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  1. What would you propose as an alternative? Keeping on with the party knowing that there is an identified positive COVID infection on board? Confining the sick passenger to their cabin and hoping the same person who brings food to them isn't your server later in the day? Crew doesn't disclose the presence of a case to port authorities so you can have your shore excursion? 🙄
  2. Unless you fall into an essential traveller category Canada requires a 14-day quarantine and you will be contacted by government to ascertain your location. This penalties for breaking quarantine are $750,000 and up to 6 months behind bars. If your quarantine plan doesn't satisfy the CBSA you will be directed to a government-approved quarantine location for the duration. It is encouraging to see a national government in America that is taking COVID-19 seriously.
  3. COVID vaccine to all comers will be an excellent boost to Florida's tourism industry. As a booster is required you'd enjoy a lengthy stay or have to make two trips. Unfortunately I'm under the age requirement but should they lower the cut off to entice more tourists I'll be booking my flight and beachfront hotel!
  4. If you do not have any food the answer is yes just as if someone else has the vaccine, is willing to give it to me and I can't access it in my home country the answer is also yes.
  5. This is not "getting away with" as the government of Florida has acknowledged non-residents will be getting the vaccine too. If someone opens the door and spreads out the welcome mat there's nothing unethical about walking in.
  6. There are three reasons Americans won't be flocking to Canada to be vaccinated. The first is our government's egregiously slow acquisition and delivery of the vaccine, secondly Americans are not permitted in the country for non-essential reasons and finally if they do sneak in proof of residency is required to access the public system even for Canadians. If Florida is willing to vaccinate out of state residents your issue is with the government of Florida not with the people who are going there to be vaccinated.
  7. Not in the short term as it is believed that those who are inoculated can still carry and spread COVID-19. The mask protects those around you should you have the virus and may be a requirement for the foreseeable future.
  8. If Americans are willing to sell vaccine to Canadians ahead of providing it to their own countrymen then Canadians of means will be willing to buy it. Were I of the required age I would be one of those Canadians.
  9. The criticism of poutine is somewhat ironic coming from citizens of a nation where biscuits and gravy are a common and readily available breakfast item in much of the country. 😉
  10. Canada introduced a similar requirement a week before the U.S. causing me to give up any thought of my annual trip to Florida. I can easily get the test within 72 hours before returning home but if the test were positive I'd be stranded in Florida at the mercy of the American health care system if I fell ill. No thanks.
  11. Noro is everywhere. The problem is when it is introduced in the close confines of a cruise ship. The same applies to COVID and other viral infections. They spread like wildfire on cruise ships and other places where people are in close quarters such as prisons and homes for the elderly.
  12. It's the difference between bacterial and viral spread. The risk from salmonella, e-coli and listeria, the most common food-borne bacteria, is primarily to the person eating the food. They are not easily spread to others unlike Noro or COVID. The problem is that cramped quarters on cruise ships facilitate the transmission of viruses so it is entirely fair to criticize cruises for putting people into circumstances where the risk of viral transmission is significantly higher than land-based vacations.
  13. Too optimistic. Canada will not vaccinate at the same rate as the U.S. My bet would be 5%.
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