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  1. I've been casually watching this thread since making our Monarch Governess reservation oh so many months ago. Now we're down to 3 weeks and am paying a lot more attention. Thanks for keeping us informed. Looking forward to reading more.
  2. That is good to know. The idea of drinking filtered river water wasn't real appealing 😝 Thanks!
  3. I'm preparing for my first river cruise and cannot find information on one persistent question. There are several excellent articles on the ocean cruise forums about how the sea water is desalinated and used throughout the ship. Most of us have no concerns about drinking the water and find no reason to pay extra for bottled water. On river cruises, it seems to be common practice that each cabin is provided a bottle of water each day in the cabin. For myself, 1 bottle won't make it past breakfast. Which brings me to the question about the quality of the water in the sink in the cabin. Is it safe to brush your teeth with the tap water? Are there places to fill up a Nalgene or to just get a drink of water during the day?
  4. Looking for information about Biotopo Monterrico-Hawaii National Park. There are some great reviews on other sites, but so far, I've not found anything on CC. The park looks to be about 15 miles south of the port at Puerto Quetzal. The park offers lagoon and wildlife boat tours, as well as the Tortugario Monterrico where endangered species are raised. If anyone knows anything about it, I'd like to hear from you. Information about how to get to the national park from the port would also be appreciated. Thanks.
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