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  1. The first thing I would consider is that you should not require everyone to do everything together. Yes, select some things for everyone to do, but also allow certain times for smaller subgroups or individuals to do their own thing.


    People will more enjoy this variety, and take some responsibility off the organizer.


    I wanted to emphasize this! We went to Hawaii for my in-laws 50th anniversary and there were eight of us. My father-in-law thought we should all move as a pod, lol.


    But splitting up is the way to go at least some of the time. The nice thing about a cruise is that you all eat together and then you can compare notes.

  2. Zumba Cruise 2019 dates just released.


    March 24-29, Navigator OTS

    Miami, Freeport, Sea Day, Labadee, Sea Day, Miami



    I think we all would love to hear from someone who has been on the Zumba cruise!



    I’d love to hear from someone who did one!


    My daughter and I did Zumba on the Crown Princess every day we could. Princess doesn’t charge extra.


    I’m trying to get my daughter to do the Zumba cruise.

  3. I would never hand over a piece of medical equipment to the baggage handlers. The bags are thrown onto carts and stacked higher than even airline baggage carts. The likelihood of damage is great.


    Good point! I will be new to the whole C-PAP thing as I’m getting mine a week before my cruise! Is there anything else I need to know ?

    1. I love waking up in a new place
    2. I love not having to make any decisions other than where I am going to eat and what delicious drink I’m going to try.
    3. I love being able to get away from the constant demands of my job - being out at sea makes it much easier to unplug!
    4. I love visiting so many various places that I probably would never visit except on a cruise



    This is about perfect! My husband has a very stressful job and a cruise makes him relax.

    We’ve met some wonderful people as well.

  4. We were considering Oceania this year and Canyon Ranch is one of the reasons. The other is how highly other cruisers speak about them! Ultimately we didn’t go with them this year but I think we will soon.


    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thank you for your review! Sorry you didn’t feel well.


    I had a migraine my entire two week Panama Canal cruise! On Canal day I was in the room with the curtains closed. I told my husband I needed a do-over.


    I felt boring doing another cruise on the Coral but I knew I didn’t want to try the Island. I love the International Cafe.

  6. Well, I booked today for the July 25 sailing. I’ve never booked this late before- I had to pay the total today! I can’t tell if some excursions are gone so I guess ingnorance is bliss. There are still the plane and helicopter ones that my husband will be interested in.

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