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  1. 22 hours ago, BecciBoo said:

    I've been looking at Youtube reviews since she moved to Texas....how'd you like her?

    Oh I didn’t know she was in TX!  That’s exciting. We loved her. It helped that it was my dream cruise (Baltic) and our son-in-law’s first cruise.


    The problem we have is Princess taking the chairs out of the cabin. It looks like you need a mini-suite to get the sofa we had on Royal. That’s a drawback for me. Also, the balconies are cantilevered which leave some really exposed to the sun. Since I’m basically a vampire that’s a drawback, too, especially on a Caribbean itinerary. 

    She had the Medallion which is wonderful. Although once the medallion showed that I was in some random cabin and freaked my husband out because I get lost a lot. 

  2. On 12/1/2023 at 2:14 PM, OnTheJourney said:

    Amazing for sure, and neat article. Somehow, though, I have zero interest in sailing on that big a ship. Largest I've ever been on is the Adventure. I wouldn't mind trying Oasis class at least once I suppose.

    We did the new, bigger Regal Princess in 2019


    Then we did a Thanksgiving cruise last month on Oasis class. I’m glad we did it but we had to travel when our daughter and son-in-law could so that meant a very crowded ship with lots of kids of all ages. 

    We would like to try Oasis class again. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Essiesmom said:

    If you click on @SailorJackyou will get to his current postings.  One is a reference to his review of that cruise which was mentioned on the board here Whatever Happened to…

      If you are not familiar with SailorJack his reviews are hilarious and usually linked in his signature.  Several evenings of great reading.  If you are reading at a computer (not tablet) cover your keyboard lest you spray your beverage all over it.  If you do choose to read them, try to start with the earliest as sometimes in a review he will refer to an earlier experience.  EM

    Is it possible to get to his oldest ones?  I’m on a tablet and usually prefer that. I couldn’t see anything that old just by looking at his reviews. I’m actually on a cruise and was telling my husband about that particular one. 

  4. I’ve done a few of these and finally learned my lesson. 

    I love graphic tees and will be wearing mine during the day. 

    Is everyone welcome if there is a Shabbat service?  

    My son in law had never cruised and wasn’t comfortable with the large table so last cruise way back in 2019 was just the four of us and this one will be, too. It’s a Thanksgiving one. 

  5. I’m so glad I looked in here. I was just at a large convention hotel and the walking was really bothering me. 

    I don’t need a cane I just need to be able to sit in line sometimes. I bought the collapsible stool. 

    I only had nine days turn around which hasn’t been enough of a rest. Oh well, live and learn. These are my first major trips since developing RA. 

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