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  1. OP, after running Nursing Homes, some with specialty dementia units, I think you are kind and generous friends. Your assessment of what they thought they had purchased is probably correct. We also cared for my Mom in her last 2 years in our home and she was convinced my husband was her's and that I had stolen him from her. Made it hard to get respect! 😀 We took her on a few cruises, too and I had a friend who came along to be her roommate. Fortunately, there were no mobility issues as she was physically fairly healthy. There's no arguing with stubborn elders, I have learned, and I plan to be just as stubborn when I'm that age (my DH thinks I already am!).
  2. We are in the same position early November and we will probably do the same as you plan. We agree about the restaurant advice, as well, as we now live in Lisbon and enjoy walking around and trying un-famous restaurants. We usually ask locals where they go and have not been disappointed. Just in case, tho, I recently bought Rick Steeves Venice Guide and am enjoying the planning.
  3. I don't think I could live without Omeprazole. To the OP's question, DH has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so for the first time, we getting the soda package only. Also, our last 17 cruises have all been on Carnival, but last year we retired to Lisbon, Portugal and CCL isn't in Europe this year so we're cruising MSC for the first time. They have a status match program that, with our Platinum on CCL, started us at Gold on their line. Looking forward to trying something new. BTW, their non-alcoholic plan includes specialty coffees and teas, virgin drinks, all water, soda and juices and soft serve ice cream.
  4. I now bring my own straw everywhere. I started with the stainless ones, but I didn't like them clanking on my teeth, so I bought silicone ones. Love them! Bought one that folds into a little case and keep it in my purse.
  5. Thanks all! Good to know. We're limited now to European cruises, but will definitely consider in the future.
  6. We have a small credit from a promotion when we booked our cruise. Is there anywhere on the website or the ticket that indicates it's there?
  7. DH was given his match in 2 days. Same status, mine got no response. After a month, I submitted again. Same thing, a month later, nothing. So then I emailed them with the particulars and BINGO!, match in 48 hours. I think it's a great program. Living in Portugal now, Carnival's options for Europe are limited, so it gave us a "leg up" to try a new cruise line. We're looking forward to it.
  8. Not to mention cabin 4228. AMAZING suite cabin with wrap balcony. Will be sailing on the Legend in Europe next year and are so looking forward to it.
  9. LONG time CCL cruiser here and have no idea what a Journey cruise is. First I thought it was the band, but now I don't think so. So what is it? TIA
  10. Dh and I have always used Cheers, but he has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer, so there's no more drinking for him. We are sailing for the first time on MSC because CCL offered no European cruises this year and we live in Lisbon, Portugal. They have a Non-alcoholic package that includes specialty coffees and teas, all mineral waters, juices, sodas, their soft serve, and mocktails. Both passengers in the cabin must get it. I like that he can join me at the bar and I can order a shot for my drink. It's everything you get with the Cheers package, less the alcohol. It's @$80/person for European cruises. I would love to have the same package on CCL next year when they're back in Europe.
  11. Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know.
  12. We are seasoned cruisers, but we've only cruised in the US. We always bring $1 bills and tip at each round. Don't judge, we know we get remembered and better service altho others may think differently. But now we're on our first European cruise and we're wondering, while we will continue to tip like we have in the US, would tipping in US $ be welcomed by staff, or should we bring Euros? I'm asking because I don't know if it would be too hard for staff to convert the dollar bills or bank them. Bear in mind, we now live in Lisbon and would have to pre-order dollar bills at our bank.
  13. When we lived in Key West, we always drove up 2 days before to spend some time in a "big city", lol. Now that we're in Lisbon, our next Med cruise leaves from Venice, so we're spending 3 nights pre-cruise to explore the city.
  14. We love Cheers.If you drink 6-7 drinks a day, it's worth it, especially since we also get a specialty coffee every morning, I get two sparkling waters at least daily and DH gets a few milkshakes and some sodas.
  15. First, we love Carnival. But... I was disappointed when, as Platinum cruisers, I told the CCL rep before we cruised that it was a special cruise, our 25th wedding anniversary. I thought we might get a bottle of champagne or something similar. It was the night we attended Chef's Table and they wrote Happy Anniversary on our dessert plates. The next night in the dining room, we got our heart cake. I guess I just thought that as long time CCL cruisers, they would give us something a little special. Not so much. This was in 2015.
  16. We do the same. There's always one port on a cruise that we've been to before/don't care about/have nothing we like to do, so we make our spa reservations on boarding day for that port day.
  17. I have always been a traveler and am on my 3rd passport. I can't imagine not having one. When my hubs and I married, one of the first things we did was get him a passport. IDK why Americans don't automatically get a passport at adulthood, at least. Almost every other country (first/second world) citizens have passports whether they travel or not. DH and I have travelled before the internet and always kept a copy of our passport ID page with person listed as next of kin and in our luggage in case of a problem, but now we just have a scanned copy in our computer files.
  18. Like you, we're Platinum on CCL and have our first MSC cruise in November (but not in YC), so I'm watching the replies! We no longer live in Key West which made cruises out of MIA or FLL easy - and cheap! We're now in Lisbon, so we'll be doing our first Med cruise and expect it to be very different. Happy to try a new line and next year will be able to choose which line for our cruise when CCL comes back to the Med.
  19. This ship was our first Carnival cruise when it was the Triumph, in 2006. We had cruised multiple times before, on RCL, X, NCL, and others and had always been told CCL was trashy. Our cruise on the Triumph was amazing. DH got a discount for being a veteran, we got one of the L-shaped balconies, we could afford our first balcony, and were totally impressed with how much we enjoyed our cruise. We've been CCL fans ever since. I hope someday to experience that same ship as the "Sunrise". Our other favourite ship was the old "Destiny" and we sailed her 4 times. We've not been on her as the "Sunshine", but that is another wish on our list. Loving your review.
  20. Are there restaurants and/or bars below where you don't need to take a cable car up or down?
  21. We lived 17 years in Key West and I only owned Havainas flip flops (love them!). Some were "fancy" and some were plain. Never, ever had a problem in the Dining Room on 15+ CCL cruises. Now that we live in Lisbon though, can't wear them. The cobblestone streets, hills and stairs, especially when wet from rain, would cause multiple broken bones trying to wear flip flops! I'm looking forward to my Med cruise to be able to wear them on the ship. Otherwise, I only wear sneakers that are for walking/hiking. Too old for broken bones!
  22. Does anyone know if MSC offers transfer packages to/from airport/port in Venice? I don't see anything on the website, but you never know.
  23. My "nonsense" comment was referring to the butter discussion. The state of our planet is of much concern to me, which is why I have my own stainless straws, among other efforts to reduce my footprint.
  24. Always bring our own stainless straws. Plastic is truly killing the oceans . The rest is just nonsense.
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