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  1. GCT has two twins made up as a full bed, or the twin beds. I'd not write them off but call to verify the precise boat you'd be on. They lease them I think, but we've never had trouble getting twins ... necessary for us.
  2. The food/dining issue on a cruise is impossible to deal with, too many variables. I would have discussed this with "someone" and forced some changes so I had something decent to eat. The tip thing was the same on Cunard when I questioned it, Reception's response made me smile. Like most, I would never begrudge the crew any double tips ... we tip our stewards and servers in cash along the way as well as the prepaid ... my husband's a New Yorker and direct tipping is in his blood. It's the way it's handled ... absolutely SNEAKY. The hidden OBC is literally theft if it's not disclosed. We'
  3. Thank you, my dear. I was afraid this might be the case. I'd love to see Alexandria again and will be sure to include it when I plan our next Med cruise. If I'm not dead by then. But right now we're all into the Nile and walking off the ship into the temples. How's a girl gonna plan a trip without CC reviews??? You're doing a great job on this forum BTW.
  4. I may have taken my stupid pills, but I cannot find any Nile River cruise reviews. We did Grand Circle in 2006, the trip was fabulous all the way around but the ship was not so good ... absolutely gorgeous but not user friendly. Want to schedule a trip in January/February 2022, looking at all of them. Avalon's itinerary is not to our liking, we want several days in Cairo, 5-7 days on the Nile, and back to Cairo. Would love a couple of days in Alexandria. Can someone direct me?
  5. I generally have Plan B in the back of my head before a river cruise ... if the cruise is cancelled, I sure am not just going home! So I lay out some ideas and do a little research early on just in case. In Budapest, for instance we could easily spend a week there plus some day trips, then move on to Vienna or Paris or something.
  6. There are problems with low water and high water. Water level issues can occur anytime, anywhere. It's a chance you take with a river ship. Just like bad weather may cause an ocean cruise to miss a port. Perhaps booking a smaller, lighter river ship will help your odds. While it's devastating to the pax, the percentages of "ruined cruises" are probably very, very low. I would consider a cruise ruined if I ended up on a bus, I mean luxury motor coach.
  7. It's always possible that a TA would steer a client based on personal gain; I don't think it would be difficult to figure this out. I would expect my travel agent (excuse me, now they're called advisors) to give me her opinions of various things. If she didn't, I'd find another TA. Viking has multitudes of fans; we were not impressed with the China trip.
  8. Tolerance is almost always the key. My husband would think a cabin is too noisy to sleep in while I don't hear a thing. He will go bananas listening to people yack in the corridor while I barely notice. So take these kinds of posts with a grain of salt.
  9. When it comes to a cruise, the location of our cabin is vital. There's so much information available in so many places that it's easy to book a quiet cabin. You do have to drill down into the deck plans of course ... I'm sure it's clear that some of the cabins are directly over the engines and should be avoided, Explorer Suite or no.
  10. Like ours, I presume your cruise was cancelled. But I can never resist the opportunity to tell fellow travelers about connection times. Three hours internationally. Four is better. There's nothing I dislike more than fretting about making a flight. When you're there early, you have lots of time to deal with anything that comes up (I could make a list) without stress. Airports are nice places now, lots of see and do, good walkies. Two hours for a domestic departure, three hours for international.
  11. I would book this cruise in a heartbeat! We've taken several river cruises, and I think only a couple of times we were tied up with other ships. Except in Egypt, of course, where they float a dozen together ... and every ship blows its horn the whole time they're in port. Sometimes we just don't want to get up for another 830am bus call. That's the beauty of a river cruise. You walk off the ship right in the middle of town (generally). I try to research the ports and the itinerary to figure out which ports we would be happy just wandering around in and having a nice lunch somewhere if
  12. Buying insurance through the travel provider has never made any sense to me. If I have a claim, I want a "real" insurance company to deal with! I've been happy with Dan Drennan in Omaha. I'm not worried about CFAR, but I am worried about the financial solvency of all the companies who have my money.
  13. We've done river and small ship cruises with Grand Circle and Avalon over the years and been delighted with every one of them. Only one Viking trip ever ... China in November 2019. We were happy to pay a premium because we wanted "the best" for this trip of a lifetime. Of course there were lots of good parts. But we thought that Viking did an absolutely horrendous job on so many fronts ... things that could be easily remedied. Some examples: Our tour guide was barely competent and totally unorganized. Communication was the worst I've ever experienced, when there was communication at all
  14. Saving bus seats for a large group? If I were on that bus, they'd only do it ONCE. Agree, super rude.
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