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  1. Thank you! I'm sorry. I bought the dress at Belk a few months ago and they don't have it anymore.

    It's called Dana Kay Cap-Sleeved Sheath with Jewel Trim.

    I did a search and found it in a gold top, wine top, and a white top. I hope you like one of these. http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_031VA70980412P?srccode=cii_13736960&cpncode=32-351257505-2&sid=IDx20070921x00003d


    Thank you all for the suggestions. I'm going to start looking for your suggestions and try on my pearls this weekend. :)


    Thank you so much! I love it in both other colors. I think I'm getting both; they are on sale. I got the wine and gold.


    Now I need help, lol! Pearls or something else with these? I can also do long earrings but I have longish hair and always feel like they get lost. I have 3 formal nights on my next cruise and I'm glad to get these. I hope it's not bad to have two of the same dress. Are they dressy enough for formal nights?



  2. All info already here is what we have experienced as well, but in addition to that when your steward is on break there will be someone assigned to cover for him/her if you need anything. Just in case.


    Our steward was off duty when we had a crisis of epic proportions. Our daughter discovered in the evening that 'Puppy' had disappeared from her room. Trust me, HUGE deal. I figured that her precious stuffy had been bundled away with the sheet change that day and called the steward. We got his stand in, who was lovely, and was right on it, but in a matter of minutes our regular guy had been appraised as well and was up and overseeing a muster in the laundry in search of Puppy. Between the two of them and the housekeeping staff Puppy was recovered and returned in record time.


    So while you will have a regular 'usual person' you will also have a back up if needed.


    My experience is pretty limited, but housekeeping seems to be one area where service is pretty excellent.


    Man, even though my DD is 25 now that story made my blood run cold. I remember those days. Great effort on everyone's part and I'm glad it had a happy ending.



  3. I personally find youtube videos more interesting for a feel of a ship.


    Unless theres a heavy majority of bad reviews I dont really think about them. :)


    Not to hijack but I've seen youtube mentioned before. What's the best way to find ship videos?


    Also, I get a little concerned about poor reviews but like others have said try to disregard the ones who seem overly critical.

  4. Really learn about the ship ahead of time if possible or once you are onboard. I didn't realize on our last cruise that the International Cafe was included (I thought it was extra fee but that was only the gelato)

    DD and I did the spa tour and it was informative and they offered a special.

    One of the great things DD and I did was go at night and have a drink at one of the lounges. Since she was a cute 23 yr old we got quite the service. ;)

    DON'T do what I did in Cozumel and fall which resulted in a broken bone. Luckily it was the next to last day of our cruise.

    I agree about participating in formal nights, when we did our extended family cruise I basically bulldozed everyone into dressing up and every mentioned they were glad we had done that.

    Also I wish we had done all our cruises with one line but it's worked out nicely that we have tried several.

    I have a Princess credit card and get a few points and perks that way.

  5. If you ladies love Zumba so much, I would suggest you try and become an instructor. It is very rewarding, think about how you felt when you first started Zumba... now think about you making others feel the exact same way.

    I have always wanted to do something like this but never followed through. I am going to Curves next week to find out about going to class. I think a morning class would be good. I have chronic daily headache and transformed migraine. So exercise is an issue.


    Anita and Member thanks for the warm welcome. The thing I struggle with is yo-yo dieting. I have lost the same @#$@# ten pounds over and over.


    Our December cruise is our first ever over Christmas. We leave the 24th. It's me, DH and DD who is 23. DH's dad is going also. He's 79 and did his first cruise in 2009 and loved it. He also met a lady friend which freaked the grandkids out. :).


    Also Anita thanks for the cooking tips. I do need some really easy things to go to. Part of the problem is DH really doesn't mind eating take out although he is trying to lose weight also.


    Kim in IL

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