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  1. I just saw this . . no problems. We got off the ship a lot quicker than I assumed when I prearranged the time so we had to wait about 45 mins for them, but that wasn't their fault
  2. We are considering an excursion to Pearl Island. RCL offers one with and without snorkeling. Is snorkeling just done from the shore? We have our own equipment. Are we able to just swim out and snorkel on our own? Is there a part of the island that has better snorkeling than other parts? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. What more do you get? Just curious?
  4. Not allowed to snorkel from the shore because of the waves? Or because of rules? We have our own equipment and were planning on snorkeling from shore
  5. we just got off that ship. Yes, $50 for vietnam, $30 for cambodia
  6. We just got back. NCL took care of the visa for Sihanoukville. It was only $30/pp, so if Oceania is charging $89, that's simply a rip-off (and I thought NCL was nickel and diming everything, lol) We also flew to Siem Reap for 2 days. We did the online evisa for Cambodia, that was super easy, we also got our tickets to Angkor Wat ahead of time to save time. If you are looking for a tour guide for Angkor Wat, we used San Park. He was absolutely amazing!!! I would highly recommend him!
  7. We just got back from there. I hired a taxi ahead of time with Pattaya Express. Was about $60 to our hotel in Bangkok. Super easy to work with. Do not wait until you arrive to get a taxi! The ship will also provide transport but only to the city center, then you still have to get to your hotel
  8. We just got off NCL. The ship took care of the Cambodian Visa for $30 pp
  9. Going to Falmouth for the first time (never been to Jamaica). Has anyone done a non-ship excursion to snorkel/sail the area? Looking for half day kind of thing with snorkeling, lunch and drinks. Suggestions?
  10. Glad to hear that, we just booked an aft facing cabin on deck 11 for November Asian cruise. Was a little worried about the noise, but as long as it’s not when I’m sleeping, I’m fine with it.
  11. Thankfully, the beauty of the ship is free! We can all do without go carts, putt putt and darts
  12. It's a very different experience, for sure! 😉
  13. If they were losing money, they wouldn't do it dozens of times a year
  14. I get the extreme frustration of planning a cruise as far as a year out only to have that week closed by the cruise line for a charter. But just to be clear, there are hundreds of these charters every year, on big ships from RCL, NCL, Virgin, Princess, Carnival, Oceania etc, for a huge variety of themes, from music, to star trek, to cancer, and friends of mine are on a cruise for nurses. But believe me, these are not "rich elite", and yes, perhaps they do cost slightly more, but they are also getting more of an experience. But, no, that boat load of 4,000 nurses that are sailing this week on NCL are not "rich elite", they are hardworking people that probably make less than most of the cruisers on this site, Please don't bring them into your anger with NCL. I also know that cruise companies will refund the cruise or reschedule the passengers with a price lock, and usually offer additional onboard credit and even assistance with airfare changes. Hopefully you were able to book another cruise that same week.
  15. Thanks so much. Phu My and Laem Chabang are listed
  16. We were offered to join friends on this specific itinerary later this year in November, on NCL Jewel. We've never been to Asia, and I know I'll be doing a huge amount of obsessive research before we sail. But just as a starter, I would appreciate thoughts on this itinerary. Thanks so much in advance for any insight from those you who have cruised or lived in these areas! Day 1: Depart from Singapore 7PM Day 2: Port Kiang (Kula Lampur) Malaysia 9AM-7PM Day 3: Langkawi, Malaysia 11AM-7PM Day 4: Sea day Day 5: Sea day Day 6: Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam, 8AM-midnight Day 7: Sea day Day 8: Sihanoukville, Cambodia 7AM-7PM Day 9: Ko Samui, Thailand 8AM-6PM Day 10: Arrive Bangkok 6AM
  17. Maybe it's free when it's not working correctly, which seemed to be most of the time
  18. I could understand that, except that literally right next-door is RCLs island and their pier, but yes, not much can be done about access to the island on windy days
  19. We just got off the Prima, so I thought I would give you my review. I will preface the review because it was a gay charter cruise, so that by nature had a different level of energy and variety, but this review really applies to everyone. We had a basic balcony cabin, so I have no information about Haven, other than what we learned from other passengers. The ship: First, the ship is absolutely stunning. If you appreciate architecture, art, and interior design, you will love this ship. No shiny brass anywhere. Beautiful tones, materials, textures, lighting, etc. There are so many restaurants and bars that it does take a day or so to understand the layout, but so what, you’re on vacation, enjoy, explore the ship. The 8th floor pool deck is unique among any cruise ship I’ve ever sailed on. It really takes the pressure off the upper pool deck, and allows you to experience a variety of seating arrangements and views, so everyone is not just surrounding the pool on the upper deck. The pool deck on 17 has one pool and two hot tubs, and the 8th deck has two infinity pools. There is plenty of poolside seating between those two decks. If you love sun, one side of the 8th floor is always sunny, if not, the other side is always shady, but you’re always sitting somewhere where you feel like you’re part of “the scene”. So many quiet areas outside to sit as well. The bow of the boat is not accessible to the public, so if you’re expecting to get that “I’m on top of the world“ picture, you won’t be able to. The glass walkways overlooking the water on deck 8 are fun, especially if you’re not crazy about heights. My one huge complaint, and one that NCL really needs to address, and I’m surprised they have not already, is that black soot from