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  1. Lots of interesting, cogent replies above, and I've expressed concerns somewhat similar to those of the OG in the past. I travel solo across the Atlantic because, whole I love that experience on the QM2, my wife finds the experience boring -- she's a social animal who loves exploring every stop. She can do Alaska cruise with a friend or two while I enjoy ballroom dancing, the QM2 choir and exploring the bars and lectures. We're both planners, so rather that guess that Cunard will do its best to meet my solo interests -- eventually -- we're planning an extended land stay and back-to-bac
  2. Well, if you can recommend a currently solo lady of wealth and intellect, I'm in... I'd probably be a great disappointment to her, though. LOL
  3. No, it is not an unreasonable rule, but it is one, that now as a solo traveler, would render the experience valueless to me. Since my first cruise with family in the early 1980s, multiple European river cruises, and transatlantic crossing on the QM II, the most pleasurable experiences have been in meeting and getting to know people with whom I dined -- from concert pianist to long-haul bus driver from Glascow, to owners of one of two stop light manufacturing companies in the USA, to a very, very senior person at the CIA. The prospect of being confined to a solo cabin and then dining solo,
  4. Hoping my next cruise will be across two months so that I can have a whiskey, neat, at departure and another on the evening before departure. (I only get one drink a month, thanks to my blood pressure meds.)
  5. It's simply a serene experience. Once you are out of sight of land, the world simply seems to stop. Having been on numerous cruises a couple of decades ago with family and friends, I find I prefer the quiet elegance of the QM 2 experience. The only advice I really can offer is that if you do not now regularly negotiate the dance floor, then take a few lessons before you leave home -- and please dress for dinner. A quality tux and and elegant evening gown make a statement about your world view, and the QM 2 is the perfect place to enjoy the life you have built. It's just about i
  6. I did the NY to Southampton crossing solo and in an interior cabin 2 years ago on the QM2. I found myself at a table for 8 which included a classical pianist who would be performing during the cruise, the UK customs official for the cruise and her friend, the most interesting man on the ship from Glascow, who had retired to become a long-haul bus driver, a lady who was "her for the dancing," a rather flamboyant real estate agent from the Northeast USA, and a rather rotund older gentleman from the USA who was taking his first cruise after the passing of his wife. Each of us had interesting
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