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  1. Just received cancellation letter for April 25 cruise on the Westerdam. Mixed emotions .....
  2. We share everyone's concern, and we too are disappointed that our upcoming cruise on the Westerdam will most likely be cancelled. But we hope we're not the only ones who feel sad about all the employees in Asia in the tourist industries such as hotels, restaurants, tour guides, bus drivers, etc. who will be laid off and whose families will suffer.
  3. Reply to Skybluewaters: It's hard to say. ”Rough” is kind of subjective. Sort of depends on comparing it to what you have experienced on previous cruises. Sometimes, when I feel a little normal motion, others think it's rough. I would say there was only one day on the way to Hawaii that people had a little difficulty walking around the ship. Forget dancing. The tender service in Maui was very precarious due to high swells. My camera actually drowned inside the tender because water poured in. It was difficult to step on to the tender which was rising an
  4. For those of you keeping track of the Symphony's whereabouts (and watching the ship's cameras), we have had another itinerary change. As you know, we had to high-tail it away from Hawaii and skip the Big Island due to high winds and rough seas. As a result, we are accomplishing our mandatory port visit at Ensenada at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning and arriving in San Diego after lunch. Most passengers are pleased about this extra time in San Diego, especially those who are not from the area. We will spend the night docked at the pier, and disembarkation will take place Sunday morning, as sched
  5. It's now almost 5:30 pm and it's been a gorgeous day. However, the pool deck is closed and all the furniture is tied up. Sitting out on the backs of the open decks is magnificent, but we have been warned that heavy swells will begin tonight and last for 2-3 days. Everyone is hoping we will still be vertical for the New Year's Eve gala, but we are not optimistic about celebrating in formal wear and dancing in high heels! Will keep our readers posted!
  6. At the noon briefing by the Captain, he announced that the doctor has been released from the hospital and is recuperating with friends in San Diego. Good news!
  7. It was announced earlier that the ship's doctor had a medical emergency and was taken to a hospital in San Diego. We were just notified that several passengers who are doctors have volunteered to assist the three nurses onboard until we reach Honolulu where a new ship's doctor will join the Symphony. We hope to sail pretty soon. In the meantime, we enjoyed a wonderful show - Crystal in Motion.
  8. Wadi Rum is similar to a scenic western movie set with camels instead of horses. Scenery is not as gorgeous as Monument Valley in the US. You have to climb in the back of a truck to get there (see photo above) and once you arrive, there is only a souvenir shop inside a tent and lots of camels. Only worth doing if you want a camel ride with a photo to remember it by. Wadi Rum is not a MUST do.
  9. We are boarding the Symphony in San Diego on December 21, 2019. We pre-arranged for guests to join us for lunch on embarkation day. Our confirmation shows lunch in Marketplace at a charge of $35 food plus $20 beverages for each non-passenger. So Marketplace is open on the Symphony. Can't wait!
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