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  1. A crocodile on the lake bank while going thru the Panama Canal.
  2. Thanks jwattle, picked up a few good ones!
  3. I've never seen on the personalizer but it's always on a list at the casino desk. Like tompeter I always bring a copy of documentation. Good Luck!
  4. We do mini-suites on the Grand, most recentlfy this last November and I have not seen conditioner in quite a while, just the shampoo combo.
  5. Hi - I can't help with the parking but for your dad - when you let him off request a wheel chair right away. Someone will bring one and push him into the terminal, through security and to a special check in desk. That person is not a Princess employee. The desk is lower so the person in the wheelchair doesn't have to stand. They will then wheel you to a waiting area and a Princess employee will take over, wheeling him up the gangway and to wherever on the ship you would like. My DH can't stand very long and can walk short distances without stopping but the gangway is too much for him. We alway tip well as my DH is a large guy and it can't be too easy to push him. Hope you all enjoy your trip
  6. Hi- it depends on the movie (how popular) and the weather and what else is going on around the ship. The only time I've ever seen it real crowded is during sporting events like the Super Bowl; get there real early for that! They do supply blankets in case it's chilly. The movie is then shown the next day on TV in the stateroom on demand.
  7. We just got back from a r/t Hawaii on the Grand, aft suite D736 and loved it. Really liked sitting out on the balcony watching and listening to the wake. It rained one afternoon in Kauai and sat out there and didn't feel a drop.
  8. We did the same cruise last month; the crab shack was at lunch, dont remember if it was once or twice. I didn't make it the buffet very ofter so don't know about the seafood buffett.
  9. I think you need to think about how much time you send in the room. If you like to be out and about the ship all day taking part in the activities offered and socializing, maybe a mini would be ok but if you like to spend a lot of time in the room relaxing, watching movies, reading or whatever a suite may be better. Private jetted tub vs hot tubs on deck. Sending your laundry vs doing your own in the laundry room. Specialty breakfast vs buffet or mdr. Personally, if we could afford it I would do a suite every time.
  10. My DH and I did the r/t Hawaii in November, just before 2old4this. We has suite D736, an aft facing suite. Loved the room and sitting outside watching and listening to the wake. We normally do a mini suite but splurged this time and we think it was worth it. Mostly used the Club Class dining for dinner, breakfast in the Crown Grill is always wonderful. (Instead of mimosa, I had cranmosa, cranberry juice instead of orange). The jetted tub is great and our laundry was always back within 48 hours. We asked for and received the dinner menus everyday in case we wanted to use room service, which we never did except for ordering in pizza one evening which we ate on the balcony as the sun was going down. In my opinion it was worth it for that cruise as it was 15 days; however we'll be going back to mini suite for our next one - the price difference was too great. Either way - Have a great time!
  11. Actually it's a G5. I'm a light sleeper so when he uses it in a hotel room I can hear the boop boop (?) pulse noise even with earplugs. I think I heard it more this last time because the only outlet was too far away from the bed so he just used it on battery. (didn't take a longer hose; won't make that mistake again.😊)
  12. You might want to try Special needs at sea. I see that they rent POC that may last longer than what your mom is using. My DH started oxygen a few months ago. At home he is on constant flow #3 and we bought an Inogen for when we go out. It has 2 extended batteries. We rented a constant flow concentrator for the stateroom for sleeping, it's a little quieter than the Inogen and I don't hear it as much. The unit was in the room when we arrived and we were told that there was also a spare with the ship in case of problems. We'll definetly use them again.
  13. We booked a Panama Canal for next September under 3 for free and with a casino rate. They wouldn't add anything to it; I was trying for PBP and wi-fi. I would of had to refare under the new promo, still using a casino rate ( which went up $364 p/p). We would also lose the $400 OBC so we just stayed with what we had.
  14. I think that is a great idea; I hope people take advantage of it. Sometimes an excursion sounds great but in reality not so much. It would be helpful to know some details like how far you really have to walk (DH has some mobility problems). The excursion descriptions online aren't always helpful and the excursion staff on board sometimes useless. Last trip one of the staff said it was his first time on this itinerary and could only read from the description on the flyers; he had never taken any of the excursions nor been to any of the ports. Another time given completely wrong info.
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