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  1. Hi Famski, We're in the same situation. My husband started on oxygen a few years ago and have only cruised once with it in 11/2019. He has an Inogen G5 with 2 batteries. He used it when out of the cabin and on excursions. We rented a concentrator from Special Needs at Sea for use in the room. He had no problems. We have a 15 day Hawaiian cruise with Princess in March 2022 so we're hoping they change their rules by then. Fingers crossed for you as well.🙂
  2. We're one of those who do not have a smart phone. I have a Consumer Cellular flip phone in my purse for emergencies (turned off unless I need it) We have a cruise scheduled for next March and was planning on buying an inexpensive smartphone. Would I need to buy 2 (one for each of us) or would we be able to do all the medallion stuff for both on one? Will one where you buy the minutes you need up front be ok or would you need one with a plan? Does it use minutes while on the ship, say ordering a drink? How would you know how many minutes you would need? I know these are very basic questi
  3. Yes it is, I've heard so many great things about it and have checked out the website. It's just so far away, almost 2 years.
  4. Hi JF, we'll be on that one as well. Are you going on the snorkelling trip that's being arranged for Bora Bora?
  5. OH NO! I missed it yesterday, guess I'll have to drink two glasses today to make up for it.
  6. Hi Ellie, so to get to this beach, did you turn right on Front street? How far down to the beach? Is it the one in front of the Lahaina Shores Hotel? I've seen one from the ship and was wondering how it was. Last time there I turned left on Front Street, walked thru town and went to Baby Beach. It was ok but a little far and not much shade. We'll be back there on the 3/27/21 cruise and can't wait. Thanks!
  7. The Holiday Inn Express Fisherman's Wharf and the new Hotel Caza next door (used to be a Holiday Inn). If the prices there get too high try the Columbus Inn which is just up the street.
  8. No, they don't but I've booked thru regular travel agents that don't either. We usually book a specific cabin and time. I realize there are pros and cons and we're satisfied with our experience.
  9. I just did this a few weeks ago. Booked directly because big box was closed and I wanted to get a specfic cabin and those particular type cabins were filling fast. I then called the Big Box, they emailed me a form, completed it and faxed it back to them. They contaced Princess and booking was transferred within a few days (they said you have 60 days to transfer). I still get Big Box store credit (this is for the 28 day South Pacific so the credit is substantial), no fees for changes or cancellation. They contact Princess for me anytime I need something or have a question.
  10. Lahaina is one of my favorite ports. Needing a fix, I went to Youtube and watched a video titled Lahaina Town Maui Hawaii April 2021. A little different seeing it without all the cruise ship passengers.
  11. And I look foward to meeting you as well. The South Pacific cruise has been on our radar for years, we were holding off soing it until our 50th anniversary. Looks like there are a lot of cruisers that have been waiting for it; can't come soon enough!
  12. We're in the Reno area so we don't get as hot as Las Vegas but it is going to be 86 degrees tomorrow, fortunately very little humidity. Going down into the 70's for a few days and then back up in the 80's.
  13. I was getting the successfully logged in but couldn't get into anything, just looped this morning. Just now tried and it says login unsuccessful due incorrect login name or password. Tried several times, both mine and my husbands - no luck. Will just try again later.
  14. Maui is my favorite port on this itineray. Just wish Lahaina wasn't a tender port. Not bad when disembarking the ship but can be a long wait to get back on.
  15. Your husband does laundry? May I borrow Him? 😄
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