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  1. I came very close to purchasing CCL stock last year at the start of the pandemic, right around the time the stock hit rock bottom. I am sort of glad I didn't. I don't think CCL is going to go bankrupt any time soon, but if they don't start sailing full ships week in and week out by the end of the year, I don't see how much longer they can keep this up of cancelling cruises, refunding guests, etc. Eventually you gotta figure people are just going to stop booking, even the dedicated cruisers like us on this forum will stop.
  2. That is true, the ship must be built in the US to be flagged in the US (well not totally, the Pride of America wasn't totally built in the US but is flagged in the US). I think the lines required to employ US workers is exactly the point in my scenario. They just announced over 3M jobless claims the other day - I'm sure plenty of those would accept a job on a cruise ship given the option. I'm just not sure the US would be willing to bail out the cruise lines when they employ so few Americans, and especially since they are not an essential industry like the airline industry is.
  3. If the cruise lines do get a bailout, what's the chances the nation forces them to flag their ships in the US? I would say that would be reasonable frankly. Just spitballing here, no insider info on anything.
  4. I would absolutely NOT expect a bailout for the cruise industry if it goes under, at least not from the US. Anything the Fed will do will be for the market at large, not focused on the cruise industry like the automaker TARP program in '08. Automakers have/had immense domestic presence. Cruise lines do everything they can to avoid hiring Americans and following our laws. I'm not saying the industry is in the crapper or anything like that (personally I think it'll bounce back) - just as with anything involving money, don't spend more than you can stand to lose.
  5. It's already gotten worse much faster than I predicted. If and when Carnival suspends operations (Disney has, more lines may follow suit), it's only going to drop more. Buy on the way up, not the way down. My opinion.
  6. I keep saying I'm going to buy, then it drops more. Every day worse news. Horrible. This is getting bigger faster than my worst case scenario. I hope the tide turns soon, not just for CCL but for all of us.
  7. You should sell your stocks immediately if you think one year is a long term investment. You're in this for the wrong reasons. I have a lot of money tied up in the market in one way or another - these dips do hurt, but long term it comes out in the wash. It always does. The key is to train yourself into thinking long term as 10, 15 years. If you're thinking of shorter term trading - don't gamble with more than you can stand to lose.
  8. CCL will bounce back, I don't see how this scare would spell their end. The recession didn't kill them, coronavirus won't either unless it becomes a much bigger deal and millions die - in which case, CCL going belly up would probably be the least of our worries.
  9. Yep, I usually see my dinner MDR staff working the Lido buffet for lunch, perhaps even the MDR breakfast shift. I keep the tips in place even though we, like you, typically don't eat in the MDR for supper every night.
  10. I left my tripod at home by mistake when we cruised to Bermuda. I still managed to get great night and long exposure shots, simply by placing the camera on something nearby that was sturdy.
  11. With MSC's program, do you have to start over as a new cruiser if you don't sail after so long or do you simply get bumped down a tier?
  12. Yeah I don't think most loyalty programs are really "sticky" until you get closer to the top. My wife and I are Marriott Silver Elite or something, not really exciting - but if we were their equivalent to VIFP Platinum or Diamond - probably more likely to book Marriott. We were higher tier back when she traveled a lot for work, but their rewards program is a "what have you done for me lately" program vs. Carnival's lifetime program. Maybe that's something Carnival is looking at, or perhaps should be - encouraging more blue cards to become reds, rather than encouraging p
  13. Used to not always be true - I remember waiting in 30 minute lines for parking and hour+ lines in the terminal, but something changed in 2017 and we've practically walked onto the ship since.
  14. Just got off the Sunshine - the latest "rare gem" they're hocking on the in-cabin TV is Alexandrite - so I'd expect whatever the next tier to be Alexandrite.
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