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  1. There were a lot of us. We were the only ones who lived far away.
  2. That would be a great topic, too. Biggest drought of cruising minus the pandemic. Wanted to add our honeymoon The Big Red Boat…we were young, stupid AND completely cut off from the world. We arrived home: heard about the hurricane (October) AND a senior VP at our company had been arrested. Good times.
  3. I, too, noticed the ‘influencers’ on our most recent cruise. Or some sensible reason I saw so many false eyelashes at the beaches. I wish I had actually counted instead of just rolling my eyes. There was one guy who shared a picture of a lot of cash on his bed. That just seemed to be asking for trouble.
  4. October 1984. I think our first three cruise ships are jettisoned somewhere.
  5. My grandmother would be disappointed. She was always trying to foist rhubarb on unsuspecting grandchildren.
  6. That’s a great idea! Our daughter always loved the kids’ clubs.
  7. So am I, @lenquixote66 I find the quote insensitive.
  8. I wasn’t clear: I meant Royal Caribbean. We went on them last Thanksgiving after only doing Princess cruises.
  9. This is so true! I tried to get the other three members of my family to do an independent tour in St Petersburg. They would not agree so I picked a ‘small’ Princess tour of 25. It was awful. One guy had us waiting at the Summer Palace and we couldn’t leave the group even though there were all sorts of tantalizing places around. They said I was correct later.
  10. If my husband has the chance, he always does laundry. I don’t get it as I do it at home. He was appalled Royal did not have it.
  11. Oh my gosh and my travel agent couldn’t believe it when I booked an Alaska cruise in April for that summer.
  12. My daughter had to direct him and even then, he drove over a median!
  13. Is it easy to get the on board credit? I had heard somewhere that Royal was hard to get the credit from and haven’t been using my card. If fact, I didn’t even pay for our most recent cruise with it.
  14. We had trouble getting to the Miami terminal on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Our Lyft driver was very confused and there was something going on with traffic at the terminal. We left in plenty of time but ended up boarding later than we wanted. Even with that, we didn’t have any trouble making reservations for our small dining package.
  15. The videos helped us a lot when we were getting ready for our recent cruise on the Oasis. We were still overwhelmed and there were parts of the ship I never saw.
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