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  1. Hi - yes, my DH is on oxygen and has an Inogen portable for when he leaves the house. He uses it around the ship and we rented a concentrator for when he is in the cabin. We contacted Special Needs at Sea. The concentrator was in the room when we boarded and it had all the necessary tubing. They also left a spare with the medical department in case something went wrong with the first one. Fortunately we didn't need it. He has 2 of the long term batteries for his POC so one was always charging. He liked the one in the room because the tubing was longer and he didn't have to carry the Inog
  2. Hi Jim, We've been fortunate enough to splurge on a full suite twice. Regarding the specialty restaurant on the first night, you make the reservation when you are on board; there should be a card in the room. You can call the dine line or just go to whichever restaurant you choose and make the reservation there. Our first time they let us make the reservation for a different night - doesn't hurt to ask. On the mini bar - the first time there was already a set up and we didn't know that you could change things out. The second time the fridge was empty and had a note to call
  3. We also paid $800 per person last month when we booked a Hawaii cruise for 3/2022. Glad I booked when I did though because the price has gone up significantly. I used the last of my FCD when I booked Alaska for next July.
  4. In April and again in May the offer was free ocean view plus $500 free play and Princess Plus. The one today was like yours, inside and $50.
  5. Hi Vino, We were on the Grand in November 2019 in cabin D736 and loved it. I hope your cabin on the Regal is just as good!
  6. We also sent ours for renewal in March, check cashed on March 13th. Nothing back yet.
  7. Does anyone have an idea of where the Ruby might go when it returns to San Francisco on 9/18/2021 after it's last Alaska cruise of that season? I've searched around but can't seem to find anything. We were thinking about booking the 9/8/2021 Alaska and thought about a back to back to wherever it goes next. Thanks.
  8. Rossini - it was on the Crooner's menu but I didn't see it on our Grand cruise in November, however the bartender's still made it. The inside of a champagne flute coated with raspberry syrup, then a shot of Chambord and topped off with champagne. Yummy!
  9. We've done this cruise from San Diego (on HAL), Vancouver and San Francisco. We prefer SF as it is closer to us and easier to get to. I see you are from N.C. Have you been to either LA or SF before? If not, I would take that into consideration; which city would you like to see? SF is a nicer port to sail from and easier to sightsee before or after. Either way I think you will enjoy especially if you like sea days.
  10. I also say thanks for the pictures and info, our cruise stops in Guatemala in October and I've been looking at excursions; this one was on my short list of possibilites. It's nice to have a better idea of what to expect.
  11. We've taken the whale watching excursion thru Princess twice in Juneau and have seen orcas both times. They're much smaller than I thought as they are actually in the dolphin family. Good luck!
  12. We were in D736 r/t Hawaii in November and loved it. The balcony is fully covered you get a view to the side as well as the back. Our neighbors in D734 had no problems with their room. We didn't hear any noise and no soot or vibration problems. I would book it again in a heartbeat but full suites are usually a bit over our budget.
  13. My DH and I usually cruise on Princess; he does have some mobilty issues and is on oxygen so he rarely gets off the ship. I take excursions on my own and only bring the bare neccesities as mentioned above. The one thing I do is look around on the beach for others from the ship, noticable by the distinctive blue and white striped towels of Princess. I try to get a spot in the same area. At CB at Sea mentioned, most people will keep an eye on your things if you ask. It's a great way to meet others from your ship.
  14. As franktown mentioned, there used to be and maybe still are Joe Kenda cruises. He and other members of the show would hold meet and greets and question and answer sessions. I really like his show, no more new episodes but there are some on demand. I did watch a you tube video and it was weird seeing him in a polo shirt rather than his grey suit and blue shirt. The actor who portrays him was also there and wearing the same dark suit he always wears on the show.
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