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  1. I like the Fisherman's Wharf area but then again I am a tourist. There are quite a few chain hotels in the area and it's easy to get wherever you want to go. A short cab/uber ride in the morning to Pier 27. Personally, I would not stay in the Union Square area, I just didn't like the vibe and really didn't feel as safe there.
  2. Good idea but a bottle doesn't last that long, what about day two?🙂🥂
  3. Just off the Crown - I too like Prosecco, we had Princess Plus but I believe it was $10 a glass without it. (definitley glad I had the Package🙂) I don't do too many drinks like Rum and Coke, but it is probably around $8. Happy cruising!
  4. You can also get free kindle books from Amazon. Under the kindle section just type in free mystery or romance or whatever genre you like. These are yours to keep, no need to return, just delete when finished if you don't want to keep it.
  5. Just a word of caution, once you sail in a suite, it's hard to go back to anything less.
  6. There was a rumor of sloths but I never could find them.. Just ended up with a stiff neck from looking up.
  7. Just off the Crown. Got free tokens from guest services, no problem..
  8. We're on the Crown now Adagio is on deck 16, next to Sabatinis. It's usually a quiet place in the morning
  9. We're also on this cruise, cabin R412. I don't feel it is too bad except for the rough seas. The most noise I hear is from the Lido deck but we expected that. We chose that cabin for location (mobility issues). There are the usual creaking noises and the like that are to be expected with higher seas but overall not too bad. .
  10. Yes, currently on the Crown. In a suite and only option for second setup was red or white. Took the white, sorry l don't remember what it was but I didn't care for it. I took the wine because we had enough water and we really don't drink much soda.
  11. We're on this sailing as well b2b with previous Mexico one. Did the Crab Shack ($39 each). Would not do it again The coating on the not really popcorn shrimp (too big). Was thick and doughy. We shared the bucket, it just wasn't very good. The best part was the key lime pie.
  12. We were able to move our checkout time from the hotel to 1:00pm, not much but better. Weather looks to be in the high 50's, partly cloudy. At least it doesn't show rain🙂
  13. I would have asked the staff to either have them turn it off or use headphones. Imposing your music on others is just rude.
  14. We're all packed - just need the taxi to the train station tomorrow, Marriott Courtyard check in then to In-and Out for supper. Cab on Tuesday to the ship and then to the aft bar for a Daiquiri. for sail away.🚢🍹
  15. We're leaving tomorrow for S.F. Boarding the Crown on Tuesday for 10 day Mexico Rivera and then staying on for Hawaii. We used to do aft facing suites but the walk to the elevators has become a bit too much for my husband so we booked a mid ship suite this time. I will miss the bigger balcony but that's a minor thing. Had to look up Carmella Ranch. It looks nice. That's a really growing area. Hope you enjoy your cruise.🚢
  16. Try googling beach chair rentals Waikiki and several places will pop up, I'm thinking of doing that as well. I remember seeing a vendor right on the beach last year, closer to the Royal Hawaiian. Don't remember what they were charging. Good luck!
  17. Great picture! Do you still live in Reno? We live in Spanish Springs.
  18. We've never put a security picture on the app. They take ours at check in. We are embarking next week and app shows we are in the green lane without a picture. Happy sailing!🚢
  19. We prefer that as well, unfortunately, the California Zepher doesn't have one. We did take the Starlight once to LA to catch a cruise and did business class, it was so nice but that was a really long trip with an overnight in Sacramento between segments. Last time we did a roomette, never again. It is sooooo small. I spent most of the trip in observation car. Hope you enjoy your next cruise.
  20. It's not too bad, about 8 hours. The train is very comfortable and you can get up and walk around and the scenery if great for some of the trip. Decent food in the dining car. We don't do the bus transfer anymore as they let you off on a street somewhere and then you would need a cab to the hotel. We started using a car service from Emeryville into the city. More expensive but easier for us. Hubby has some mobility issues and is on oxygen so I try to make it as easy as possible for him. See you on board!🚢
  21. Thanks, I forgot about things being recorded. See you on board!🚢
  22. Now I have to make a decision - on day 2 - do I go to the Meet & Greet or the talk on Whales. Both are at 10AM.
  23. Hi @mk-ultra We'll be on that cruise as well and starting to get everything together to pack. we love sailing out of SF; we live in the Reno area so take Amtrak over and spend the night in the city. Just a short cab ride to the port in the morning and we're on our way. See you on board!🚢🍹🙂
  24. Is it still possible to view daily menus on the TV? Also, can you still order room service on the TV. We will have Plus and prefer using the TV as opposed to cell or room phone. We'll be boarding the Crown on 12/12/23. Thanks.
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