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  1. This thread is becoming so inane that I need to find out how to stop following it.
  2. Ah, thank you Zippee. I'm too attached to my Chase Sapphire to even think about other cards. Always want to know exactly what I'm missing tho.
  3. I'm glad someone mentioned what's been on my mind for months. What's the point of masks and gloves if they're not changed frequently? A gloved hand full of virus is the same as a naked hand full of virus. I do wish "they" would start THINKING and putting in measures that will allow us back our lives while still staying safe as possible. But a politician lives for nothing more than attention, so I'm sure there's little time to actually think about solving the problems.
  4. Now, now … nobody "doesn't want" us over-70 folks. That was just a kerfuffle months ago caused by some idiot who obviously wasn't familiar with the demographics of cruising. Didn't take but a couple of days to beat that idea to death. It was kind of comical actually. I remember reading it and laughing about how dumb the cruise lines were.
  5. All I can contribute is "clear your cookies" or try another browser. Seems to me that a great many websites have become buggy and goofy since we're all imprisoned at home … but I haven't experienced anything that's constant, just many little annoyances.
  6. What is World Points? How can I read all about it?
  7. I agree, Ron. The enormous creativity and initiative out there will get this done with relative ease. And really, buffets vs served is not a very important consideration right now, quite a low priority. We'll all get fed on a cruise ship, we'll get what we want, and hygiene will be greatly improved. What we really want is ... to board a cruise ship and GO SOMEWHERE!!
  8. The voice of reason! If you feel vulnerable, wear a mask. If you're worried about the virus, stay home. I can imagine few things more ridiculous than spending thousands to put on a mask on every time I leave the cabin. I have confidence that the cruise lines see reality here and will negotiate with the "authorities".
  9. There's proof of my point ... piggies like that need to be segregated from the rest of us humans.
  10. How could it possibly return to self-serve? That would be really crazy. I'm beyond healthy and fearless, but I'd never go near a place where all the other pax were handling the serving utensils and spending time close to the food stations.
  11. We sail from Munich on 4 May, so will spend several days at the end of the cruise in Budapest, sandwiched around a couple days in Vienna. I'm booking this all independently; the cruise line's pre- and post-extensions always seem way overpriced to me. That road trip Prague-Buda was my introduction to Hilton Honors ... I had been playing airline frequent flyer games for several years, but had never bothered with hotels. While I was researching this trip, I just couldn't "get" the language, nothing was sticking in my mind. So I decided to just book Hiltons in Prague and Budapest. I had signed up for HHonors and ended up with lots of points; that started the hotel part of the FF game. During the trip, neither country's language ever did resonate with me; we'd hit the streets and never knew what we were doing or where we were going or what we were eating. We'd return to the Hilton and the front desk people would sing out "Welcome back, Mrs Nelson, how was your day?". That's when I became a Hilton loyalist. On that trip, our room was "sub-level" with windows looking out at ground level ... it was fine, but this visit I'm a Diamond, so I expect the best room in the hotel! And Hilton usually delivers. The hotel is sort of built in to the side of an ancient church, has loads of atmosphere but our room was spacious and modern. The Hop-Stop bus came right by the Hilton. In addition to the sightseeing bus, I remember walking everywhere from that Hilton. We did China with Viking last November, the hotels were fabulous, but there are no special perks, so I'd rather book independently. We always arrive a couple days early before a trip, so I book at the host hotel for a night or two ... getting the front desk to grasp that I'm paying for those nights and the cruise line is paying for "their" nights is always challenging. BTW, we stumbled on a "Communist Sculpture Park" outside of Budapest where they had arranged all the huge statues after removing them. We've never forgotten it. It was absolutely fascinating, you should try to get out there.
  12. It's a frustrating situation for everybody. While some are processed very quickly, most refunds from any travel provider are taking 90 days at LEAST. Yours will go through the TA, so probably held up longer. Filing a CC dispute will possibly stop the whole shebang, so I advise patience. Most CCs have a time limit on filing a dispute, so you should check yours. I'd be sort of content until about 120 days, then start shaking the trees. Your TA should certainly be able to give you a status ... but I think it's just an online booking service, right? Probably not a lot of customer service there. Now having said all this, I hope your refund hits in the morning!
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