the ships steam pipes land all over the 8th deck, the chairs, floor, everything was covered with this. think charcoal baby powder. you will need a towel to sit anywhere and don’t get it on your clothing, it won’t easily come out. It really distracted from the beauty of that deck and something I’ve never experienced on any other cruise ship. Cabins We loved the cabin, it seemed more spacious than ships we’ve sailed on Celebrity or RCL. And the balcony had really comfy reclining chairs. The balcony table is a bit small, so if you order food, use the food tray and keep that stored for future use. The bathroom seemed larger than other ships, And the shower is really really nice. There are 4 different sprays on the shower nozzle. You will really appreciate the heated mirror that prevents fog when you step out of the shower, the closets are ample, but you might need to ask your cabin attendant for additional hangers. They could use a couple more drawers, but it really was fine, the beds are high enough that you can store your luggage underneath and use that for some space if needed. Food and drinks There are so many restaurant choices, many of which charge either à la cart, pricing or part of a dining package. Honestly, we opted not to try any of those and stuck with the complementary ones. Hudson’s and the Commodore room are the main dining rooms, and the menu did not change throughout the cruise. We had a couple of good meals there, but then got a little bored. I think NCL will have to review that decision, most people we’ve talk to enjoyed the food, but not the same menu every night. But, Indulge on 8 was amazing and more than made up for the limited choice in the MDR. The variety and quality of food there was unexpected. It’s basically six or seven “food trucks“ concept, you order from an iPad and it comes literally within minutes. Take your time, order one or two things at a time, and then order more, share, try new things, if you don’t like it, try something else, It’s quite a food adventure. The Indian dishes were amazing, also, you can get a beef tenderloin for no charge. They have a huge variety of seating there and you can also sit outside and use a paper menu. Plenty of options, although I wish the hours were a bit more extended. The Local also had great food, we ate there for lunch a lot and dinner once. They make a dangerously good ice cream sundae also. Surfside, the poolside buffet on deck 17, had quite good choices, fresh, and constantly changing. They had different themes each day. There are a ton of bars all over the ship, challenge yourself to try to find them all. If you like beer, there are so many choices at the bar in the indulge food hall. We always tried the drink of the day, that was hit or miss, but always worth a try, most of those, and beer and the wine we drank we’re all $9, most of the cocktails were $13. Actually not too bad pricing. Entertainment We loved it all. Aside from the entertainment brought on by the charter company, the ships entertainment was a notch above most that we’ve seen on other cruises. Unfortunately, due to flooding of the theater the day before our cruise, they could not produce the Donna Summer show, so I can’t comment on that, But the shows at Syd Norman were fantastic, Noise boys, although not for everyone, was really great. Even if you’re not into that, give it a try. The two smaller venues are just too small. Those shows were standing room only, which we didn’t mind, but not everyone wants to stand for an hour. The Prima theater was amazing. The LED lighting, effects, sound quality and the fact that the seats can be pulled back, and the theater made into a night club venue within minutes was so unique. Activities Do your research on this one, because the ship might not be for everyone depending on whether you have kids or not, and what ages. There were no kids on our cruise, so I’m not going to address any children’s activities, but the go carts were really fun, I didn’t think they would be, but they were. They go pretty darn fast, but don’t be afraid to push the pedal to the metal for the entire course, the cars are incredibly stable and you’ll have more fun. The virtual reality arcade looked fun, and a huge variety of activities, but I just didn’t feel like paying the money to do something that I’ve done at home. The putt putt course was unique and slightly more interactive than other ships, but again, a $10 charge makes it not so worth it. We didn’t bother with darts, because that was a $20 charge, which made no sense. Other activities, like foosball, and the pickle ball court were fun. the wave on the pool deck was fun, for about 4 seconds, just too short. There are huge sliding tubes that go from deck 17 down to deck 8 that were certainly interesting, we tried them all once. Some people said they had to scootch their way down, and other times, they closed it because they said it was going to fast, which made no sense to me. It’s free, so try it at least once. I would definitely definitely definitely steer clear of balconies near those tubes. They block the view, and you will hear people screaming going down them. Ports A huge disappointment as two of the tendered ports needed to be canceled because of windy conditions. NCL really needs to consider building a pier at their private island. They’ve owned it since 1977 and it was disappointing to come right up to it and then be told that we can’t get off the ship, especially looking right next-door at RCLs private island, and seeing 2 ships docked there. we also could not get off at Costa Maya because of similar conditions. Embarkation and debarkation Ridiculously quick and easy. No line at either end, a ton of check-in counters, and customs at the end was so quick with the new facial recognition equipment. Do your research, we loved the ship, it had some flaws and quirks, but overall it was a wonderful week
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    From what I understand, you can check your luggage in Anchorage and they will deliver it to the cruise ship. Anyone else I have information on this?
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