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  1. Writing from Lisbon, Portugal. New cases are low, have had no deaths in recent days. Restaurants still at 50% seating, all indoor spaces require masks and social distancing. Outdoor masks only if you can't maintain distancing. For example, I wear one when I walk my dog during the day, because I'm not sure I can maintain distancing. People respectful with masks and distancing. The Portuguese are very patient! As each level was opened there was a small uptick in cases, but with testing and tracing, it was contained. Tourism has returned, but Americans and Brazilians are not allowed. You can tell
  2. On our next cruise, we're trying a new cruise line. We wanted our next cruise to be Carnival, but we moved to Portugal a year ago and there were no Carnival ships in Europe this year, so we're trying MSC for a Med cruise. Be interesting too see the differences and look forward to sailing Carnival again when they come back.
  3. OP, after running Nursing Homes, some with specialty dementia units, I think you are kind and generous friends. Your assessment of what they thought they had purchased is probably correct. We also cared for my Mom in her last 2 years in our home and she was convinced my husband was her's and that I had stolen him from her. Made it hard to get respect! 😀 We took her on a few cruises, too and I had a friend who came along to be her roommate. Fortunately, there were no mobility issues as she was physically fairly healthy. There's no arguing with stubborn elders, I have learned, and I plan to be j
  4. We are in the same position early November and we will probably do the same as you plan. We agree about the restaurant advice, as well, as we now live in Lisbon and enjoy walking around and trying un-famous restaurants. We usually ask locals where they go and have not been disappointed. Just in case, tho, I recently bought Rick Steeves Venice Guide and am enjoying the planning.
  5. I don't think I could live without Omeprazole. To the OP's question, DH has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so for the first time, we getting the soda package only. Also, our last 17 cruises have all been on Carnival, but last year we retired to Lisbon, Portugal and CCL isn't in Europe this year so we're cruising MSC for the first time. They have a status match program that, with our Platinum on CCL, started us at Gold on their line. Looking forward to trying something new. BTW, their non-alcoholic plan includes specialty coffees and teas, virgin drinks, all water,
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