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  1. This is why we do anytime with anyone....any size table. I despise having to answer to tablemates and alot of the times it's a last minute decision to not show up for dinner at all. I want to do what I want, when I want and if I want! Its also nice to not know who you will dine with regardless of good, bad or indifferent, heck, it's only once! Its our vacation to do as we wish!
  2. I do love turn down service with the evening dimmed light...and... Towel animals!
  3. The photographer that hits you up for embarking photo after you've been flying for 10 hours......leave me alone, I just want a shower and a drink!!! Stupid paper...paper and more paper. Photo walls with a sea of photos...what a waste! The corny baked alaska parade......these poor waiters!
  4. Took one bahama cruise with carnival in august and what a mistake!!! Crawling with kids.....yuck! Always now only stick to mid fall and we have been very lucky having no kids! Want to try Celebrity but don't wish to if the push is for families!
  5. They want to play with paper saxk...okay...I always take duct tape with me. I will tape the hell out of it!
  6. Sorry Karen....my above response is for you!
  7. That was just 2 doors down and you will love it! Great area and very quiet. A short walk to the launderette. At times that could be a feat in itself to work yourself into a washer and dryer. I always did ours late at night or during the basic dinner hours. NEVER on a sea day....it could be a fiasco! Women do not play when it comes to 4 wash/dryers for an entire ship!:eek:
  8. Just returned yesterday on the Quest and was in room #7104....perfection. Quiet....elevators and launderette just a few yards away. would want to stay in the same room again.:p
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