13. We don't rent a scooter but an oxygen concentrator from Special Needs at Sea. It's always been delivered.
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