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  1. We splurged on an over the water bungalow on coco cay. I’m really glad because my rheumatoid arthritis is flaring and I need the shade. 

    It’s our last day, I guess we have time to find out the procedures. There are two ships there our day, too and three of us wanted to go up in the balloon. 

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  2. This was really helpful. Even though we’ve cruised in the past our upcoming one on Oasis is our first on this size of ship for Royal.  I’m a little nervous because of the size but our daughter and son-in-law wanted to try it. I’m excited because we have a regular balcony and they have one overlooking one of the busy areas.


    On Princess, we always went to the dining room for lunch first because not everyone realizes it’s open. 

  3. I have done most of my cruises with Princess. We loved both the original Regal and the new one. 

    A Baltic cruise on the new Regal was my most recent one. 

    We have tried various lines and are doing a Thanksgiving cruise next year on Royal with our daughter and son-in-law. We have converted him to a cruise lover. The Baltic was his first so he had a great time. 

  4. Well, I should say our 1984 honeymoon but we got married in October and there was a hurricane..,husband took one look at his entree the first night and bolted. I had to tell the waiter he wasn’t coming back. I got sick later then hit my head on the sink and almost knocked myself out. So it was memorable. 

    My favorite was our 2019 11 day Baltic. It had been my dream to see St Petersburg. 

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  5. Thank you everyone for the help. I think I’m booking tomorrow. 

    My daughter and son-in-law are interested in the balcony overlooking either Central Park or the Boardwalk. Does anyone have experience with this?


    I am going to miss my Princess status but the furniture in the staterooms look much nicer. 

  6. We’re platinum on Princess and both daughter and son-in-law enjoyed our Baltic cruise on Princess in 2019. 

    However we aren’t comfortable doing a Mediterranean one yet so we’re looking at Royal for Thanksgiving in 2023. 

    We haven’t been on Royal since 2009. It will be an Oasis class ship. 

    Is there a cliff notes section or something where I can find out about reservations etc. 

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