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  1. Our first cruise on Princess was in 1994 on the “old” Regal. It was our 10th anniversary and everyone kept asking us if we were on our honeymoon. When we told them it was our tenth they all said we were babies when we got married.


    I think my favorite is the Coral, we did a fourteen day and a seven day on her. 


    New Regal next. 

  2. That's really an unfortunate experience. We have done both private, and ship excursions. I'm partial to the ship tours and here's why. In Naples we were on a private tour, we got stuck in a terrible traffic jam, and barely made it back in time before the ship left. Then in Greece, our tour guide kept talking about the horrible political situations, and disappeared for quite a while as we waited in the van for her to return. In Egypt our driver almost hit a pregnant woman, and people began to shout and scream at us. It was quite frightening. Our excursion in Istanbul was ship sponsored, however, our guide didn't realize that we were delayed because the entrance ticket machine got jammed up, and left without us. We tried to reach our group, but just couldn't catch up with them. On our Caribbean Cruise, all our excursions were thru the ship, and I was much more relaxed knowing the ship would wait for us, no matter what the delay was. I must add that on all the private excursions, we meet some extremely nice fellow cruisers as we were planning the tours on the Roll Call boards. I guess it's whatever experiences you've had concerning excursions that determines your preference.



    I made my DH do a private tour in Alaska and we ended up running so late, he couldn’t enjoy the float plane at all. I just won’t make him that uncomfortable again.

  3. Welcome to Cruise Critic! I’ve found a lot of great advice over the years and have saved money because of it.


    Let us know when you book. I think we like to travel vicariously!

  4. I do Zumba on Princess too, it's a big draw for me that I can Zumba on sea days on Princess. I'm trying to get DH to go with me on the Zumba Cruise, though I might just go alone if he won't go. It's the first time it coincides with my college's spring break.


    My Alaska cruise on the Coral was a disappointment re: Zumba and me. I missed one due to a spa appointment then it was offered at an inconvenient time. I ended up not making it to a class.

  5. Even though it is very sad when the cruise comes to an end, and although it may have been a fabulous cruise, we are still ALWAYS missing our pets and cannot wait to go home to them. I know, a little weird, but that is how we feel.


    We miss our pets, also. After our recent Alaska cruise, I had to immediately get on another plane to go to my daughter’s wedding shower. I really miss my cats and dogs.

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