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  1. Oh. ok, now it makes sense and I don't feel so bad. Thanks
  2. We have a Hawaii cruise scheduled for Dec/Jan. Someone on our roll call was checking our other ports and the Ohau port schedule shows we are now overnighting in Honolulu.
  3. We have cruised 3 times in the last year, July/Aug 2022 B2B Ruby/Alaska 20 days, Dec/Jan Panama Canal B2B, 30 days and 28 days South Pacific Mar/April this year in full suites and have never been invited to 360. Doing Mexico/Hawaii B2B 26 days,in Dec/Jan coming up, so maybe then.
  4. All our previous suites have been aft facing, which I love, but it's getting to be too much for hubby so we switched to midship. It makes it further for suite breakfast but can't have your cake and eat it tooπŸ™‚ We'll just take our time getting there. Happy cruising!
  5. I hope not, I booked our suites for Dec/Jan specifically by the mid ship elevators so my hubby, who has mobility issues, doesn't have to walk too far.
  6. I cruise with my hubby but he has mobility issues and usually doesn't get off the ship so I do Princess excursions by myself. There are usually others alone on the bus and I've shared the time with them and had a lot of fun.. I am fine with walking around town on my own if there are no safety concerns. It actually gives you more flexibility to see and do what you want. I hope you have a great cruise.
  7. We had occasional breakfast and lunch in the Reserve Dining area on the Crown in March/April In the Davinci dining room.
  8. We did B2B Panama Canal last year (LA/FLL/LA) each 15 days. The first leg was the Christmas/New year one. There were more children than usual but not overly so. We hardly knew they were there. The Captain read the Night before Christmas over the PA system (not in the stateroom) and Santa was in the Piazza on Christmas afternoon, each child was able to sit on his lap and received a stuffed animal. There will be more children on your trip as it is a 7 day segment. The ship was beautifully decorated.
  9. it's been a few years since we were there but I remember there being seating areas along the water side walkway. I also remember donkey pulled carts but this was all pre-covid. The videos on YouTube do show the seating, it's a wonderful port if he can handle it. Good luck!
  10. We have been sailing in suites lately but never on a Royal class ship. It would be nice if the other ships had a concierge, not necessarily a separate lounge but at least a person to assist.
  11. Please do some research before doing the Swim with Dolphins. May be fun for the humans, not so much for the dolphins. It can also be dangerous. Thank you.
  12. We had pub lunch on the Crown in March.
  13. I wish they would always do that, my hubby needs wheelchair assist for getting off and back on.
  14. We really only had one server. There was someone who helped set up the table but other than that just the one brought in all the courses. We tipped him $20 - don't know if that was too much or not enough, just what we thought was appropriate.
  15. We did this in April on our 50th anniversary cruise on the Crown. I believe it was $100 and worth every penny. We did it in the room as it was a little too windy to sit on the balcony. They came in and set up a table with table cloth and flowers. Champagne, lobster, filet were all wonderful. There was also a chocolate cake (bigger and better than the ones you would get in the MDR for a special occasion). There were also pictures taken and one was included in the price. You will call the dine line and discuss what you want for dinner. I had filet and lobster, my hubby just 2 lobster tails. May do it again on our next cruise.
  16. @AZjohn Please please tell me about the cinnamon doughnuts and where they are hiding.
  17. I see that the cabanas have a TV, wouldn't that disturb the rest of the people in the Sancturary? If I paid extra for the Sanctuary I would be really annoyed if I had to listen to it.
  18. We'll also be on the Crown (Dec/Jan) and the only casual dining they had in Mar/Apr was the Salty Dog in the Wheelhouse. I wonder if that is still going to be there.
  19. My husband uses a shower seat on cruises although we've not used one in a regular balcony shower. He has gotten two different types, one was a bench seat and the other was more like a chair as it had a back. He preferred the chair type as the bench was smaller and not as stable. As mentioned above, be sure to ask for the hand held shower wand,
  20. I have a kindle paperwhite as well. Can't download using the Princess WiFi. The person at the internet cafe said they are not compatible.
  21. For something a little different if you have transportation is the Seahorse Farm (Seahorse.com). We went many years ago and it was very interesting. Even had a seahorse wrap it's tail around my finger.
  22. I like it although I've not been on the Discovery. On our last cruise on the Crown Princess it was held in Club Fusion. I enjoyed the snacks and meeting other passengers. There was almost always live music, mostly a pianist.
  23. I'd get the one shaped like a turtle.🐒
  24. Can you get a glass of just one kind of juice or do you have to get one of the combinations listed? None of them appeal to me. Thanks.
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