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  1. No such luck for my Android phone. Requirement says version 4.4 is needed. I'm running 8.0.0.
  2. Call me a softie, but c'mon, this is a ROMANCE package. Think crepes and coq-au-vin and a bottle of Bordeaux at an intimate table for two with French décor and music, or a noisy steakhouse with a beer and a slab of meat.
  3. The confirmation that I received from my TA does not show the codes. Like @EllieinNJ, I called NCL and was told they could see the codes. NCL sent me their confirmation and all of the codes do appear.
  4. I'm booked on the Jan 16 cruise with itinerary A, so that's my choice. Never been to Bonaire and am looking forward to snorkeling. Been to Granada and was not impressed--too many aggressive spice peddlers.
  5. Hmm, it seems you may not have gotten the joke. Too bad Coca Cola doesn't "own" NCL so we could get a real Jack and Coke. But to each their own, and in the battle of the beverages, may the best Coke win. 😁
  6. Oh good, someone got the joke. 😊
  7. At the risk of starting yet another water war discussion, you do have another choice--the desalinated and filtered water from your stateroom tap, any bar dispenser or buffet water station.
  8. In Atlanta it's called "Coke" 😁
  9. Have you looked at a European river cruise? The boats are small but luxurious. There are lots of ports. Land is almost within reach on both sides, literally when in a canal lock. And who can say no to the Danube?
  10. I can generally tell there is something different. DW is much more discerning. She'll ID a rum/bourbon and non-Coke almost 100%, send it back, and have a bourbon and ginger.
  11. There's a reason it's called "Rum and Coke" or "Jack and Coke". It just ain't the same with Pepsi.
  12. Starting tomorrow in at least 6 counties in Georgia, anyone 16 or older can walk into certain vaccination centers and get the jab, no reservation required.
  13. Many years ago DW and I were hiking the Appalachian Trail in Maine where we picked up the trail name for the rafts that we used to cross the Kennebec River. I've used the handle many places since.
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