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  1. Received the plastic holder for my vaccine card. Thought I’d share what it looks like.
  2. FYI, do not laminate your vaccination card. You may have to use it going forward for booster vaccines. I purchased plastic holders for my card from Walmart but I believe Amazon also sells them. Just google: Premium Card Protector (3x4 in) for CDC Immunization Record. That's how I found it. Not sure CC will allow me to post the link or not?
  3. Bottom line: if you don't want to get the vaccine, that's your choice. Royal will be making it mandatory to cruise most likely going forward. If you want to cruise, you have to be vaccinated for your safety, other passengers and crew too (as an adult for now). I want to cruise again, I have chosen to get vaccinated. Happy Sailing All!!
  4. I don’t think that’s true about D+ boarding, I am still enjoying that perk. 👍
  5. I had answered the survey with a no. I did get another copy of my bookings yesterday to confirm my JS’ (we have 2 booked) were still the same. I am very happy about that. Hope they got some takers and this issue is now resolved. What a mess Royal!
  6. CC'ers are the best! Thanks all for your comments, truly appreciate it.
  7. Carol you’re more than welcome to come hang out with me during the cruise
  8. Thanks all, will sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow
  9. Hi all, i have an opportunity to upgrade to a CLS (ocean view)on my cruise in Nov. I wanted to know those of you who have been in CLS’, was more movement in the back of the ship, more noise or anything I need to be wary of? I’m a light sleeper and want to make sure it’s quiet at night. let me know your experiences please. Happy Cruising!
  10. Thanks so much, I knew you all would know! 😊😊
  11. Hi All, I know this isn't in the topic but could not find the correct search feature to find a list for Concierge and D+ emails for ships. Does anyone have the email for D+ on Symphony or the link for the CC thread that lists the Concierges and D+ people? Thanks in advance!
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