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  1. Now I have to make a decision - on day 2 - do I go to the Meet & Greet or the talk on Whales. Both are at 10AM.
  2. Hi @mk-ultra We'll be on that cruise as well and starting to get everything together to pack. we love sailing out of SF; we live in the Reno area so take Amtrak over and spend the night in the city. Just a short cab ride to the port in the morning and we're on our way. See you on board!🚢🍹🙂
  3. Is it still possible to view daily menus on the TV? Also, can you still order room service on the TV. We will have Plus and prefer using the TV as opposed to cell or room phone. We'll be boarding the Crown on 12/12/23. Thanks.
  4. I'm rather confused by the whole thing. We are booked into a midship full suite for our cruise in a few weeks. All suites have been showing sold out for a while. I've gotten 2 emails in the last 2 weeks asking if we wanted to bid on an aft facing suite or the owner's suite. We usually do an aft facing but with my husbands mobility issues I changed us up to midship by the elevators. What would we be bidding on if all suites are showing sold out?
  5. We'll be on that cruise as well. We were on the Crown in March/April and thought she was fine. Looking forward to some warm weather. See you on board!
  6. I wish there was a suite Concierge on all the ships. We do suites but most recently Ruby, Emerald and Crown. We'll be on the Crown again next month for B2B for 26 days and a concierge would really be nice. Oh well, at least we're cruising.🚢🍹
  7. I remember Keansburg from when I was a child (late 1950's). I think the "boardwalk" type stuff was just on a street. My father would fish off the jetty and the rest of us would just wander around. Liked Asbury Park much better.
  8. I would like to know as well. We usually take an aft facing suite but the distance from there to the aft elevators is getting to be too much for my hubby. For our upcoming cruise on the Crown I switched us to rooms right across from the midship elevators. That should make it easier for him but hoping not too much noise from above.
  9. Apparently not needed. We've never uploaded one, we have a cruise next month and are in the Green Lane without it.
  10. I would give your teens the assignment of researching things to do. It can be very educational - learning about the island, costs, distances etc. We're also on that cruise. I joined an excursion set up by another passenger for the 28th. I think the next day I'll either take the bus or a taxi down to the Waikiki area for the beach. See you on board!
  11. We have a great CVP, sent us an introduction email and that's all until we needed to book. He was very helpful even when I was changing things around several times. Never tried to sell us anything and always sends an email when he will be out of the office.
  12. That's the problem for us. We won't do the Reserve because on the ships we've sailed they don't have any cover over the balcony and that's a no go for us. We love the dining aspect so we've sailed less and have gone to full suites. Oh, the sacrifices one makes!🙂
  13. My husband has been cruising with oxygen for several years. He has an Inogen portable concentrator for when he is out of the cabin. Although you can use it 24/7 he chooses not to. We rent a room concentrator from Special Needs at Sea. They deliver it to your stateroom and pick it up when the cruise is over. Price wise it is worth it to us. For example, we have an upcoming cruise (B2B) on Princess from San Francisco for a total of 26 nights and the rental cost is $404.00 They include a cannula, connector piece and a long hose for moving around the room. As mentioned above I would check with your cruise line and also airline if you are flying. I think you'll find that you can do alot of what you did before with some adjustments, Happy travels.
  14. I did that several years ago and it was the best excursion I have ever done. I did it with a private vendor rather than the ship's excursion (La Paz VIP tours). Small boat rather than the large ones the cruise uses. It was me and one other couple. Very personalized experience and no more expensive than the cruise line. Would definitely do it again. Have fun!
  15. It's on deck 5 next to the International Cafe.
  16. We ask for wheelchair assist at both the entrance to the terminal and again from the cruise line. The first will take you thru the terminal, security and check in and the cruise line will take you from there onto the ship. The same in reverse for disembarkation.
  17. We were on that one as well (50th anniversary and in a full suite) Really stretched our budget but would do it again if we could.
  18. Have you cruised Alaska? We've done whale watching there a few times and have seen pods of Orca's several times. Awesome sight!
  19. I do the request on the app but tell the room steward as well. Sometimes it seems that the request doesn't make it to them.
  20. Yes, they usually have table of them right as you are getting off the ship
  21. No, just look for them when you arrive. Sometimes they are standing against the building and sometimes up at the entrance to the terminal. They will take you up thru security and check in and then they will turn you over to a Princess employee to take you onto the ship. My hubby has trouble standing for more than a few minutes and the incline on the gangway onto the ship is too much. i hope this helps. Have a great time!
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