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  1. I would always recommend the longer cruise, even though it misses your actual birthday.
  2. Oh a Christmas cruise is an exciting first cruise! We loved the Christmas cruise we took.
  3. 53 until we leave for Copenhagen and our Baltic cruise. It’s my dream cruise.
  4. I like the soufflés. I’ve never tried the Creme Brûlée, I need to.
  5. On our Coral cruise in Alaskain July they said they were not giving the cup anymore with the package. I use my cups a lot so I was a little disappointed.
  6. Ugh! I was hoping the Regal had the new mattresses. We had one on the Coral last summer and I’m considering ordering one I liked it so much. We’re on the Regal this summer for the Baltic.
  7. Any dessert soufflé and in 2014 the International Cafe on the Coral had the cross between a donut and croissant that was wonderful but they weren’t around in Alaska this year.
  8. We did a Princess excursion to the Everglades and a wildlife area of some sort. It was nice but our flight didn’t leave until 10:00 pm so we still had way too much time at the airport. Your flight is nicer. I’m glad to know about the water taxi.
  9. We cruised over Christmas on Princess and it was lovely. We had our adult daughter with us, though.
  10. I love the trivia on Princess! I did the cruise long trivia on our Panama Canal cruise and our team came in second. It was a lot of fun. I won chip clips that I use all the time. And pens.
  11. Our first cruise on Princess was in 1994 on the “old” Regal. It was our 10th anniversary and everyone kept asking us if we were on our honeymoon. When we told them it was our tenth they all said we were babies when we got married. I think my favorite is the Coral, we did a fourteen day and a seven day on her. New Regal next.
  12. I didn’t know about Trident Grill, either. And we were just in Alaska. I learned about Shareholder credit. $450 so far. Ultimate Ship Tour- I wear my bathrobe everyday.
  13. The turtle farm in Grand Cayman was interesting.
  14. We really liked the ABC islands. Bonaire snorkeling was the best I’ve ever done.
  15. I would second the advice to join activities. I met people by playing trivia.
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