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  1. @JVes I remember you and you are an inspiration to me!  I’m working on balance and I would love to get into my physical therapist's pool. However some issues are keeping me from that. 

    I cruised November of 23 and had a lot of trouble. I’ve since been prescribed a brace and now we are working on balance with it. 

    You are an inspiration. 

  2. My daughter was 11 and we were flying home from France. My husband and I were as jumpy as drug mules then DD got up there. We could see laughing and talking and didn’t know what was up. 

    Turns out he was asking if her Tweety Bird sweater was accurate. It said “small bird, big attitude”. 

    I have opiates that I would be afraid to fly with to some countries. 

    I fly in August and it’s my first time with pre check. 

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  3. On 4/21/2024 at 9:24 PM, DeclanJohn said:

    Thank you for the reply. I had a look; it is definitely an EDL. The cruise is on Princess; a rare and one-off itinerary from Seattle that does NOT go to Alaska; after a day in Victoria it heads south all the way to San Diego (but not into Mexico) and then returns to Seattle.


    Funny enough, I was at my mom's yesterday and asked about her naturalization papers (she was born in Perth to an Aussie nurse and handsome US Navy radioman near the end of the war; she's lived here since she was 2), She went and showed me those very papers, which included a photo of herself at 18; don't think I'd ever seen them before.


    What kicked off my fear was attempting to book the trip on a third party agency (same price as Princess but some significant perks) and reading the ID requirements they had there...they made no mention of the closed loop exception. But Princess' website was reassuring; I'm going to book the cruise to get the cabin I want now!

    I hope you have a great time!  That’s cool about the photo you had never seen. 

  4. We did a a family cruise of seven people in 2009. My father in law thought we would all travel in a big pod. Uh, no. My husband got stuck with his dad on an excursion and it was brutal. Meanwhile I had taken my daughter and her cousin on a lovely excursion in Aruba.


    Flash forward to 2019. My husband and I invited our daughter and her husband of one year on a Baltic cruise. I thought mayhem was going to be involved at some point; especially in one dinner in the steakhouse. 

    Our recent Caribbean cruise with them was much better. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Mike B Landlubber said:

    I took a Nile cruise in 1988, don’t remember the company. I didn’t cruise again till I went on Voyages to Antiquity in 2011!

    That would be a great topic, too. Biggest drought of cruising minus the pandemic. 

    Wanted to add our honeymoon The Big Red Boat…we were young, stupid AND completely cut off from the world. We arrived home: heard about the hurricane (October) AND a senior VP at our company had been arrested. Good times. 

  6. On 4/9/2023 at 12:19 AM, cruisemom42 said:

    I always look for ways to do my own thing at ports and avoid ship tours as much as I possibly can. I enjoy getting around on my own and seeing and doing exactly what I want to do.


    Currently I am on a cruise around Japan where a few shore excursions were included my my package. On the first one I remembered why I dislike them so much. Instead of sticking to the program, several entitled passengers started haranguing the guide to “take us to a place we can shop without needing local currency!!!” The guide demurred, saying our cruise line told her no shopping but they continued to heckle and monopolize her attention:  “Tell me where the ATM is while everyone else goes in the temple!” “I need a Western toilet, can’t use these!” “Take me to a convenience store, I need something to eat!”  

    Honestly, it was a half day tour — there was a facility to change money at the port and they had time enough to shop on their own!!!!  But those 3 entitleds ruined it for the rest as the guide had to repeatedly give them special attention.

    This is so true!  I tried to get the other three members of my family to do an independent tour in St Petersburg. They would not agree so I picked a ‘small’ Princess tour of 25. It was awful. One guy had us waiting at the Summer Palace and we couldn’t leave the group even though there were all sorts of tantalizing places around. 

    They said I was correct later. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, vacationlover_mn said:

    On a related note- we also had Uber/lyft driver confusion in Miami this month!  The one taken us there kept taking wrong turns at the port area, and I finally had to guide him in (using signs, since I haven’t been there in ages).  At departure, we waited an hour for our guy, and he finally called saying he couldn’t figure out how to find our terminal (I had watched him on the app for over 30 minutes, circling around, like a mile from us), so we finally just took a shuttle to the airport.

    My daughter had to direct him and even then, he drove over a median!  

  8. We had trouble getting to the Miami terminal on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Our Lyft driver was very confused and there was something going on with traffic at the terminal.  We left in plenty of time but ended up boarding later than we wanted. 

    Even with that, we didn’t have any trouble making reservations for our small dining package. 

  9. On 12/2/2023 at 1:05 PM, shipgeeks said:

    A novice cruiser mentioned to me that she felt obliged to order a drink in any lounge she went into.  She loves music and dancing, but hesitated to sit, or to barhop, without buying more drinks.  Not true!  No obligation at all.  Typically, if a server offers and you decline, he will place a little paper napkin on your table; this is a signal to other servers that you have been asked.

    She also said she was told by another passenger that everyone must vacate the ship in every port, and that no food of any kind is available while in a port.  Also not true in the least (although some food venues, usually main dining room, will not be open for lunch).

    Have you come across other misconceptions?

    I think the person who said everyone must vacate the ship and no food on the ship while in port was being malicious. 

    We have looked at Oceania but we don’t drink alcohol and wonder if it would be worth it to us.

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  10. 10 hours ago, grandgeezer said:

    Two years ago I fractured my ankle and using crutches was not a good idea. My neighbor recommending renting a knee scooter from a medical supply company. It was one where you put your bad leg on the pad and pushed away with your good leg. It had hand breaks just like a bike. Worked really slick and was a life saver. It was $40 for a month. It was light weight a narrow enough, and light enough that you could go anywhere. It fit easily in the back seat, but I don’t know about flying or anything major. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you get one with a basket.

    My husband fractured his ankle and had to have hardware in it. The knee scooter was a lifesaver for him.  We didn’t travel with it but on Oasis we saw a few people with them. 

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